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The Shakehand Grip

The basics of how to hold your racket

Some important technical details in shakehand grip are the folowing:

  • The index finger should be stretched like as if it is crossing the racket face and the angle of the finger must be kept about 100 to the handle.
  • The racket face to be used for forehand strokes must be held with the middle finger, the third finger and the little finger which are positioned closely together.
  • The thumb should be positioned on the top of the handle as it bends slightly.
  • The lower part of the racket blade is held between the middle part of the thumb and the index finger.
  • The two fingers and the racket blade run parallel with one another.

Some common errors in shakehand grip are the following:

  • When the index finger is positioned near the middle of the racket face, the finger is not parallel to the thumb and the racket blade, and as a result the wrist does not work well.
  • When the index finger is positioned right in the middle of the racket face, forehand strokes can easily be executed, however, backhand strokes like flicks and drives are difficult to execute.
  • The thumb is strecthed and the finger is positioned at the middle of the racket face all the time.
  • Changing the grip during forehand and backhand strokes, decrease the flexibility of the wrist movement.
  • Putting the index finger on the lower part of the racket blade in a bent position make difficult the execution of backhand strokes.

Dimosthenis Messinis
Denis' Table Tennis World

Read what others have to say:

  • grip change
    by ttstudent

grip change

Posted by ttstudent on 6/29/2007 10:03:00 AM

I watched an instructional video by Jan Ove Waldner and he changes where he places his index finger when hitting a forehand shot as opposed to a bacnkhand shot. Is it considered to be a serious error?


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