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79 Reviews for Butterfly Tenergy 80

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I enjoy this rubber's control, spin, and pop! The Butterfly spring works if you work it. T8energy 80 works for me and my playing style.
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I've been away for several years from this page and it gave me some time to test and try some rubbers. My absolute favorite ive tried to recent years is still this one. This rubber is an absolute dream for my playstyle. Im an off player on my forehand and like to counterattack from the backhand. Flicks, spins, smashing and chops this rubber does it all with ease. I had so much more fun playing with rubber and it gave me confidence. Those two things are the main thing for me. Fun and confidence! There is no rubber that makes you a better player all of sudden. You need to make effort in practice. But with fun and confidence that progress comes so much easier. There are only two downsides on this rubber. One is the price and the other is backhand flip/flick is sometimes bouncy. I've tried Rosena, Rakza 7 and the 80 FX version aswell but they both miss the kick and power this one gives. They give a lil bit more control though and are good rubbers aswell. Tenergy 80 is very consistent trough the months i played with it and the weardown was ok.
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It is quite a good balance between speed, control, and spin. Throw angle slightly higher that t64, the spin is questionable for flicks but still holds up alright. Although the rubber is not tacky at all, the top sheet is very trippy (especially when brand new) but everyone needs time to get used to it unless youve used it before then you can play with it in its prime shining time. Not really worth the price as I play on an off+ blade but that depends on your playstyle and blade choice.
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This rubber is like, right between 05 and 64 good speed and good spin and good control good "whatever you can think about", not being excelsior in amything is also its problem. Plus it is quite fragile BUT if you are confident in using it carefully then this rubbers is actually perfect lol. It has everything and control but just doesnt have a domain it excels in.
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one of the best backhand rubber i've used
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9.4/10 for OFF style. FH: Butterfly Dignics 80, 2.1mm, 47g (0.23g/cm^2), 40 degrees (Shore A). BH: Butterfly Tenergy 80, 2.1mm, 47g (0.23g/cm^2), 36 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Donic Waldner OFF World Champion 89, 85g, 157mm x 150mm x 6.9mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite): Spruce - Spruce - ZLC - Kiri - ZLC - Spruce - Spruce.
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Vborn guma, vborn kontrola, snadn hrt BH/FH.
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Blade: Butterfly Viscaria
FH : Hurricane 3 Neo 41 degree 2.2mm
BH: Tenergy 80 2.1mm

So Ive been using the Tenergy 80 for a few months now, which was a transition from the Tenergy 05.

Tenergy 80 is faster than the 05, this is noticeable close to the table and at mid distance . The ball shoots off the blade quicker, and the trajectory is more linear. The spin is a little less than the 05 , which is especially noticeable for slower loops close to the table . Away from the table, the difference is less noticeable.

This rubber is excellent on the backhand , especially for backhand flicks & topspins. Because of the straighter trajectory, over the table the BH shots have an almost punching-like effect that makes it difficult to be returned. When the rubber is fully engaged, it gives a responsive clicky sound which I liked .

One contention I had with the Tenergy 05 was that lifting backspin was difficult especially close to the net because of the high throw angle, which meant you had to keep the angle closed. The result is a small margin for error where you have to both lift the backspin by brushing up , but keep the angle closed. With the Tenergy 80 , it is easier to lift backspin imo with the lower throw angle and it feels less responsive to spin in general .
The transition from 05 to 80 felt very natural , its like the 05 but easier to use, less sensitive to spin, with a little more speed and a little less spin on slow brushing strokes. It doesnt have the signature catapult effect of the 05, so the sudden-ness is lost. Instead it has a more balanced speed throughout.

Overall very satisfied with Tenergy 80 for the BH . Only contention is I wish it had a tad more spin . Might try the Dignics 05 in the future, but currently very satisfied!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask . Cheers!

