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21 Reviews for XIOM Omega V Tour

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  • The Xiom Omega V Tour rubber is highly praised for its excellent control, speed, and spin. It has a balanced feel, making it suitable for heavy loops and aggressive play. It has a high spin rating, which is particularly noticeable after the ball bounces, indicating its strong grip on the ball.
  • The rubber is also noted for its versatility, being effective on both forehand and backhand. Many users have found it to be a worthy upgrade from previous rubbers, with its performance comparable to, if not better than, more expensive alternatives on the market.
  • The rubber is also praised for its durability and consistency. Despite its hardness, it is forgiving of small mistakes and inaccuracies, making it a reliable choice for players of all levels. It also performs well with the new plastic balls, providing excellent return balls and clearing the net effortlessly.


  • Despite its many positive attributes, some users found the Xiom Omega V Tour rubber to be quite heavy, which could affect the overall balance of the paddle. This might be a concern for players who prefer a lighter setup.
  • Some users also noted that the rubber's durability could be improved. One user mentioned that after 30 hours of training, the rubber looked like it had been used for 2 years.
  • A few users also mentioned that while the rubber offers great control and speed, it might be a bit hard and slow for some players' taste, particularly those who are used to medium-soft rubbers. Some also found it to be less spinny compared to other rubbers, such as the Tenergy 05.

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As an intermediate player training regularly I could not ask for a better backhand rubber. Provides excellent control and is very fast when you want it to be.
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This is a rubber that you want to play. There are rubbers that are faster, cooler, have more control, but with them you need to hone every movement for a long time and persistently - for example, T05 or T80. The Xiom Omega 5 Tour is your friend. He forgives small mistakes and inaccuracies. Xiom Omega 5 Tour can work successfully on both FH and BH. Tried the Sigma II Pro and Vega Japan but the Tour has more gears and a better trajectory. The most playable rubber. Xiom is Great.
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Excellent rubber, solid feel with lots of gears . This rubber has one of highest control I have seen to date taking into account the speed it has it does what you tell it, even your technique is not good. The review is for dynamic friction the upgrade version of tour.
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I got this rubber because of what everyone else was saying, and believe me when I tell you I'm truly sorry, but I beg to differ, the rubber is nice but it's no where near the level of Tenergy 05, I really can't believe so many people actually say it's better, in my OPINION it has far less spring and therefore control on pushes and over the table strokes in general is better, because it's more linear speed, so it's just easier to make those shots, and the throw angle is also lower so it's much easier to block with, I really like this aspect, and it has more perceivable gears, but that's because Tenergy 05 is just fast at everything, it's like parking your car at the mall full speed on every shot, and at top speed Tenergy 05 is still faster, not that matters because this is PLENTY fast, but folks, trust me when I tell you, the SPIN IS NOT THE SAME, this Xiom is just about 1/2 of Tenergy 05 spin effect, and this is Xiom's 2nd spinniest rubber on the market, truth be told Tenergy 05 is not perfect, far from it, but at this point I'm yet to find something better, this is not it IMHO, I find that after your game improves and you learn to push well with Tenergy, I can't imagine anyone going back, unless their style is chopping and / or penholder, I will definitely keep this rubber for my training sessions though, you should ever underrate the value of control in any mission, enjoy your game
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Quite good for spin. Speed medium. But, considering durability,this rubber is common trash! After 30h of training looks like OIV pro after 2 years... Rubber is for someone who has real money to change it every month if plays 8-10hours a week.
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Blade: Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive (MEO)
FH: Xiom Omega V Tour DF (Max-Black)
BH: Bty Solcion (1.9-Red)

Disclaimer: This is the review for Xiom Omega V Tour with Dynamic Fission version package. So it may have slight variation or none to normal counterpart.

My first impression: Wow cool black sponge!!! But that is not relevant to its greatness of this rubber. Based on my judgement, I used to play with Donic Acuda Blue P1 for sometimes and Donic Bluefire JP02 for longer period. I must confess that this rubber excel in more spin and CONSISTANCY! I finds this rubber never gives me slip feeling when top spin the ball. Moreover, everyone also said in the same opinion that the spin generates from this rubber is stronger than previous rubber ever. On the drawback besides its price tag. I still find this rubber on maximum thickness is hard to control on longer rallies (Services, service receive and opening loop really feels great). I might change to 2.0 thickness if it available

(Edit Nov 2015) After tested with 2.0 thickness. IMO if you are looper, maximum thickness is an only way to go on FH side. 2.0 thickness decrease to much spin compensate with a little more control in rallies.

