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Sealing and removing (3)

 Sealing and removing
by Tom 15 years ago
 Re: Sealing and removing
by Aeoliah 15 years ago
Re: Sealing and removing
by Xpyre 15 years ago
 Re: Sealing and removing
by BACKHAND 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Sealing and removing) was posted by Xpyre, on 12/12/2005 10:52:10 PM:
I've heard of several solutions:
1) hairspray
2) polyurethane wood sealant
3) shellac
4) Joola brand blade sealant

hairspray usually has to be reapplyed everytime you remove the rubber since removing the rubber generally removes the hairspray with it

I use a clear polyurethane sealant that I found in the hardware store. A very thin coat. Some people believe it can change the palying characteristics of the blade is applied in too thick a layer

no experience with shellac, but many seem to like it

Joola makes a blade sealant especially for table tennis blades. again, not sure how well it works.

also, some blades have relatively soft surfaces that just peel off more easily than others. the stiga offensive classic comes to mind. some don't get damaged quite as easily. that is not to say that stiga doesn't make a quality product, sealing the blade just becomes more important to ensure its longevity.
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