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11 Reviews for JOOLA Super-P 3-Star Poly Ball - Pack of 6

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Good product. love it
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The ball is supposed to weigh 2.7g (according to ITTF). JOOLA Super-P is significantly heavier than ideal.
Weight: 2.8 +/- 0.02g (ITTF requires: 2.67-2.77g starting in 2016, used to be 2.82 max before).
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Guys, these balls BREAK SO DAMN OFTEN!!!
I couldn*t belive that.
that is really BAAAAD.
/since they don*t last even 2 matches, i won*t comment on how round, etc. they are /
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the ball is good, its super white so very easy to see, the bounce is good but the flight is noticeably shorter than other plastics, likely they just beefed up the weight a tad bit too much, this would be an issue for tournament level matches, I can't say about the durability as yet, too early .......
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The batch I received were:
- Round (1 of 3)
- Semi-round (2 of 3)
They need to improve technology before they can sell another batch.
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Bought these recently. I found that these have the most bounce and don't feel heavy like the other plastic balls. I've played with the Nittaku 40+, xushufoa balls and found those were inferior to this particular ball.

I've had the most fun playing with the joola Table tennis ball and found it closest to the celluloid balls that i used to play with.
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These balls, are never round, always different, and break so easily.
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These Super-P 40+ I received are the most roundest Poly and longest lasting. I've played one ball for a few weeks and even the lettering is wearing off.

What I've tested and order of harness (hardest on top) are"
1) Xushaofa (hardest)
2) Nittaku SHA 40+
3) BFY 40+
4) Joola Super-P 40+
way below - Ipong 40+
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Well until this ball I believed all poly balls are fragile and useless. Playing characteristics are good and the weight is nice too. Out of a 6 pack 2 are perfectly roud, 1 egg shaped and the 3 remaining are a bit wobby. But the perfect ones break instantly in the first hour or first edge hit. The egg shaped lasts long and nearly indestructible, I used it for 12 hours. The wobby balls play pretty consistent and last for 10 hours. So all I can say good job JOOLA, nice balls, nice price and nice feeling. Nearly copied the celluloid Super ball, which is not a bad ball. The poly is softer then the celluloid. My favourite poly for its lifetime and characteristics.
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EGGS EGGS EGGS EGGS. Very light, slow, unpredictable and expensive eggs.
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In our club we recently made the switch to the new plastic ball. In our country every club had to make a choice between the old celluloid and the new poly pall.
The general differences between celluloid and plastic are obvious: a tad bit slower, less spin (especially side spin is harder to produce) and less bouncy. Particularly long chops stay low and are harder to spin.
Some people are not happy with the change. Others are.
We also bought a Tarkett floor.
Those two don't combine well!
It is nearly impossible to spin twice. We played our first league match with the Joola ball. The result was abysmal. Our last game we played with the new Tibhar 40+ ball. This one acted a lot better.

Conclusion: Test a lot of brands on your final floor and table because chances are it will have a huge impact!
I'm not going to give a rating to this ball because the bad result isn't due to the ball but to a combination of factors (ball, new floor, previous floor which we didn't remove)
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