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150 Reviews for IPONG V300 Bundle - with Catch Net and 72 Balls

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The machine fees the balls far too fast. I am getting balls at least 1/second on the lowest setting. I contacted iPong and got nothing from them. Terrible. It is impossible this machine is not defective. I see other users complaining of similar problems.

Megaspin edit: We contacted IPONG and the customer to resolve this issue.

Megaspin edit: We sent the customer a new unit outside of the 1-year warranty period.

Customer edit: The original unit was defective and fed the balls too fast but Megaspin support completely solved this problem by getting me a replacement unit. The replacement unit works perfectly and is exactly what I needed. Excellent customer service.
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Reliable and consistent (spin, ball feed, etc). Basically does everything it says it does in the description.
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This is not for players looking to improve their game. Might suite beginners for hitting few balls.
Options are limited for variations and you can not set this up to match a real gameplay balls like backspin for loops or sidespin.
Balls were getting stuck very often and had to get a replacement. Replacement too started having similar issues. Also at times 2-3 balls will fire instantly.
Not a satisfactory purchase. This is sitting idle in my closet for a while now.
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For $122 this is a great value, and highly recommended! But it has its quirks.
1. ball fails to pitch 2-3 times per bucket. And the first ball after the failed pitch comes at higher speed, frequently missing the table.
2. in oscillate mode more failed pitches, and inconsistent frequency.
3. if one wheel is turned off the extra power goes to the ball feed system. Even on level 1 it pitches far too many balls per minute than desirable.
4. even with this latest revision there are occasional ball jams. But I've only had it happen 4 times in 16 hrs of play. And I always make sure the stir hole is NOT in-line with the drop hole.
5. the pitch motors are smaller than my electric toothbrush. The act of pitching the ball slows the motors down. And after using the pause button the first balls come out at much higher speed. It takes a while to settle down.
6. it comes with a 3 stage tilt stand, but tilting a round base on edge makes it very unstable. I use the packaging, which is square, to hold the machine, and place my own spacers under the packaging. OR, place the robot on a box, say 4"-8"high, and don't tilt at all.
7. Tip: I never place the robot on the ping pong table. I place it on a rolling cart/table, and place the cart 2'-8' behind the table. Seeing the ball come from a longer distance is easier, less reactive. And it's easier to set-up heavy underspin from a longer distance. In fact I can make the robot do a standard Serve this way, keeping the ball closer to the net.

Excellent entry level robot. Far better than trying to practice with a single wheel robot.
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Quick delivery. Easy setup. And functions as stated
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Got it for my son. we love the mobility and simplicity of this machine. Great design . Happy with this purchase.
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This Machine is great. The catch net is very easy and quick to install. The IPONG V300 is even easier to install. The balls are great as well. My son who just turned 7 loves it although the balls to shoot a little too fast for him and I'm not sure if you can reduce the speed. I think this is a great deal for the money and I'm looking forward to playing with it and so its my son.
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It stopped working first time however megaspin was easy to work with and they have very good customer service. They arranged for a replacement piece however the product was faulty again. The topspin feature never worked and only backspin worked.
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It’s serviceable but balls frequently jams and require clearing to get it feeding again.
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I'm new to the world of "competitive ping-pong"
I want to take my game to the next level and I really don't have a lot of people to practice with. This is where this robot comes in. I can tell it is already helping me as my backhand is coming around. Seems to work with most any balls. Definitely have to make some manual height adjustments to get a big variety of shots. I'm thinking I may even have to make a stand or something to get a little more variety
Let's face it, for a little over $100, this is a great product and it will definitely help your game no matter where you are at.
My son and daughter are at a lower level than me. They are also using it and it's helping them as well.
Ipong Rocks!
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After hitting about 2000 balls on the iPong V300, I'm very happy. Setup is really easy, the remote and controls are really easy and the iPong works great. My daughter managed to hit a ball into the launching orifice, but that was easy to clear and didn't cause any damage. I've had one ball jam that automatically cleared in about 10 seconds. For me, this is the perfect robot.
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The ipong is easy to assemble and operate and gives me lots of time to enjoy with my family and friends.
I use my table tennis table more now than I have for years.
I'm glad I decided to treat myself.
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I bought Ipong V 300 during Black Friday. very easy to set up and assembly. You can set up different location and angle to meet your training purpose. only thing is sometime it did not shoot the balls consistently.
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Have use this product a few times and it has a good value for the money. Seems to work reasonably well. Jams seem to clear buy just turning off and back on, not that that happens that often. Very good cardiovascular workout with the oscillation on. Would like a slower frequency setting, maybe one every 4 sec to go to for some of my drills and maybe a single feed button. This would not increase the cost much and could be more useful tool but overall I am very satisfied. I am 62. In decent physical shape and consider myself a lower intermediate club player
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The delivery was great. Received my iPong bundle on time.

iPong V300
Pros : iPong is an excellent robot for beginners to intermediate players like me. I followed word to word, the instructions which came along with the iPong and it works perfectly fine. Assembly is very easy.

Cons : I gave 4 stars just because I received the iPong with the middle part(machine) dislocated. Later, I called Joola Squad and they told me to move the oscillation wheel in the socket. I am still testing the iPong and will give operation review in a months time.

I also added the Butterfly G40+ Master quality practice balls(72PC) along with the order. Balls work great with the iPong v300. No issues on jamming.

I read the issue of Jams from other reviewers and that could be avoided if you follow the instruction template on page 2. Bullet # 2 : Before switching on the iPong make sure that no balls are inside the core engine.........round gap in the agitator is not aligned up with the ball entry hole..

Carbon Ball Catch Net
I bought this bundle after reading the comment on Megaspin website that it fits on any Joola table frames. I have the Joola Worldcup DX30 with total of 3.25"(1.25" table + 2" table Frame) thickness. The brackets which comes along with the net did not fit my table. Now Megaspin has corrected the description of Net. I am in communication with Magaspin rep and they have agreed to refunding me for the net. Hence 4 stars.

I did read through the instructions and the assembly seems to be very easy.

Telescoping Pick up net.
This is not as good as the pingpong buddy being sold on the Megaspin. It just came with the bundle so no complaints. Does not work as effective.

