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Strategy Against Penhold? (5)

 Strategy Against Penhold?
by Tim 15 years ago
 Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by Bill C 15 years ago
 Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by Robin 15 years ago
 Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by cole 15 years ago
Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by Dave 15 years ago
 Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by Gene 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Strategy Against Penhold?) was posted by Dave, on 2/7/2005 11:02:15 PM:
seriously?i think that the weaknesses are depending on the player.I mean most people cant use fast backhands with the traditional style.But u never no when they might know that and train like 10hours on bruisin up the power.And about that side spin serve close to the net,if u come up against an offensive player then i might be standing in a more verticle offensive postion waiting for the serve.Next thing u know im gonna use a forehand chop or flip to ur forehand side.Most ppl prefer a fast backspin serve or a short backspin serve mostly to the opponents backhand side.But even as u say the backhands might be abit weak,and the penholders are usually really close to the table so i like a short backspin serve to the forehand and a firehand loop to their backhand every now and then.
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