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by Merica 14 years ago
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by B2SpinBomber 14 years ago
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by rhino 14 years ago
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by Dave 14 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: pips) was posted by B2SpinBomber, on 8/4/2005 2:48:25 PM:
Hey... that is a good question.. since nobody knows how those junk rubbers behave... and every long pips rubber has a different behavior... I played against certain long pips where the return woobles in the air more than others, and you just stare at it thinking that the ball is broken or misshaped, well, that is the "MAGIC" of the long pips.. to totally and absolutely deceive you... since their return comes back with no spin.. dead... skids on the surface of the table.. etc... as you can tell, I am not a fan of long pips.. to me there is no point in winning based on ramdomized, woobling, dead returns... imagine in the future.. somebody develops a rubber that on contact with the ball, it spins the ball at one million revolutions per minute and 400 MPH, if you unfortunate to touch it with your paddle, it will destroy your rubber and your blade...unfair??? yes.. same unfairness as long pips right now are, My recommendation... get a couple cheap long pips (DHS Fog II) and train with it in your club... learn the mechanics.. and practice a lot with it until you master the returns and serves... I am sorry, but there is no way anybody can give you an accurate description on long pips returns on a web site.. just practice a lot... and do me a favor.. beat the crap out of those long pips players!!!.. :-)
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