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The Best Rubber Ever? (2)

 The Best Rubber Ever?
by Driver 15 years ago
Special Equipment!
by Driver 15 years ago
 Re: Special Equipment!
by Jack 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Special Equipment!) was posted by Driver, on 4/7/2004 9:32:00 PM:
I don't know if any other players do this or not, but I often find myself changing my equipment based on who I'm playing. For instance, I may drop down to Dynasty rubber if I feel like swinging hard but don't want to sacrifice control. Othertimes I may play my V-Max because even though I don't have as good of control with this rubber I like the fact that I can generate the "wow" shot! That is, I love it when my opponent searches the table for imperfections after a point...I only see this happen when I play V-Max because the spin is ridiculous! Sometimes I may throw on my Magna rubber if I am presently preferring a harder sponge. It depends on who I'm playing...and how I'm playing. Sometimes a certain rubber just seems to suit my game better. So my question is, does anybody else find themselves changing blades or rubber for certain situations? What influences your decision, and why? Thanks!
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