Megaspin comment:
Thanks for your feedback! We were not aware that Catch Net does not work with that particular table. It is an old model that we do not carry. We have updated our Catch Net description accordingly. Thank you!
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very inconsistent. returned it.
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Sometimes I've had trouble figuring out how the controls work but I'm getting better at using the machine.
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I am very pleased with the purchase of this. I think it's a fantastic investment for the cost. Seems to be a well thought out product and was easy to get started. Was setup and playing in ten minutes. As someone who just wanted to experience some solo gameplay when no one else is around to play I recommend the product for this. It is every bit as consistent I would expect a pricier machine to be. I think there is something to be said about consistently propelling a ball so light and feathery. The wrap around catch net is well constructed and thought out. Moving the iPONG under it and opening the Velcro trapdoor to reload the unit makes time between sessions minimal as can be. Balls are of good quality from what I can tell and have a nice play action. If someone likes ping pong and can't find value in the product for the cost I would say their standards are far too high. I'd recommend it from a beginner to someone highly competitive.
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Fun machine. I'm a beginner, so I wish the lowest frequency could be set slower. Having the remote right beside you on the table is really nice along with being able to see what setting you are at on the display screen. For the price it does a good job. Only thing missing is sidespin, but I read that you can even get some of that by raising the machine on one side. Lots of experimentation ahead for me.
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perfect for beginners like myself. Easy to setup and take down. Plenty of variety in spin and speed. Get the bundle!. The net is a must!
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For the price this is not a horrible robot. However, you are supposed to be able to put 100 balls in this thing. While they do fit once you turn the robot on and it start to feed balls, balls start falling our of the top. So, it doe not really hold 100 balls. If you use the plastic foot to angle the unit up, or down, this limits the capacity even further.

When turning the robot on the first 3-5 balls as basically wasted. They either dribble out, or fly out and hit the wall. The last few balls act up as well. So, best case you can have about 85 balls to hit during any one session. Angle it up, or down and that number drops. That, and having balls fall out the top and bounce all over the table is a bit of a distraction.

Overall it works okay, especially for the price. However, I wanted to spend my time hitting balls, not filling up a robot that only holds 65-85 balls depending on how it is set up. I wish it would of actually held 100 balls in all situations.
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It works really good, but for beginners it shoots kind of fast. I love how it oscillate, it helps me move around and improve my foot work.
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Great Robot, Good price.
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I bought this machine here and V300 works very well for my individual practice.
Easy to put everything together. actually, only four parts cost 1 min to do it.
Balls can be spinned very well like real player and I can move it easily to different position and practice with different angels.
Good machine and worth to spend the money.
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Setup very easy. It works as expected. The only minor issue I have was the setting sometime got reset by itself. Other than that everything works just fine.
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Good product overall. Easy to assemble and instructions were written, not just pictures, which I appreciate. Those like me who keep remotes in their plastic cover should note that there is a tab that needs to be removed to activate the battery. I used an extension cord to connect the unit as the power cord is not too long. The only negative I would say is that like other Joola products it ships only from CA. So it takes a week after ordering to reach the East Coast by ground. In the age of two day delivery from Amazon, this is an area of improvement. Max four day delivery should be the aim.

Megaspin reply: Thanks for your feedback! We do ship from the East Coast when we have inventory there but in this case we had to ship from CA. We are glad you like the robot!
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I bought it a week ago. Assembly is super easy. I have enjoyed a lot and am very satisfied with my investment. I guess this will help not only beginners but also experts too to improve their games!
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robot de entrenamiento bastante bueno, siempre y cuando mantengas la pelotitas limpias, y se le encuentre la velocidad y spin para una buena practica, custa un poco encontrar el punto de la mesa para que sea repetitivo.

pretty good training robot, as long as you keep the balls clean, and you find the speed and spin for a good practice, it's a bit difficult to find the point of the table to be repetitive.
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We just bought it few days back and already loving it. It is a good product and helps beginners and advanced players equally even when they are playing alone. Worth buying. Will update as we use it more often.
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Easy assembly. Took me only 5 minutes to put it together.
Enough frequency. Shoots enough balls per minute to provide a good workout.
Enough spin. Provides enough topspin and backspin on each shot.
Low price. This machine is cheap compared to other ones.
No ball jams. I loaded about 110 balls each time it's empty.

There is way to set the machine to stop after shooting a specific number of balls.
Must use with the tilt stand. Good thing the tilt stand comes with the machine. Without it, topspin shots have abnormally flat trajectory and backspin shots often go out of the table.
The two wheel system is difficult to figure out in the beginning.

Overall, I would recommend this machine to any beginners and people looking to buy their first ping pong robot. It's great value. It has limited functions, but it works well. It's only missing some simple features that would greatly improve its ease of use.
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Easy assembly. Only took 5 minutes to set up.
Works exactly as advertised. All the finctions are there and they work well.
No ball jams yet, even though I always load over 120 balls each time.
The frequency, spin, and speed are more than enough for basic training.
Low price, compared to other brands.
Low weight. Only about 4-5 lbs.

Most of the issues stem from ease of use.
The oscillation function is too simplistic. You can’t set specific range.
The topspin and backspin takes some experimenting to figure out.
Have to use ipong tilt stand, which is included. Without the tilt stand, it’s impossible to get a natural trajectory for backspin shots, and topspin shots tend to be very very flat.
You can’t set the machine to stop after shooting a specific number of balls. This is a simple but necessary function.

All in all, I would recommend this to beginners and anyone looking to buy their first table tennis robot. Although it’s missing some simple features that would greatly improve ease of use, at such a low price I’m satisfied with what this machine does.
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great product, fun for players of all skills
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Bought this as part of a bundle. It takes a while to play around with the settings, and most of the times it either hits the net or goes off the table. Will play around to see if this would work well for my kids.
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It was very exciting to play with since day one. The simple but accurate manual made me expererience quite a lot different combinations. It lacks a little more top spin.
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Great practice robot for beginners to the experienced. So many different setting combinations that you can do to constantly keep you on your toes. Remote is a great feature too so you don't have to run the the robot to pause/shut it off if you need to quit before all the balls have been shot out. Washing the ping pong balls and wiping down the machine is crucial.
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So far so good. The bundle with training net and pickup net really great for the price. The V300 is good robot for the entry level. It may not as consistence as Newgy but the price is way less than Newgy. It will take a few trial and error to find the best setting for your drill and position but would highly recommended for entry level.
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It's a very useful package. I suggested my friends to buy it. I received the package on time and with all intact, no damage. Assembly of the robot was easy. You have to be very careful to read the instructions first. Setup and loading of balls was easy. Please remember to setup the speed first and the load up at least 20 to 25 balls. Sometimes few of the balls just drop out but that is OK. The net is required with the robot. It was little difficult to figure out how to join it. The instructions to put together the net is not quite clear. But once I put together it was easy to disconnect and put together again. The balls are good quality. The speed is very fast if you increase the frequency. I am an intermediate player. I needed this to improve my movements and accuracy. It's very useful to all the levels. The beginners can learn and practice. The other levels can improve their movements and accuracy. The other level players like me can also try the other moves like forehand & backhand loops etc. Overall its a good package, I bought during the sale. I think it's a very good decision on my part.
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Order received on time and with good packing. There was no damage. I bought the bundle of V300 2017, Net and two boxes of balls for a good deal. The setup of the unit was easy. It was little confusing to setup the speed and but after reading it carefully it was easy. Only thing to remember is start only when it's full or at least have about 20 balls in it. My mistake was that I initially tried with 5-10 balls and they were all just leaving the hole. After filling it up and setting the right speed it worked fine. The remote is very useful. Only to remember that change the setting after bringing it a full stop. I tried various settings and they work very well. It's really useful for beginners and even to experts for practicing. The experts can use it to improve their weaknesses, accuracy and movements. The net is very useful and it's must. The small wedge that you can use to change the angle and it's also very useful. You can set it up and go on for hours and hours. I am going to try it at YMCA and see if young kids can get practice. I rated .5 less for the documentation. Some more information would be useful or pointers to the YOUTUBE URLs. The technology is really good to what they are offering and for that I would rate 5*. I recommended to others also. And my suggestion is to go for it. It's worth if you are a beginner and learn properly. If you are an expert then improve your style/movements and accuracy.
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This is a wonderful product for the beginner and intermediate player. Very easy to assemble and fun to use!
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The iPong robot is awesome. It really has many adjustments that allowed me to improve my game. The wireless remote is also great allow me to adjust spin, frequency and oscillation speed on a fly.

