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The Best Rubber Ever? (3)

 The Best Rubber Ever?
by Driver 15 years ago
 Special Equipment!
by Driver 15 years ago
Re: Special Equipment!
by Jack 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Special Equipment!) was posted by Jack, on 4/18/2004 5:56:54 AM:
Hi Driver,

I think it's important to find a blade and rubber combination that suits your style of play and then work on improving your consistency and skills using the same blade rubber combination.

When playing different types of players your gameplan or strategies should change accordingly. That's where your familarity with your rubber/blade combination is so important because you are use to the feel and know what it can do.

If you look at the top players of the world they all have their blade and rubber combination and will focus on varying their strategies/tactics according to the type of player they are playing against. A classic example of this is watching Waldner play an offensive player and then watching him play a defensive player. His equipment stays the same but his strategies/tactics change.

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