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when you are 9-9 (4)

 when you are 9-9
by vince bonicelli 17 years ago
 Re: when you are 9-9
by Roger Bertrand 17 years ago
 Re: when you are 9-9
by Tom 17 years ago
Re: when you are 9-9
by Gweed 17 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: when you are 9-9) was posted by Gweed, on 10/25/2002 8:43:14 AM:
Keeping a level head is important as is not getting
nervous in situations where the score is tied. It is also important
to simply not "psyche yourself out" by the moment. Biggest thing
you can do properly is to not make a stupid mistake. You shouldn't
loose your head regardless of whether the score is 9-9, 21-21, or 69-69
(hmmnnn...well...maybe that situation is a bit different..) but the point
is, unforced errors distinguish a 1300 level player from a 2000 level player.

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