Must have combo for any table tennis enthusiasts.
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I bought this robot, 2017 version, two wheels,
to simulate a more realistic underspin,
versus the Newgy 1050 robot I own. T
his is indeed possible, as you can rearrange
some setting (following the instructions of andrekhorie posted
at, and can move the robot on the table.

But it shoots balls much to fast for learning correct new moves
(looping and push variations) - 45 in one minute, on the slowest setting.
Underspin balls come slower!
Right now we have to use it two of us, one feeding balls slowly to the robot.

It jams with several kind of balls, and really only takes 50 balls.
But it stopped jamming since using 2 star celluloid balls.
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I have enjoyed having this unit. It takes some trial and error with configuration but once it's set, it works very well. Probably 1 out of every 10 balls is a "dud" where it just dribbles out rather than being launched. That still gives me 90 consistent shots to work with. If I compare that to the consistency of a practice partner it is well worth the cost!
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Easy to setup and use - kids can handle it fine. So far very reliable and has all the bells and whistles we need for basement practicing.
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The one I received I thought had a problem but it turned out it just didnt like 40mm celluloid balls. When I tried 40+ plastic balls it worked great. No complaints for the price!
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Got an updated 2017 model.It is an excellent budget robot.With all essential features and very easy to assemble and use.So far it never jammed and looks fairly durable.Must mention my v300 is only 3 months old.Got it from great service &price.I have no problem to recommend it as very good basic budget robot .Hope my review is helpfull...
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Simple to assemble. Really quick to get started. Remote is handy. Would recommend.
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I love this. Initially thought the balls were coming too fast at the slowest speed, but now I've practiced enough where I speed them up from the slowest speed. So, the machine works for training as I've gotten a lot better. Like others, I only gave it 4 stars as it tended to jam with a full 100 ball cart. I will add that being a fixer, I examined it for the problem, and then fixed the problem by grinding away a little plastic from the problem spot with my Dremel. Now I can do a full cart no problem, no jams. Would of thought their design people would of saw this themselves though...
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Just received the V300 combo in the weekend, it is very easy to set up. Planned to have it for my beginner kid, but the ball came out way too fast. I will have this toy to myself for now while continue manual services for him. Wireless remote is very handy, I glued two magnetic strips on the back to stick to the table side.
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I've been using IPONG V300 for over a year and I really like it. My old unit doesn't work anymore (and out of warranty). The motor of the new unit appears to be more powerful and I hope it will last longer. All in all, it is a good value.
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It was so easy to set up! The wireless remote is a great feature. I love going down to the basement and playing ping pong against my robot each day! The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because it has the tendency to jam...there’s no way I can put 100 balls in the machine and have it go smoothly. The other reason is because of the inconsistency of the ball launching st times. I’m still getting used to it and adjusting as needed.
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I give it a 4 star rating because the underspin is way too unrealistic even at very low setting. I did find a way to dampen the heavy underspin somewhat by taping a piece of 1.5-inch square used rubber on the lower half of the hole where the balls are coming out, the idea is to have part of the balls hitting the rubber as they're coming out (setting at underspin level 1). I find that it reduces the underspin on the ball enough to make it closer to actual play. I am a 2000 US rating player and this has helped me improving my banana flips, backhand and forehand loops practicing at home.
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The product arrived a day early. It was easy to assemble and took about 5 minutes. So far is working great and I hope will help to improve my skills.
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Easy to assemble and configure!
Ship abroad it's a bit trick but MegaSpin and BundleBox made it happen.
The complimentary targets should be delivered together, I don't think I'll get them. If I knew in advance I'd ordered together.
Apart from that I'm already enjoying it!
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My wife bought me this for Christmas. It's awesome. I love how easy it is to use. Setup is simple. The remote is very handy. It has a endless combination of settings that will challenge you for hours. Great product!
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Arrived without hassle in 2 days. The assembly of this is really simple which took about 10 minutes.
Definitely helps to improve the game for adults and helps kids to learn the game.
Love the wireless remote.Fun gift for the family.
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Best product to help teach kids play ping pong. It also helps to practice forward and backward spins. Hours of fun. Wireless remote is very helpful to switch between the options. Assembled within minutes.
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I love the variety of modes you get with the I pong V300
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super great
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Bought the bundle (with V300 iPong + Net + balls). Pro: Easy to setup, easy to use and adjust, good value for a relatively reasonable price. For a beginner, the value/price ratio is very high. If you are a more advanced user though, you may want to move up a bit because V300 does not provide side spin function. In summary, pretty happy about the purchase.
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newest V3000 2017 model is a great unit. The balls shoots a lot stronger than I thought it would. Now I just need to find more time to play with it. I think it's the best robot for the price unless you want to pay 3 times the price. I just wish they offered a longer warranty for the unit as I don't know how well it'll hold up 3+ yrs from now.
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This is great inexpensive robot to train at home and improve your skills.
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There's some good improvements on this model vs the iPong Pro, but the unit I received had some issues. The good folks at Megaspin and Joola are working to get everything worked out, so I'll update my review after we get everything ironed out. In the meantime, the issues I had with my initial unit are that the AC adapter was defective, as was the remote. I was able to get the remote to register, but only if I stood about 18 inches from the unit. Also, I was able to at least test the machine by using the AC adapter from my iPong Pro unit.

On the good side, this model was very effective at clearing its own ball jams and didn't have any of the issue the iPong Pro had with shooting 2 balls at once.

