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when you are 9-9 (1)

when you are 9-9
by vince bonicelli 17 years ago
 Re: when you are 9-9
by Roger Bertrand 17 years ago
 Re: when you are 9-9
by Tom 17 years ago
 Re: when you are 9-9
by Gweed 17 years ago

The following message (subject: when you are 9-9) was posted by vince bonicelli, on 9/23/2002 8:47:48 AM:
I was winning 2-0 sets and serving 9-9 on the 3rd and possibly final set.I ended up losing the match.
On my serve 9-9 I had the feeling I could close the match easily and fast.I was not thinking what my opponent could have in mind or could feel.I didn't think he could be very scareded to lose and very careful in his moves ,in order to go on with his match.So I attacked immediately,in a hurry,throwing 2 balls consecutively far from the table with 2 risky backhand shots.Now I know much better!
Another thing:I'll practice on matches starting from 9 to 9 scores.Do you think it might help?
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