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9 Reviews for Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC - Chinese Penhold

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The blade I've ever used! Even though I'm an intermediate player who recently came back to Table Tennis, after 25 years, I find that the blade was easy to control despite warnings that it's a very fast blade which can be hard to control. Highly recommended!
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perfect 10/10 easy to make slow spinny shots, a lot of feeling example a lot more than fzd super alc which is another example when someone wants to rob your money and make another substitution, say no to your wallet. One good blade is worth a lot more money than you paid, because you can buy more, test and not be well trained and play with less consistency. Every handle change your vibes but for me FZD super alc quality is very bad. Don't recommend it
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So excellent
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I feel this is softer and faster compared to Vis. Like Vis pairs seamlessly with any mid hard rubber on BH, though is very very (very!) picky with FH rubber - D05 is acceptable but ever so slightly soft. D80 too reactive on defense but great for attacking. T05H difficult to control, not enough dwell, needing lots of systematic training. T05 in 1.9 surprised me being better, though not in 2.1 - weird right?

Vega Pro, Nexy Etika 51, GA8 50 were not quite there, missing something. MX-D was good for the first week or so before the factory boosting wore off. After countless months of constant changing, Rakza Z EH turned out to be my no.1, followed by Battle 2 (40 deg) and T05 1.9 as top 3 FH. I would expect D09c/boosted National H3 BS to be great but as RZEH is less than half the price of these means no need to waste my money to find out. Any of the forementioned on BH is fine except maybe Battle 2/H3 would be too slow on this wing. This blade has less of that springiness found in the normal slower Vis (perhaps the higher density weave of SALC?), so attacking feels more stable especially when it gets tight i.e. 7-9 down, 9-8 up, 10-10.
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I am old guy and an intermediate player with a rating of 1,600. I have played with Viscaria ALC blade and Tenergy 05 for many years. My style is smashing and blocking except for looping the backspins from opponents with FH and BH. Other than that, I do not do any spins, just smashing, pushing, flicking and blocking. For the table tennis, there are three stages with the playing: 1). Your serving. 2). Return your opponents serving. 3). Holding stage when you and your opponents hit the ball forward and backward. I am good with the first two stages. But, most of the time, I lost to the advanced level opponents at the 3) stage. I notice I am stucked with my intermediate level for many years and can not move on to the advanced level mainly because my smashing and blocking are not powerful enough to stop the opponents' top and side spins or heavy smashing. I need a blade which is powerful enough to hit the ball hard enough to stop the opponents' attack. The Viscaria ALC is very good and I have played with it for many years. The only thing it is missing is that, it does not have enough power I need to overwhelming the opponents' powerful attack. When the Viscaria Super ALC came out with the fanfare that, it is "much faster" than Viscaria ALC, I waited for over four month and finally got one a few weeks ago. But, to my biggest disappointment, the new Viscaries Super ALC is NOT any faster than original Viscaria ALC. if somebody insists it is faster than Viscaria, it probably is tiny little bit "faster". In my opinion, this new blade is NOT worth the much higher money you paid for this new blade. The original Viscaria ALC almost have everything this new Viscaria Super ALC has. Do not waste money on this new blade if you want to have "faster" blade.
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Updated: Super alc has more dwell time and spin than the original Viscaria. Put DHS Hurricane provincial blue sponge for FH and Tenergy 05 for BH and you will be unstoppable on all your strokes. So controllable but powerful!!!
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#Updated# Viscaria super alc,everyone wants to know if is better than normal viscaria.Not so fast but really flexible thus a lot of spin can be generated.
Blocks come easy with such flexibility.
For fast spin drive must have physical power and Hitting hard.(In love with this blade)
Paired with tenergy 05fx 2.1 forehand and 64fx 2.1 backhand.
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1?This is a blade made for advanced players, so do not buy it if you are new to this game.
2?I suggest you to combine this blade with medium hard rubbers , such as T19,R45.
3?Slower than Viscaria normal version with low power , it can generate more spin compare to normal power.
4?Compare with normal viscaria you can clearly feel the blade flexible when you hit with medium or big power especially on forehand.
5?The feel of backhand is similar to Viscaria which is excellent.
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A very nice blade. I use inverted (have tried Dignics 05, Xiom Omega V Asia, MXP 50) on one side and long pips on the other. I did not like the original Viscaria because I feel it's slow and I've hit with the Viscaria Golden which I feel is fast but it's not spinny enough (or my technique isn't good enough - and way too expensive for the way it plays). I like the JZK SZLC (used for 4 years- a little too fast/hard) and LYJ SZLC (used this last 12 months or so). The Viscaria SALC feels perfect in the middle between the LYJ SZLC and Viscaria. It has spin as well as speed and I feel I can drive shots with good variation selectively with good control. Chopping is better with the LYJ SZLC (keeps the ball really flat) but long pips play is better with the Viscaria SALC (I think mainly because the throw is higher so the ball is more disruptive). Blocks and chop blocks are also quite good against drives from US 2000-2300 level players. Just ordered a second one as backup.
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