It was really inconsistent, however, with placement when using the iPong 100 ct 2 star orange balls that I purchased with my Ipong Pro.

I'll chalk most of these issues up to perhaps just getting a dud on the first round and will update this review once the replacement model has arrived.

Their customer service is great so far and I look forward to bringing this rating up to 5 stars once everything is fixed. :)
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I got this as a bundle deal with my ping pong table. This ended up being a great addition. For the price, the IPong is a great training tool. You have to have the catch net or else you will be spending more time shagging balls than having fun.
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This is the best bang for the buck!
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Easy to setup and operate. Decent value compared to other robots. Wish it serves side spin besides top and back spins.
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The robot is awesome. Easy to set up and use. Highly recommend no matter your level-you'll only approve!
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Very easy and quick assembly. Wireless remote makes switching functions a breeze.
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Just got my V300 robot! Setup was a breeze, three steps and you are done. I am surprise that the motor is not loud at all. It images a great practice for both myself and my young daughter. The V300 robot allows us to work on each basic stroke---just returning the balls, topspin, backspin---independently. The wireless remote is a plus to be able to make changes from across the robot. Great buy, hours of fun!
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Works well...and for the price it is 5 Stars...great for do have to reload it but after that many balls I need the break
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I have previously used Newgy's Robo-Pong 1040. I am very surprised about what IPong V300 can offer at such a lower price. I used it for just about a week and it seems to be very stable so far. Assembly it is quite easy and you only need to learn how to adjust what kind of output you want to have by using the remote control. I am very happy with this purchase and actually I will bring it to work to show it to my co-workers.
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I was leary about the bundle, especially the IPONG robot but I am exceedingly satisfied with it all. Assembly was simple and performance is stellar. It allows me uninterrupted practice. I highly recommend this bundle at a great price.
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This review is specific to the IPONG V300. I received my IPONG V300 over a month ago and it's a blast. Extremely easy to set up. Still getting on with different settings. The reason I got this was for my 7 year old daughter to learn ping pong. Within a month she has got a stable forehand and backhand. Not entirely maintenance free as need to clean dust and lint off the balls regularly and clean the V300 rollers occasionally. Overall, very pleased! Good value compared to more expensive robots.
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I loved this IPONG. The assembly is very easy and quick to set up. I was very satisfied with the purchase because it does exactly what it says and is super fun to use. This is ideal for ping pong tables that do not fold on one side for when you are wanting to play alone. The machine mimics natural hits perfectly and really do make you break a sweat and master your hits. Different angles, topspin, and speed have helped me improve my counter hits. Thank you!
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I was quite surprised at how good a machine could be purchased for such little money. Indeed, it was the availability of an affordable machine that justified my purchasing a table, as I really only have the room for the table, catch net and player's space for one person; (I play at a club.)
This machine really allows me to practice strokes. There is nothing like hitting a hundred balls to work on consistency. The speed goes from fast to ridiculous, with significant top and underspin. If you put on the oscillation, you will be in a sweat and breathing hard by the time the machine is empty. The remote is a joy. (The pick up net is also necessary; plenty of balls are not going to make it to the catch net.)
I'm sure it is not as good as a $1,500 machine, but that is something I personally would never consider.
I guess my only wishes would be for side spin and random variability; (changing speed and spin, rather than having to do so manually.) I presume much more expensive machines do this. But I do not regard this as a significant drawback. My desire is to work on my strokes, and this inexpensive machine wonderfully fits the bill.
I am really pleased. I cannot comment on the machine's longevity as I have only had it for three weeks.
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it is a good product but has room to be improved.
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I bought the V300(2017), was very excited waiting for this product and it dont let me down. Extremely satisfied with it, really well made, good materials, assembly was very easy just took 1 minute to build it. The robot performance is good, you just only need to adjust it with the tilt stand to get different shots ranges and difficulties. I've been practicing a lot since i got it and it really help improve my accuracy and precission when playing. I definitely recommend it 110%, really good price and even better if get it in a bundle!!
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Great price great value! Took me less than 3min to sit the V300 up.
Chose to purchase the V300 due to the wireless remote and true enough it really made life easier especially when you are practicing alone. Very compact and light as well compactto other conventional robots. Thumbs up!
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the v300 works great so far! i use it around an hour every day. this robot is perfect to improve your skill and helps me with my consistency in my swing and form. Also practicing with this robot helps practice my aim. The assembly is pretty simple if you just read the instructions.
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Super compact and light weight robot as compared to other conventional ones! Easy to assemble, took less than 7min to assemble this beauty including the ball collection net. Definitely highly recommended to get the V300 due to the wireless remote, which is very useful in between play and adjustments. Great price, great product!
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I purchased this product 2 weeks back . came on time as scheduled. it was easy to install . initially setup took some time but finally adjusted that . few balls go off the table or hit the net . it is good product for practice . i would recommend ball picker too.
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The robot is easy to assemble. One of my complaints is about the warping agitator. It is not mentioned in the Operations Manual that this is by design in order to help pushing down the balls into the hole. I posted this matter as a question with iPong Warranty Team and they did not response to my question even after two weeks. Thanks to Megaspin support team to help me and followed up with iPong about my question.

I deducted one star because of poor customer service from iPong Warranty Team. I deducted another star is because the robot shoots out the balls a little too fast for the beginner players even at slow speed settings.
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Great tool for improving the game. Frequency, Oscillations are key feature which enables beginners to professional. Few ball jams but overall very happy :)
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100 IPONG 40mm Balls (yellow)
IPONG Catch Net
IPONG V300 Robot

Balls and Net shipped together immediately. IPONG v300 was backordered with a specific shipping date (I knew this). Shipped on time and received @ scheduled date. support - I had issues with the shopping cart, but it was immediately resolved after 1 email. customer support went above and beyond my expectations. They also followed up with the me and inquired that everything was in order.

merchandise review:
Balls - the all bounced and behaved like balls! all round and yellow as expected. no issues :)

Catch Net - Easy to assemble and set up. Takes time on first set up, but subsequent setups was much faster and smoother. Frame was light, yet sturdier that I expected. It didn't catch all my shots, but that is more a reflection of my game than the product itself.

IPONG V300 - wow. easy to assemble/disassemble, less than 1 minute the first time and less than 30 seconds thereafter. first use was with 4 other folks trying the robot out and all agreed that this is a great ball machine for the price. We played around with various set ups and was able to simulate a number of "exercise" scenarios. While the ball placement isn't precise, there was enough consistency to provide good practice. most of our setups involved lower setting on both top spin and back spin. over all, great product, great value and great workout!
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The robot works great: easy to assemble, has tons of spin on the highest settings, and is a lot of fun for serious and non serious players alike. People here at the office all agree that the robot is very consistent as well.

