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Strategy Against Penhold? (2)

 Strategy Against Penhold?
by Tim 15 years ago
Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by Bill C 15 years ago
 Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by Robin 15 years ago
 Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by cole 15 years ago
 Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by Dave 15 years ago
 Re: Strategy Against Penhold?
by Gene 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Strategy Against Penhold?) was posted by Bill C, on 2/7/2005 9:16:57 AM:
I am a penhold player with a very strong back hand. I like to play close to the table. When opponents serve to my backhand, I will either chop it back or more likely return it with a backhand loop. I like to serve short topspin or close to the net backspin serve and if my opponents return my serve close to the net and at least six inches above the net I would easily kill them. However, if my opponents are shakehand players with good forehand attacks & loops and play away from the net then I would be in troubles. Therefore when you play these penhold players with good backhands, DO NOT return any balls high and close to the net, return with a lot of top spin and as close to the edge of the other side of the table as possible (keep them away from the net). Keep attacking them with your forehand and with loops. Serve with either strong side spin (from right to left if you are a right-hand player) or long strong fast topspin. Don't serve dead serves. Don't serve too may backspin serves and try not to chop too much. For some reasons, a lot of penhold players have troubles in returning topspin serves. Just keep attacking their backhands with your forehands. Please let me know how it works.
Good luck.
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