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when you are 9-9 (2)

 when you are 9-9
by vince bonicelli 17 years ago
Re: when you are 9-9
by Roger Bertrand 17 years ago
 Re: when you are 9-9
by Tom 17 years ago
 Re: when you are 9-9
by Gweed 17 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: when you are 9-9) was posted by Roger Bertrand, on 9/23/2002 1:05:29 PM:
Whether you are 9-9 or 20-20 in the old days, I think what you may have to do is when this happens; take a deep breath and concionsly walk back to the table slowly and do not rush into finishing a match. Bounce the ball on the floor, if need be. That could help you to regain your composure. Take your time when you serve, whether it is a the beginning or at the end.

Good luck.


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