The Megaspin team had fantastic service when my product was back ordered and made it up to me with a free pack of balls and some store credit.

The only minor complaint I have about the iPong v300 is that the frequency at which the balls shoot out is very fast - I wish I could slow it down even more. On the fastest setting and oscillation, it's really a great workout!
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Review helpful?    Yes | No

top spin, backspin, wireless has everything I wanted. Can't beat the value of this at the price!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Easy to assemble
It would be better if the minimum frequency can be lower. This is good for beginner.
I am satisfied to get the product.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Excellent ,Very happy with the purchase .
I practice everyday for at least an hour. I have had it for a month now . No complaints. I use 40 mm training balls , easily 100 at one time .
I do use ipong carbon net ball catch.
Do recommend watching online training instructional videos on YouTube .
All in all excellent value for regular practice for beginners/ intermediate plays
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After solving some technical issues (see detailed below), the product worked as advertised. I got a good variation of spin, placement and speed, but it does take some time to get used to fiddling with the settings.

Overall, it's a good product for its price. I gave it 4 stars because the product itself is not bad, but the factory settings were off, and it took me a while to get ahold of iPong's support.

I'm writing the troubleshooting steps here in case anyone is having the same problem, so that they can enjoy the product without much hassle.


Thoughts on the product:

- Topspin: I can get a good practice against iPong's topspin, and can set it to feed me low to medium spin balls. These are good for warm up and regular practice; the only con is that I wasn't able to simulate a very heavy topspin for me to block.

- Backspin: The iPong generates a good amount of backspin. In higher settings, it generates much spin, but you can just avoid using those.

- Frequency: You can adjust how short is the interval between balls, and the range from lowest to highest setting covers all scenarios I need.

- Oscillation: If you're used to multiball, it feels awkward because the ball position becomes a bit random -- but then again it can be a good practice since it's hard to anticipate the trajectory.


On delivery and's customer support:

The product arrived soon after I placed the order, and's staff was very helpful throughout the process of solving my technical issues. They did a superb job following up with me and with iPong costumer support.


On iPong customer support:

It was hard to contact them, and they didn't return after I left a voice message. Once I managed to get ahold of them, I was able to solve the problem quickly.


About the technical issues and how they were solved:

The problems that I had were:
(1) the lowest backspin setting produced too much spin;
(2) whenever I set both topspin and backspin motors together, I could not get the ball not to fly off the table; and
(3) the highest topspin setting did not have enough speed.

I was able to solve (1) and (2) with the troubleshooting steps below, and partially solve (3).

These steps adjust the voltage settings for top and bottom motors -- which means it changes the amount of spin. They only work for iPong V300 "C" models (the serial number starts with a "C").

1- First plug the AC adapter into the rear of the unit.
2- While the unit is off, enter the adjustment mode by using the frequency button combinations: F-, F+, F-, F+
3- The display may show default values of: 1 5 2 5 (note the flashing numbers of the 2nd and 4th position).
4- The 2nd position is the default setting of the top motor.
5- The 4th position is the default setting of the bottom motor.
6- Press the topspin "-" button 3 times (to reduce the default voltage of the top motor to the lowest value).
7- Press the backspin "-" button 3 times (to reduce the default voltage of the bottom motor to the lowest value).
8- The display should now show 1 2 2 2.
9- Now exit the adjustment mode by pressing using the frequency button combinations: F-, F+, F-, F+
10- Then press the power-on button to begin using the unit. You should notice a change in the ball shooting.

Change steps (6) and (7) accordingly to what best works for you.
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Very easy to set up and use. Great way to practice. Only negative is that the motors don't seem to be strong enough to work without stalling if oscillation or frequency are set below 3 or 4, but otherwise works great. Good value for the price.
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Great product. Very easy to assemble and use. Great way to practice and improve the game.
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Excellent value for the price. Easy to assemble. Only problem noted so far is that the agitator gets jammed when fully loaded with 100 balls even though the capacity is stated to be up to 100 balls. Overall, for the price, this is highly recommended product.
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For the last two weeks, I have been using the iPong. It was part of a bundle when I bought the Joola 2500 Table Tennis. My backhand and forehand drive already improved enough to be noticed by my friends at work. I'm practicing for about an hour each night.

Setting up the net and the iPong was very easy. I definitely recommend it to those who want to improve their game and to do exercise (not more boring elliptical!).
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I purchased this Ipong v300 bundle and so far has been pretty happy with the purchase. It is easy to setup, the wireless remote is a life saver, and the topspin speed allows you to place the Ipong anywhere on the table to simulate various shots (i.e. place it near the net and set topspin at 1 or 2 to emulate drop shot). I have been using this regularly for few times a week and it has definitely improved my game.

Few things to note:
- The oscillation function works great (make sure to let it oscillate while pausing and adjust so that it will oscillate evenly from left to right)

- Backspin setting is too strong (at least on the machine that I received) to the point that the ball will shoot way over the table on any backspin setting 2 or 3. I found the best setting to be 1 or 2 for backspin and 5 or 6 on topspin

- Initially, when you have maximum or near maximum amount of balls loaded (100 or 90), it tends to jam. I typically pause it and restart it and it works again most of the time. Or, by loading about 70 balls instead of the maximum, it typically works without jamming.

- The motor is a bit noisy, but it does not bother me that much.

Overall, this is a good value and definitely helps to improve my game.

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It is a very good Ping Pong Robot, and I play with it almost every day, I am enjoy to play with it. Our families are glad with it. As a beginner, I learn how to compete with my families by using this robot. I recommend any Ping pong lovers buy it!
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This is a great performance/value proposition robot. Configuration options are great and wireless remote really makes a difference. I highly recommend this robot.
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I received the Feb 2017 model a few days ago and am writing to say that I am very happy with my purchase. My expectations were borne out a competitive desire to improve. I joined a TT club recently, but can only get there 2-3 times a week. I have used and enjoyed expensive robots and hoped that the IPONG would help me work on weaknesses. Its fun and addictive, for sure.

But first, I want to give megaspin 5 stars for their end of the deal. Shipping was prompt and customer service was very helpful in answering a few questions.

Second, I purchased the bundle. No qualms about the balls and the catch net works just fine. It is not a great design and takes more time that I would like to set up. But in my case, I can leave it up for long periods, so no problem. If you have to set up daily, I would consider buying a more expensive net. Also, I had to engineer a solution to allow the balls to feed automatically into a box underneath the catch net. Not a big deal, but creativity is helpful.

On to the IPONG, it seems that the company has worked hard to improve the unit with each release. Assembly was a snap (literally). It holds about 125 balls and in every batch so far, 100% of the balls have been fed. I don't find it to be noisy..yes you can hear it, but it's not what I would consider loud or annoying.