Speed: MX-P > Tenergy 80 > Tenergy 05 > H3 Provincial > H3 Neo = H8 Hard

Spin: H8 Hard > H3 Provincial > H3 Neo > Tenergy 05 > Tenergy 80 > MX-P
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This rubber actually have more spin than the tenergy 05 , I don't know is that has to do with my style.
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good speed, spin and control and overall top
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Love this on my backhand.
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Speed: 9.3
Spin (European Style): 9
Control: 8.8
Weight: 47g in 2.1 (0.23g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 36
Gears: 2.7
Throw: 5.9
Fast Loop: 9.1
Slow Loop: 9
Counter Loop: 9
Touch: 8.6
Block: 8.8
Smash: 8.9
Slice/Chop: 9
Serve: 9
Flip/Flick: 9.2
Available Sponge Thickness: 1.7/1.9/2.1
Durability: 4
Value: 7.4
Overall: 9
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I am using since few time this rubber on my Donic Waldner Legend Carbon, on FH, replacing a Donic Bluestorm Z2. I was looking for a softer rubber, which could make me feel more the ball. The Bluestorm, I think, is a good rubber but too hard for my blade. Well, now I am incredibly satisfied. I feel like touching the ball, I feel more spin in my strokes, speed is super good for me, the control is incredible. I feel more sure, I feel to attack with more consistency, close to the table and at a mid distance. I think the combination with my blade works really fine.
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Ratings for 2.1mm. Played for 1 year with Tenergy 80 on forehand and Tenergy 05 FX on backhand of Timo Boll ZLF. Tenergy 80 is a more tamed version of Tenergy 05. There is less spin and the speed is about the same. You can use it on either backhand or forehand with good results. 80 plays virtually the same as 05, except 05 flies higher on loops with more spin, 80 is more direct. 80 is a bit lighter at 47g vs 49g for 05 in 2.1. 80 is better than 05 if you block more than you loop.
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Best tenergy out of all. Very similar to 05, a bit more control and spin but slightly less speed.
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Great rubber. It's not perfect in one thing but good in everything. Good in Topspin and blocking/ smashing. It does not create the same amount of spin like the t 05 but it's very spinny. On the other hand it's much easier to handle incoming spin, to block or to smash. The control is really great for an Off rubber.
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Like it's official description says, T80 has the perfect balance among the Tenergys in terms of speed and spin. The touch is also excellent, good precision and has a good throw angle. It's an excellent rubber, I'm currently using it on forehand in a Primorac Carbon Cpen, fitted well with it.
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Best bh rubber ive tried. Very consistant, go 2.1 sponge you will not be disappointed.
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Very good
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I have only had this rubber for 6 weeks, so I don't know much yet and I don't like to say much without thorough testing. I will say at this point I really,, really like this rubber. My favorite rubber to date has been the tenergy 05, but this rubber rivals it. It is actually a lot like 05 to me, yet I notice a substantially lower arc and, seems to have a noticeably less spin and response to incoming spin. Other than that, it is probably faster with a little more dwell time than the 05.
IT IS REALLY fast when you hit the ball hard and clean!!
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Tenergy 80 is a well rounded offensive rubbers with good spin and speed. I tried this on my backhand and feel the rubber is very good for short flicks and drives and is good for blocking. Despite its fairly low sensitivity to incoming spin, it itself is able to generate a great deal of spin on pushes and especially serves. It plays best at mid-distance and away from the table whether blocking or counter looping.

Pushing close to the table will require an adjustment due to the Spring Sponge's propensity to pop the ball up (though a lot of backspin is generated). The main limitation I found with this rubber is power loops on the backhand side are difficult to execute close to the table due to the springiness of the sponge but work great away from the table. I also had a few hits with it on the forehand side as well and also works well there with 3rd balls being a bit easier to execute compared to backhand. I briefly tried T80 with a 7-ply Carbon blade but found it played much better on a 5-ply OFF wood blade as I found it to be too bouncy on the Carbon blade, though this could also be to do with my level.

Overall a very solid rubber and good introduction to the Tenergy series. T80 is great for attacking short balls but when those fail, your rallies and game winners will come from mid/away from the table. I would recommend this to intermediate to advanced players who aren't particularly fussy but want a stable rubber that gives them that extra kick. T80 is many ways better than its FX counterpart as it offers far greater spin, speed and more gears at the cost of slightly worse blocking, pushing and control.

A cut sheet (normal sized Stiga head) weighs 46g which is a bit heavier than the FX at 43g and classic Sriver at 42g. I'd put the hardness of T80 between the two being harder than FX but a bit softer than Sriver.
I played with this on a 5-ply OFF blade - Stiga Eternity VPS.
My playstyle is backhand dominated two-winged shakehand looper.
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You want speed? This will give you speed. It also provides a descent amount of spin and control. I would consider this more of a mid range player, not close.
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My rate is middle not because the rubber is bad but for my style and blade, it was not so good. I'm a penholder with Ryu See Ming blade, so this one was not very good for looping and being fast as the Tenergy 5.
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Speed: high (9.4).
Spin: high (9.3).
Control: average (9.1).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: medium heavy (47g, 0.23g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium (49/36).
Top sheet hardness: hard (56/44).
Gears: average (5).
Throw: medium high (6.2).
Consistency: always identical (9).
Durability: average durability (5).
Top sheet thickness: average (1.6mm).
Surface thickness: average (0.7mm).
Pip length: medium (0.9mm).
Pip width: average (1.7mm).
Pip spacing: average (0.7mm).
Overall: good (9.5).
Value: expensive (4).

