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Hight Grip ... Help (1)

Hight Grip ... Help
by ResurrectedPlayer 12 years ago
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by oldtimer 12 years ago
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by jingneogenesis 12 years ago
Re: Hight Grip ... Help
by ResurrectedPlayer 12 years ago
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by ZoranV 12 years ago
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by JRSDallas 12 years ago
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by sebastian aguirre 12 years ago
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by Kolev 12 years ago
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by fliestBease 11 years ago

The following message (subject: Hight Grip ... Help) was posted by ResurrectedPlayer, on 11/13/2007 12:37:23 AM:
I played ping pong heavily, between 7 and 19 years old, and I used to play quite GOOD. I never had a trainer, yet I developed a very decent style (probably professional-like, but never had the means to measure or peruse it). I have never played with a professional racket then (never had access or ability to buy). I used to buy heavy, few $ Chinese rackets which had rubber with very decent grip (Chinese products used to be nameless and very cheep then).

Now I am 37, in an ok shape, and can buy any racket I want. I started with a recreational rackets, and I was disappointed. I couldnít get my old looping/spin, neither could I get my old hits working. I thought it must be the racket.
So I bought myself a 160+$ V-Stage 2.3mm Yassaka rubber + Titanium Stiga blade
(By the way the service of sucks, and I will not buy from them again).
I thought I would rule ! But that racket was a TOTAL disappointment for me. I couldnít control it, and I could never get my old striking loops and spins to work. It is too fast for me and the ball always go far, and never curve enough. I performed better with the recreational racket! And I hated the flared grip (my hand is rather large). The serving went great with it though.

Now, of course, I am no longer 19 :( yet, I should at least get some of my old skills working. I played twice with a friendís racket (a nice heavy double happiness, with moderately griping rubber), and I could hit the light out of him! I got more hits working in these two days than the previous 5 months combined (I play 2 hours a day for fun)!!! Looping didn't work though. I thought it must be the weight of the racket, and the higher control and spin/speed ratio.

My style used to be severe looping/grinding from short distance, and striking hits when suitable. I wasnít much of a defender and rarely sliced. I should call myself offensive, yet I relay heavily on spin, grind/lift spin, top spin, and looping (side spin) in my offens.
I am thinking of
I thought so, because of the high control and spin, and low speed. I also thought of getting a rather heavy blade.
But I donít want to be disappointed again, for I wouldnít want to buy an expensive racket again if so.
So, that was my long story with rackets, and I highly appreciate your advice. Thanks
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