There is some random variation in ball placement, but I think this is mostly a good thing. Certainly hasn't been a problem. I suppose it would be if you were trying to have it hit within 6in of the edge.

I don't think that I have had a single jam yet.

So far, I have have found the topspin to be realistic and comparable to the shots that my training partners hit. Realistic underspin has been more challenging to recreate. I was able to recreate a deeper underspin serve by placing the ipong a foot behind the table (using a cantilevered board) and by propping up the back if the ipong with a 3" box). This feeds balls directly into the table and then over the net.

Was able to add some sidespin by using the little plastic prop to raise the side of the ipong. The prop is very useful, BTW. I use it on just about every setting.

So far, my two biggest suggestions for improvement are: 1) an oscillation setting that allows for a tighter range at the lowest level and 2) the ability to fire a softer, but spinnier ball...its very hard to get the ball to bounce twice (as in a good push or serve).

Patience and experimentation is required and will be rewarded. I will admit that the first hour or two were frustrating as I didn't have a good feel for the settings or how to create a realistic training ball. Everything fell into place soon enough.
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I was so exicited about having a robot for practice because I wanted to upgrade my level. I was only able to use it for the first time this week, which took me about an hour to set up the net and position. I loaded fresh pack of ball bought from ebay and I was soon disappointed in an hour and it made me feel I am never buying a robot again. The main problem was that the robot was not throwing ball consistently - sometimes it was overthrowing the ball outside the table, sometime too close to the net, sometime too slow and sometime even didn't get over the net. I was thinking robot are more consistent. I thought might be something I am doing wrong and tried different position and moving the robot to different position on the table. But, after 2 hours my experience was so much ruined that I put the whole thing back in the box. Haven't looked back on this thing after that. I am definitely returning this along with the net. Thanks

Here is a link to see how it turned out for me:

Megaspin edit 2/15: Customer offered full refund and $30 off a newer revision model.
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It is a good machine, lets see how long can it last.
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-Excellent value robot.
-Topspin works great.
-Still trying to figure out the optimal distance and angle for backspin.
-Oscillation works great!
-Wireless remote is quite useful and easy to use.
-Great companion robot to practice.

Not so good
-If you don't ensure the slots on the ball feeder are NOT aligned, it does have a tendency to get stuck with multiple balls ending up in the chute!
-I haven't been able to get maximum backspin mode to work yet. It just flies off the table !
-It also does spit out an occasional awry ball but I want to say it's about 1 or 2 in about a 100 balls.
-If I put in 100 balls in the feeder and start it, a few balls definitely drop off from the top if it's tilted on the included stand. The top feeder section could have designed to be a little bigger.
-The motor is quite noisy but I don't know how it compares to other robots so I don't know if that's really a negative or not.
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I bought to improve the game, easy to set up, with low speed some times it jams, with higher speed it works well, over all working well, I am happy with the purchase, i recoomend this model it comes with remote easy to operate.
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The wireless remote is convenient to adjust the settings in-between the drill.
Good for training against various levels of backspin and topspin.
Only thing is that some of the balls go of the table or drop near to the ipong.
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Review helpful?    Yes | No

Not sure how, but product was already dusty inside of package. After assembling the agitator never functioned correctly. It would not spin. If you manually assisted with your hand it may start and then would stop again at any resistance. Then I would have to manually assist it to begin. 3-4 balls maybe and stop again. Have tried contacting maker multiple times with no response. I had high hopes and was very excited about this product, but it appears cheaply made and Ipong customer service is horrible. I hope others have better luck, mine was a piece of junk.

Megaspin: We apologize for this. The customer received a model from an old revision, he was refunded in full and offered a $30 discount on a new revision model.
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At first, I could not figure out how to get it all going. It does not have the best instructions; however, they are not the worst, either. I enjoy this robot very much. I am a very, very competitive person, so this machine was perfect for me!

I have read reviews where the customer would say that the robot would shoot two or more at a time or get jammed... I am happy to inform you that this has not happened to me so far. I use Kevenz 3-star balls with it because they were cheaper. They work great!

I have also read that the machine randomly shuts off when it "feels like it." I found it to do this too. I was perplexed until I found out why it was doing this. The AC plug in the back will come undone and lose connection if slack is not produced in the line. Thus, make sure that the cord does not have tension and is pushed in all the way.

I have also read that this machine throws a few before the net. Well, an easy fix is to move the machine as a whole closer to the net.

I have also read that this machine does not throw the last few balls. This, my friends, is true. Regardless of how many you put in the machine (unless less than five), the machine will not shoot the last five. The get trapped in the machine. The sixth one left will take a while to shoot, but it will eventually. The last five are a lost cause; however, I saw someone said that they fixed it by putting a black paper clamp and an almost rolled up piece of paper down into the basin to push the balls. This would ensure that every ball is shot.

Thank you for your time! I hope this helped!
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The V300 is a fantastic robot for the money. The wireless remote is very handy and the net does a good job of catching the balls.
I like that you can slow it down a lot. The edge lift is extremely handy for adjusting where the ball goes.Consistency could be a little better, as most will clear the net but too many will hit the net. Still figuring out the oscillation.
All in all a great product.
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We LOVE our IPONG V300! We use it every day and it works perfectly. Definitely a great buy. One thing we learned is that the machine must be plugged in (on) before you start to put balls in. If you put balls in when the machine is unplugged (off), the first few balls will either be jammed or just fall out the opening.
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Great training tool. Both myself as well as my 12 year old and 8 year old have increased in our skills due to this IPong trainer. Shots seem to be very consistent using the IPong balls. Would recommend for anyone wanting to improve the table tennis skills.
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The IPONG v300 was simple to setup (my teenager did it). It is a lot of fun to use. We have 4 avid players in our house and the variation on spin, frequency, and velocity keep it interesting for all of us.

When it is cranked up I certainly can break a sweat trying to keep up. I recommend the catch net for convenience.
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I love this robot. I have been using daily for about 3 weeks now with no problems. It took only 10 min. to unpack and start up.The tilt stand that is included makes it simple to adjust the height that the ball clears the net. The oscillation setting along with frequency settings almost gives it the sense of a playing a real opponent.
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The IPONG V300 was super easy to setup--it took about 2 minutes. It's very light but also very stable. Moving it around to different spots on the table is quick and easy.

I was a little worried about jams, having read about problems with other robots, but the only time I've experienced a jam is when I bought a different brand of balls. For the first day or two I had a few jams, but only with the new balls. I think it was the dust or some other coating on the ball because after a couple of days the new balls were broken in and the jams completely stopped and I haven't experienced any since then. I've never had an issue with the balls that shipped with the robot. During the very few times it did jam all that was necessary was to use the remote to pause and restart the V300, which cleared the jam. I never had to physically touch the robot itself.

