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Table Tennis Fun Facts

Did you know that...

  • ...the current superpowers (2020) of international table tennis include China, Japan, Germany, and South Korea.
  • ...back in the days of unregulated rackets, all sorts of strange materials were at the tables. Among the stranger ones include: 5 inch think sponge, pure wood, and sandpaper.
  • ...the name ping-pong is trademarked by Parker Brothers, who wanted a huge sum of money from USATT for the rights to that name. In response, the community gave the sport its own name: table tennis.
  • ...the name of the United States of America Table Tennis used to be United States Table Tennis Association.
  • ...certain world-class players can put up to 9000rpm of spin on table tennis balls.
  • ...more than 100 table tennis manufacturers exist around the world, making a full line of accessories from paddles to warm-up suits.
  • Europe and Asia, table tennis is big business and is very popular overall. Top players are endorsed just like players are endorsed in USA by shoe and apparel companies.
  • ...certain governments(like Sweden and China), actually pay their top players just to practice.
  • China, most children are evaluated for certain inherent talents early on. If they are found to be particularly proficient at something, like gymnastics or table tennis, they receive rigorous training in that area.