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by Merica 14 years ago
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by B2SpinBomber 14 years ago
Re: pips
by rhino 14 years ago
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by Dave 14 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: pips) was posted by rhino, on 8/4/2005 5:13:15 PM:
In my experience against long pips you will generally find 2 types ones that send wobble balls that drop quickand spin reversal types there are mixtures but a player will usually like to play one style or another.Also ask to look at their paddle.See what they have long pips and inverted.Note which color is which not everyone uses black long pips.Play the pips like pips and inverted like inverted.You will have to remember if you are to win.With reversal type i reccomend to push with underspin and than attack with topspin.When you backspin it will come back top spin so you can attack like playing against a normal player just remember back,top,back,top this will get you started. With the wobble balls that seem fast but die quick remember few long pip players have the speed to blow a ball by you so be patient don't fall for the old change up it is all about deception they need you to lose the point for them to win that is why they are defenders.good luck
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