As an intermediate player I find that I can get balls with numerous variations of speed and spin. At first I was worried about the lack of a "random" type of function but after using it for several weeks I quickly learned that it's not something I want. One downside to a robot is not seeing your opponent's swing as they hit the ball so without any kind of indicator of the ball coming from the robot a "random" function wouldn't be very useful--you would have absolutely no idea of the speed or spin. Being able to quickly change the shot type using the wireless remote allows me to hit multiple balls with a certain speed/spin and then change the setup in seconds without having to touch the robot.

I couldn't be happier. I'm now hitting between 500 and 1000 balls a day. Before I would only play if someone came over who liked table tennis and then only for a game or two. There are no clubs that are easy for me to get to so multi-ball isn't an option. The v300 is the perfect solution. I had planned on getting this robot and upgrading if it worked well but now I have no plans to upgrade because the V300 does everything I need. The wireless remote is fantastic--well worth the additional cost!

BTW, this robot will run off a 9V battery pack. It needs a 2.1 x 5.5mm barrel connector. I've used both 6-AA batteries and my preferred setup of a 2000mah 3S Lithium Polymer battery connected to a 9V 2A voltage regulator.
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Assembly was super quick. Got it up and running in less than 5 minutes. If you use it with the Magic Balls, it works great. Takes a little bit to get the configurations right, but once you get it set, it's pretty consistent.
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Easy to set up both the robot and the net accessory. For the price, you can't go wrong. Everything works properly and I am happy with my purchase.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Great product. Takes some trial and error to get the spin settings where you want them, but no complaints here.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I'm not sure if it is I that doesn't know how to use it, but so far, my experience hasn't been perfect. It's still a great machine though! Building the machine was incredibly easy. It came in three pieces, and all it took was to twist them together! I would definitely recommend buying this!
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Really nice bundle for the money. Puts you back in the game quick after you stop playing for a while. Nice variation to setup for the beginner or an old pro looking to get back in the game!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I am very satisfied with this IPONG because I can compete against my dad, and work on my skills. It was very easy to assemble. But it takes a little bit to figure out and do in the beginning.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I am quite happy with the purchase. There was a moment of concern when the robot stopped working, but then I realized that when you unplug it, it defaults to starting at "0" frequency, which means that it never shoots out a ball. LOL.

The V300 is excellent, but it is not something that can program a variety of shots in sequence, but it does through slight differences slightly vary the shots that it sends out, so there is an amount of variation. I wish you could set the amount of oscillation (back and forth), instead of having it swing through its full range. So it's not a $1000+ robot, but for the price it is very, very nice. I hope it holds up.

The net works, mostly. Could be better designed, but it works for the area it covers. It takes a bit too long to put on and off, it would be nice if you could lock some of the parts together, so that you just had to tighten the 4 clamps, maybe I'll figure something out. That way taking it on and off would be much simpler, shifting from practice to play.

I think the Joola Magic Balls are just fine too. Seem very consistent.
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Very easy to assemble and use. man that thing can really shoot out the ping pong balls....

Review helpful?    Yes | No

My experience in using the iPing V300 in the last 7 days:
- Balls did not get jammed during the last 7 days that I have been using the robot.

- The topspin is about 60% to 70% close to the spins produced by a real opponent.

- The wireless remote works well and can be adjusted on the fly during practice.
- Two wheels can be controlled independently

- Great price comparing to other robots out there.

- Hard to adjust, balls flying out of the table too often when setting topspin and bottom spin even with slowest setting.
- The bottom spin is almost unusable, at smallest/slowest setting (1), the bottom spin is still much more than a real opponent produces and making it unrealistic for practice
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The bundle has a great price and is perfect for practicing. The ipong is easy to assemble and you can start playing right out the box. It already came with the targets and the Tilt stand. The joola balls are a great price and nice practice balls. The catch net works fine, the only thing is that the assembly instructions are really bad, so you basically have to guess how to assemble (only reason for not having 5 stars).
Totally recommend this bundle for start practicing.
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My most recent v300 is working flawlessly after 2 weeks. It also came with a user manual; imagine that!

The reason for my low rating has to do with my first v300. It came with no user manual and the iPONG website is useless in regard to set-up and troubleshooting. It jammed and stalled from the very beginning, and after extensive email dialogue with Sport Squad LLC, who handles customer service for JOOLA, I received a return authorization and sent it back for repair. The repaired unit came back with the jamming problem largely resolved, but the stalling continued, especially at Frequency settings 1 & 2. One would think JOOLA would test a repaired unit to see if it is working properly, but their quality assurance seems substandard. Sport Squad sent another RMA and this time I got a brand new v300 with a very professional and helpful user manual. Also, I discovered with the new v300 that the topspin and backspin features did not work on my original unit. Wow, what a difference that makes in working on your game!

When working as advertised, which my latest v300 is, it is a wonderful tool for improving all aspects of your TT game.

Despite this saga, I still recommend buying the v300. It takes a little "dialing-in" so be patient and work with it. Also, for sure, buy it with the catch net or you will go crazy chasing balls.

If JOOLA/Sport Squad LLC do not handle your inquiries or problems to your absolute satisfaction, contact Their customer service is absolutely outstanding, and for any TT product they carry, you will not find it cheaper anywhere else.

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I love the bundle so much it's the best and I will be back to buy more products for the cheap price. #Love
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This is the best robot ever. The assembly is easy and the spinning of ball is excellent and control the strength and direction of balls are very comfortable with wireless remote control even during hitting the balls.

