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by Merica 14 years ago
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by B2SpinBomber 14 years ago
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by rhino 14 years ago
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by Dave 14 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: pips) was posted by Dave, on 8/4/2005 8:26:16 PM:
the knuckleball effect with all that randomized movement CAN be learned if practiced efficiently.....the only main difference to me between pips and normal rubber is that pips sometimes reverses spin depending on how you hit it.The reason why when u return the ball into the net is that when u hit a ball to them,the ball has a top spin,the second they smash it that topsin back,it turns into a backspin to you,so its only natural for the ball to fly into the net.Ive caught myself playing an expert pip player and in a rally with him i noticed that i had my racket at a completely open angle to return those shots,in a game against them id recommend standing abit back more so that theres more time for the spin to die off and for you to judge where the ball will head so that you can give a good return to them.Remember if you loop it hard,and they hit it back......i think your spin is gonna come backwards to ya,so either give a safe slow return(you'll regret that later),or smash it upwards(not too high but smash at a past open angle and hope the backspin pushes the ball down on the table like a loop will)or loop it really really hard,the choice is yours.Oh and dont worry about trying to buy rubber just to learn it,just read the descriptions on it,play more players who use em and the knowledge will come over time.Do people really hate pips that much?I must be really special in my area then.......
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