(Edit Oct 2016) After using for more than a year, I finally realized that this rubber does not goes well with hard blade (MEO at least), since the throw is high and the bouncy of the rubber combining with the bouncy of the blade will make this rubber is so bouncy that I cannot land the ball on another side properly when looping. Moreover, the "middle-hard" rubber hardness also is the backfire to my play; I cannot really control short push or perform slow spinny loop because the lack of "touch" feels. I might give a try again if I ever have opportunity to use slower blade (I still like the spin of this rubber).
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This is my new choice for this year. Great quality rubber. I think a little bit less of spin and speed to T05 and MX-P but more control!
All strokes going well, topspin, blocks and CONTROL are amazing. Short Game is easy. Smash is better than with T05 and MX-P. Im happy with it on my FH. For me the best choice at the moment.

speed: MX-P>T05>XOVT
spin: MX-P=T05>XOVT
control: XOVT>MX-P=T05
quality: T05>XOVT=MX-P
weight: +/- 3g all the same
gears: XOVT>T05=MX-P
price: T05>XOVT>MX-P (GER)
my price/ performance winner: XOVT
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This is one of the newest rubbers from Xiom and is good for the new plastic balls. Very good in speed & spin, good in control compared to Sigma II & Ome. IV Europe series. I liked it better than Bty. Tenergy 05 & 64 FX for sure. However, It is getting costly with the new stocks?? It is worth a try, you'll like it!
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Speed is more then good...

Spin is more then enough...

Control is more then ur ability ( will significantly improve ur control whatever blade u use... fh or bh is d same)

Neg thing is its weight... Heavy for me... But it's heavy weight will be forgotten when u were seduced by its sexy control... Lol
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Tried Max and 2.0mm sponge, both have excellent control and spin. The 2.0mm have less speed than the max version, but have much more precision. Really impressive! I think it's the "pause button" effect that someone mentioned here. lol
Close to the table game is great. Topspin is awesome!!
Great combination with Xiom Stradivarious!!
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Very good rubber.The sponge is hard but the top sheet is soft and flex , so make very good grip and provide pure control.This rubber have a nice feeling and also is very fast . I use 2.2 on my blade is 52 grams so is heavy. uncut - 73 grams.recommend for a people with good experienced
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The Best rubber for FH, setup with T05-fx (bh) on Bty Liu shiwen
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The Tour version is just about to be widely released in UK. A friend/agent gave me an early release. First time I have tried Xiom and I am very impressed.

Superb control despite the high speed and spin. I have always played with Max rubbers, so I was doubly surprised to find the 2mm sponge version did everything I could wish for in my loop game.
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Definitely a very grippy rubber! I got 2.0mm on a fast 7-ply wood blade FH, super steady and spiny. I did not pay a lot attention to the rating of control, but my counter loop is really better than before when I play with same form!!! I do not know if it is because of the great top sheet or the sponge, I just did it.
I love it! And I will use this one as my FH rubber, replacing Omega IV Pro max (2.0mm will be better though).

Power is good enough, surely better than "OK"; Speed is same to power rating.

The weight is OK, 2.0mm on shakehand blade is 44g. That is why I gave it 9.9 overall rating, it would be 10.0 if it is 40g.

Nice job by XIOM!
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Using on FH Max on Tibhar Stratus Powerwood. Switched to this after using IV Pro for last 3 years. A worthy upgrade. Very balanced, good for heavy loop, very good spin, the highest spin of any Xiom Rubber and as rated by Xiom. Very slightly harder than V Pro, bit more speed. Bit Softer and slower than IV Pro, higher throw which makes more loops possible. IV Pro has a bit more power at the top end but this more than makes up for it with more gears for great controlled attack, massive spin, great for short game, can even chop well with it on my FH, something that was very difficult with IV Pro. Overall along with V Pro on BH a great rubber for allround aggressive play, and enough power when needed.
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I use this rubber now on both sides and it works very very well. I do not put numeric ratings yet, because I have used it only on one blade. At the moment the Throw angle value average of other evaluators (4.7) is much lower than I would estimate. And I would evaluate the speed to 8.5. Other values are quite near to my estimates at the moment.
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the best fh rubber for me, I like speed and control the one
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Another great one by Xiom.

Xiom rubbers are always nicely packed and of amazing quality. Omega Tour is no exception to this rule. Typical Xiom pack and look of a top sheet with some sheen to it.


