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How to Play Table Tennis

Welcome to the How to Play page. Within are most of the basic preparations and strokes necessary to get you started. A few of the more advanced techniques are also discussed. One may wish to move from top to bottom-from most basic to more advanced, but don't hesitate to look ahead to get a taste of what's to come.

There is no written substitute for live instruction, so if you are lucky enough to have access to a club or a skilled acquaintance, then be sure to spend as much time training with them as possible. Even if such opportunities are hard to come by, we strongly suggest that you see a skilled instructor or practice partner as soon as you can. A few meetings are better than nothing at all. This is critical when you are just beginning to develop your game, since you will be getting off on the best table-tennis foot.

Above all, practice these techniques constantly! Just like any other sport, Table Tennis demands the utmost in effort from the prospective player. Various practice techniques are discussed, whether with a partner or alone. Obtaining a regular practice partner early in the game is a very good way to get better steadily.


Basic techniques

Getting Started
Pre-Play Preparation
Guide to Grips
The Ready Position/The Importance of Footwork
Basic Strokes
The Drive
The Push
The Block
The Smash
Basic Service Techniques

Advanced Techniques

Advanced Strokes
The Loop
The Chop
The Flip
The Lob
Advanced Service Techniques