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6 Reviews for Yasaka Phantom 0011 Infinity

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The phantom infinity 0011 long pips ruber by yasaka is an EXTREMELY tricky rubber to both play with and play against. It has a 1.0 mm sponge, which means that there really is no momentum on the ball. Unlike other long pips, this one instead of reversing the spin, it kind of neutralizes the ball, also making it drop really short. You can tell when you hit the ball the ball will almost bounce straight down. The control also is amazing, you can feel the ball dig right into the paddle, you have virtually full control over the spin and speed and placement of the ball (by spin i mean you can cancel it). It is a great pips rubber for tricky players.
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The best LP Ive tried so far the reversal spin is amazing
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I recently bought this rubbr n for the first week I couldnt evn push proprly....
But when we prctc n gain cntrl on thz magicl rubbr....we cld do wonders....
We cam.even.hit top spins n.flat countr shots.....
The blocks really decive.the opponent if done prprly....
So.i recmnd thz rubbr to all ambisious defencers
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the pimples seem to bend upon ball contact so it is not the most durable long-pips around. Quality of play is good though, and very excellent for service return as the opponent's spin goes back (is retained). for a long-pips rubber, you can actually loop with it and it wil produce good spin from medium distance or close to the table. it is medium-priced for a long-pips rubber and you get good value for money.
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I am plying table tennis since 15 years. My combination rubbers are one side(forehand) yasakha Mark V and the other side (back hand) Long pimple rubber (butterfly C-7). I would like to buy a long pipmle rubber which has the same effect like my old rubber (butterfly c-7) Pl advise me which pimple rubber I have to buy which is suitable to me.
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I bought this rubber because I read some good ratings and reviews. I now have it one week and If to tell the truth I dont see the good ratings. This is not the rubber that have also good spin and good deception and good reversal, I think this is imposible for a rubber today..So what it is ? To my eyes this is a rubber like TSP P4 or FL3, it can give some spin, but has no good deception or reversal. Before that I played for 1 year with grass dtecs and I know whats the good reversal way that rubber to has reversal 9, its 7 the most. What are the advantages of that rubber? Very good control, you can hit with it because the pips are not so soft, it acts like medium pip, but that also is a disavantage because you have no "wooble" balls not something weird in the game. A good rubber from Yasaka but for players who chop far or near the table, not on the table (chopblocks easy but not danger if you know what I mean).
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