Honestly i was bit surprised in this area. When i hit the ball with the paddle i dont feel that rubber is all that spinney. After the ball bounces it is clear as day that it has MASSIVE spin on it. Also it is very easy to see from the trajectory. Maybe it is my hitting technique or something else, who knows. Relies from the distance are the order of the day and show spin potential to the fullest. For lesser experienced players it is very difficult to block or counter opening loops and a lot of time those blocks overshoot table.


A bit faster then Sigma 2 Euro. Not too bouncy at all (some bounce but nothing to worry about). Trajectory is so long it is a bit nerve racking to watch the ball, but massive spin takes over and ball lands at the very edge of the table almost all the time. Probable next to Calibra or T64 this rubber has the longest trajectory i have seen.

Other (angle, tack, hardness...):

I dont totally agree with throw angle medium (as rated right now). In my opinion is more of a medium-high leaning on a high side of the spectrum. In terms of tackiness there is no tack what so ever. Grip 100%!
Sponge and top sheet overall hardness appear to be medium-hard. Bit harder then Sigma 2 E. Personally i would love to have the exact same rubber just with harder feel to it. I still has that bit of a mushy feeling like all tensors but nothing like Vega Euro or T64 FX.
In terms of control i dont agree with Xiom here at all (been the case for me lately), and i would rate this as relatively easy to control rubber. Only control issue i had is super long trajectory but not a problem in a sense, it was just making me bit nervous at the beginning (balls did land).


ALL should try!

Best regards felaz and have fun :)
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Grippy topsheet rubber with very good catapult effect. This is a tensor rubber but you wont see the same speed as one. Similar to Rakza 7 soft but with a lot more speed and spin while giving excellent control.

I was struggling with Chinese rubbers to produce consistent strokes as those rubbers seemed not to be reliable. Still using a Chinese DHS blade but the rubber behaves very very well despite that !

With the heavier shots the Chinese blade + chinese rubber vibrates horribly when hitting off-centre. Any shot off-centre produces deep jarring vibrations. Which I suspect is one of the reasons why before I couldn't consistently control the ball when looping and hitting and ended up constantly adjusting my stroke and angle.

But now with the Xiom Omega V tour rubber, no adjustment at all and no vibration !!! Just play my stroke and complete it. Short , mid, long-distance are now extremely controlled and strokes produce excellent return balls !!! The ball gets to the other side low and fast while clearing the net effortlessly !
If I do want to block, it works as long as I stroke the ball slightly. So this rubber definitely not for blockers.

Pushing works, flipping works :-)

<br/> Update:
Switched FH to Rakza7 becos I need higher throw angle. Moved this rubber to my BH now.
Best BH rubber ever for me ! I block effortlessly returning LOW balls. BH RBP top-spin is very very spinny clearing the net low with lots and lots of spin+speed.
Counter top-spin and heavy top-spin block tends to be little uncontrolled, mainly due to the tensor springiness makes blocking a little difficult to judge on the spinnier balls. Chops, pushes are really really good. Serves are excellent. <br/>

Those with weak BH should not use this rubber. It has low throw angle, difficulty with passively blocking.
This is an offensive / attack rubber that has more control +spin and less speed.
<br/> Works with Plastic ball. :-)
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First impressions: Well, I tend to use medium-soft rubbers but at the same time I could not resist to the temptation of Omega Tour V. Perhaps I got used to the medium-soft M3 too much so I found it a bit hard and slow for my taste. I am quite sure that advanced players with proper strength and speed will enjoy OT V. Control is great, pushes are smooth and low. Fair average spin but it is my shortcoming as I have just mentioned before. Counterhits and looops are nice but again I am not so fast and strong to be as effective as I am with my previous FH rubber. I am convinced that some time is needed to "break it in". On the spur of the moment I decided to use a " bucket of booster" in order to make it softer.
Wait and see.
To be continued...
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Best Xiom rubber in terms of "grip" so far.

I usually test rubbers by giving sidespin to the ball and then let it drop again to the racket. The racket is held nearly in a 90&deg; angle to the ground and when the ball makes contact to the rubber, you will see, how well it grips the ball and throws it back into the air again, using the balls spin.

The OmegaV Tour is one of the grippiest rubbers, together with the Tenergy05.

OmegaV is much better than the old Vega/Omega-Series, Vega Japan is close to OmegaV.

I have to test Sigma II Euro/Pro yet.

Considering hardness of the sponge, it is OK. It is harder than Xioms "Elite" Versions, which give superb sound, but not as hard as chinese sponges.

In my opinion, it is one of the best rubbers on the market, same level as Tenergy05, but not nearly as expensive.

Get it, you wont be disappointed!
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