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Beginner&#39s Pre-Assembled Racket (1st one) (7)

Re: Beginner's Pre-Assembled Racket (1st one)
by Mike 10 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Beginner&#39s Pre-Assembled Racket (1st one)) was posted by Mike, on 5/1/2009 5:49:21 PM:
I looked at that before and just looked at it again, that's also 2.2 mm... In fact, that is the exact same racket except for glass rather than carbon and Carbon bat's backhand rubbers on both sides. Slightly slower, but not by much... Looking at 729's options, pretty much 90% of the pre-assembled decent bats are 2.2 mm, with the rest a smattering of 2.0mm.

I think I'm still going to go with my original choice, despite the possible problems. I can always trade temporarily for a friend's stiga so I can develop some more control (anything is better than hardbat, which I have been playing with...). I will make sure I'm careful, but I had tried a speed glued 2.0 mm before from a friend (I think the cost of his custom-assembled was like 250$) and I did fine with it, back when my forehand looping form had poor control and generally worse form. I'm not too worried, as long as I continue to develop.

Thanks so much for your help, I can't wait to receive this paddle. Since I've been beating people with hardbat (as a one-wing looper none the less, not a driver), I think this will help with my development immensely. Thank you!
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