The customer service of Ipong (JoolaUSA, Sport Squad, LLC)is the greatest ever I experienced.
I trust their service.
Thank you Megaspin and Joolausa.
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Received it yesterday and have already started working on my right side returns. Machine was initially jamming and after I disassembled, I realized I had not properly seated the agitator to the motor spindle. After I pushed it down all the way, it began to function flawlessly. The catch net did not fit my Stiga table, but I was able to extend it with a few boards and C-clamps. Overall I feel it was advertised appropriately. It met my expectation. My son-in-law is in for a rude awakening after a few months honing my skills.
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Assembly was very easy. Usage of the robot was pretty self explanatory and fairly consistent. Overall enjoying this product
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This thing is really great (IPONG V300). Easy to set up and easy to use. Be sure to get the extra balls and net. I got the package. Arrived within a few days. After practicing on this my brothers are not going to know what hit them.
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Just received my IPONG V300 and after an hour of tinkering with the settings, I’ve already begun to see the benefits of the tool. Extremely easy to set up but would love for it to fit a little more snuggly together as the bottom section feels like it could fall apart. Only because I’m a man and initially didn’t read the simple instructions, I struggled bit to get settings and position of the IPONG on the table just right. Once I decided to take literally one minute to read through the instructions I was quickly up to speed on what was required to be successful. I haven’t yet setup the catch net so picking up the balls is a pain as you can go through a 100 balls in no time with this great device. Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the IPONG V300 and I’m very confident a significant positive impact on my game will be the end result of making this investment.
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Just received my IPONG V300 and it's a blast! Extremely easy to set up. Will take a little practice to get the settings down. Picking up the balls while others play is exercise in itself (ball picker hasn't arrived yet). Not entirely maintenance free as need to clean dust and lint off the balls regularly and clean the V300 rollers occasionally. Overall, very pleased! Good value compared to more expensive robots.
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I'm having fun learning how to use the V300. I'm glad I bought this with the remote control. I'm hoping this will improve my game very fast.
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This robot is great for practice multiball, its precise and the wireless remote is great
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This machine is lots of fun. It will help perfect your ping pong/table tennis game and has a very easy setup.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Unit works great. I did read the users manual and read bout how you need to keep your balls clean to avoid dust buildup and I initially ignored it. I have had no problems with my unit but I have noticed that using a large amount of balls will cause everything to get dusty and dirty. Also, when you first plug in your unit and turn it on it will fire right up like it is ready to go. Don't forget to hit the frequency button to make it start shooting balls. For some reason I thought maybe the main motor was not working but the only problem was that I had failed to tell the machine to shoot balls at me.

Very nice machine and I highly recommend it. I have already noticed improvement in my backhand after just a couple thousands of balls.

Only complaint would be that you have to tilt it with a device in the back that with a mechanism that is not attached to the machine. I would have preferred it to be a setting (either manual or automatic) that was attached to the machine.
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Shipping is fast. It is easy to set up and is a good device to improve technique. It definitely gives me a great workout.
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Just delivered Friday (4/8/16) where I work. This is my/our first robot.

The IPONG Catch Net instructions were a little hard to decipher since they're just printed on the net box itself and the pictures of the parts/instructions could have been a little clearer.

The IPONG v300 robot is very easy to assemble and disassemble. Was pleased in the ease to load the robot, the high frequency it delivers balls, and the top level of top/back spin. Looks like a good device to work on improving technique.

It's a lot of fun and you can get you sweating after just 2 or 3 refills.
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It's a very good training tool for my daughter, who is just learning to play.
Table tennis.
It did not take very long to put together.
Thank you mega spin team.
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Love it! The ipong v300 lets me play at an advanced level when my fried s are t around. I am really surprised how fast the ball comes out and it definitely gives me a great workout when it's on oscillation mode!
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Just delivered today where I work. This is my/our first robot.

The IPONG Catch Net instructions were a little hard to decipher since they're just printed on the net box itself and the graphic of the parts/instructions could have been a little higher in quality.

The IPONG v300 robot is very easy to assemble and disassemble. Was pleased in the ease to load the robot, the high frequency it delivers balls, and the top level of top/back spin. Looks like a good device to work on improving technique.
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Very easy to assemble. Remote control adjusts everything from frequency of ball release to topspin to underspin to side spin. Great training device and fun to practice with when I don't have a 'live' playing partner.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Really good to practice and get a good workout. It took only around 5 minutes to assemble the robot and 15 minutes to setup the net the first time ( now it only take 5 minutes to take it off or put it on ).

This is my first robot, so I can't compare the quality of topspin and under spin with other robots, but I'm pretty happy with it and am able to practice my loop and high loop pretty well. My USATT rating is around 1600 and this robot is a good complement to the coaching that I'm taking to get to 2000.

The only reason I did not give 5 star is that the bounce of some of the balls is uneven ( 2 out of 10 either skid or bounce high ).

My daughter, who has been learning since last few months has also been able to practice to perfect her chop and drive.

It's been around 2 months since I got and it's working reliably so far.
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Awesome training robot for beginners and intermediate level players. Good for everyone who wants to improve their fh/bh strokes and transition.
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I also had no idea what to buy as far as these robots go. But I'll tell you what this thing is awesome.(maybe I'm not professional level)but me and my friends have a ball with it. changing settings to see how fast we can go, we spend most of time using it and not playing real p.p. Trying to get my targets (make perfect drinking games) having a hard time making it1,2,3, to get them, all in all a great purchase. Bart Scanlon
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Absolutely love this robot. 5 stars for good design. In just under 2 weeks, I am able to handle all types of spin serves so much better. It is a good physical exercise, especially if you play with higher oscillation settings. Over all so much fun. The equipment is designed well. Make sure when the balls are poured in that the hole on the distribution plate is NOT ALIGNED to the hole in the base to avoid ball stacking and hold up. The remote is not only a convenience but essential for changing the cadence of the ball delivery on the fly.
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we bought this for my son for Christmas, but it has turned into a family gift. We all really enjoy taking turns practicing with the robot and the bundle with the net and balls was a great deal. The entire family is already getting much better and we have had some great games against each other after everyone takes turn practicing with the IPONG.
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I am happy with my purchase
The Catch Net could use more detailed assembly instructions and a parts list. It took me a little longer to set up because I initially put the net on the frame inside out. Once together it does it's job and is easy to put on and take off the table.
The settings on the V300 are easy to figure out, suggestion for improvement would be to mark the center line of the oscillation. It would speed up robot setup. Currently I have to run the unit through a few cycles to make sure the oscillation is centered and the balls are staying on the table.
The unit functions well with the included IPONG training balls and other new 3-Star balls that I tried. Some 1-star balls got mixed in and they tended to be inconsistent leaving the robot. I have not had any jams with approximately 1000 balls through the unit.
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Super easy to set up and works awesome. Megaspin delivered this on time and in perfect condition. Love how they only sell the most recent products and not old versions. Great Vendor and a great product for training.
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I'm a beginner table tennis player who is pleased with the 1st week of operation. Assembly was very easy, instructions were very clear. Instructions contain information on what to do to avoid jamming the machine, which if you ignore a ball will get stuck.

The Jedi youngling has been using it as blaster defense training. 8-9 year old kids can return the balls on lower settings and adults can burn calories on the higher settings. Great machine for the price.
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I received this robot few days ago. No problems so far, works as it is supposed to. If you buy new table tennis balls, make sure you rinse them before you put them in the robot. I forgot to do that and my robot was jamming. After I cleaned the balls, it didn't jam even once. My only complain is that I did not receive the targets that are supposed to come with the robot. Good purchase.

Megaspin edit: Customer is correct that the IPONG Targets were advertised as free at the time of the purchase, and we shipped this item.
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