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Strategy Against Penhold? (3)

 Strategy Against Penhold?
by Tim 15 years ago
 Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by Bill C 15 years ago
Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by Robin 15 years ago
 Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by cole 15 years ago
 Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by Dave 15 years ago
 Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by Gene 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Strategy Against Penhold?) was posted by Robin, on 2/7/2005 10:14:56 AM:
A few things i use on penholders.

1: Attack straight! Straight forehand to their backhand. Straight backhand to their forehand is always good against penholders.

2 If they don't use the reversed backhand many of them is a bit week at the backhandside in middle distance. Close to the table they can "push" Far away they step around and hit forehand butt in middle distance they usually block, simply because they don't have the time.

3: Because they often want to hit forehand from their backhand side they intend to have their position a bit to the left(backhand side). If you have a "banana loop" use it from your forehand side to their forehand(across the table)

4: As in point 3, their position i a bit to the left (look at Ma Lin). Do lika Jo waldner! Use a straight fast serve!!!!

Hope this helps.

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