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The Best Rubber Ever? (1)

The Best Rubber Ever?
by Driver 15 years ago
 Special Equipment!
by Driver 15 years ago
 Re: Special Equipment!
by Jack 15 years ago

The following message (subject: The Best Rubber Ever?) was posted by Driver, on 4/3/2004 5:28:44 PM:
Has anyone tried schildkrot V-Max? The online ratings aren't anything to write home about but it is far and away the best rubber I have tried (so far). For comparion, I have recently experimented with Spintech Dynasty, Andro Maxcell, Stiga Magna, Nittaku Hammond Pro, and some pips out rubber that was a waste of time and money. For my aggressive style of play, and used on my Andro blade, it has the perfect relationship between throw and power, and smokes every rubber in terms of spin(aside from the Hammond Pro but the throw was terrible with that rubber). Anyways, I thought it would be interesting to gather the forums replies.
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