The closest rubber to Tenergy 05 out of all rubbers. The slightly softer top sheet of 80 makes it less sensitive to spin, which is better for pushing and blocking. Slightly less dense pips and softer top sheet gives a slightly lower throw angle, but makes it easier in counter looping because the racket angle can be more open. The speed of 05 and 80 is very similar, but 80 takes a more direct trajectory (higher horizontal speed) due to lower throw angle.
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Its a good rubber, but it is not that good for the price. The re Are so Manu other rubber ver y similar or better with a los estudiantes price.
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Gives you a balance spin and speed. I'm currently using this on my bh (blade:tb alc). Less speed but more control than t64.
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Played with the same two 80`s 2.1 on Viscaria for the last 18 months (cant afford consistent replacement) and still holding my own against top seniors and vets so can vouch for durability, only changed because I was interested to see the difference between the 05 and bar the ridiculous ease of service return with the 80 and slight reduction in spin I didn't see a huge difference, I feel the 80 has slightly more control however. Nonetheless, I do miss the instant third ball and service spin achievable with the 05.
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I really like this rubber, I found it absolutely perfectly suited to my game. I put it on my backhand, and the control surpassed my expectations by far, but it's such a good looping rubber as well, of all the tenergies, and other rubbers i've tried, this one is the one I'm most fond of for my backhand. Highly recommended
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Very solid backhand rubber. I switched from a cheapish Chinese rubber (729 cream transcend) because I felt my technique was better, and I am glad I made the change! It took very minor adjustments but now that I am used to it, this rubber is excellent in almost all aspects. Touch play, backhand topspin, block, service, etc. Chopping is kind of difficult because of the high bounce and throw angle but some minor adjustments should fix that. Highly recommend this rubber! Humptydumpty lika sumboody dis so gewd I cen dew anythang
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It is an excellent offensive rubber.But I am not sure is worth USD$75.I can get 20%off .Even at $6o there are many good alternatives Bluefire MI, Rakza X ,.Andro Razant...
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it is good for my gergely fl. it best for backhand spin and control.
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Best rubber for my forehand, I love this rubber. A ton of control. Good for modern defense. Adam Pattantyus uses Tenergy 80 on his forehand, and he is a great chopper.
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best rubber for FH
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This rubber is great, has lots of spin and speed at the same rate.This rubber is recommended by me for allround play, choppers, attackers and allrounders.easy to control.Goes great with the Butterfly Grubba Pro FL Blade
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Fast rubber but a bounce rubber...

Spin is very good but not as spin as nitaku fastarc g1 n adidas p7...

Control is very good for fast play, but d bounce thing makes it bad at slow hit...
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Tried it on a Stiga Allround Wood blade. As for me I am an amateur player. Sorry guys I hate this rubber. Non-linear behaviour. At harder hits the ball flies high away missing the table. Pour spin. I played with it only for an hour and it was a nightmare. The most terrible thing about it is the close-to-zero grip. The ball simply slips on the rubber. Is it only for pros? Yes, definitely. They might appreciate its hidden great values written high in the sky.
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I use T80 2.1 for my BH with a Innerforce ZLF blade. This rubber is magical. Fast and has good control and huge amount of spin. I prefer it to T05.
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This rubber is good for some players and blades but is too fast for stiffer and harder blades like Stiga Carbo 7.6 and can be extremely inconsistent at times. This rubber is good for the block and can be decent for the short game but is slightly better at mid distance looping. Close to the table open ups are more difficult on average with this rubber as it cannot lift heavy chop easily. Tenergy 80 is also sometimes not very spin sensitive so can make for a good chopping rubber. However you are better off buying t64 or t05 than this rubber. the inconsistency of this rubber can be a nightmare.
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The best rubber so far but the price is quite high in malaysia market....
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Certainly the best rubbers for most of the attackers. With T80 and BTY Zhang Jike, the feeling is just amazing, i feel the blade in every hit, thats just amazing.

Combine the qualities of T05 and T64, can be played close to table as well as mid range.

I commend this rubber on Arylat-carbon blades.

Edit : I tester this rubber on Innerforce AL, the rubber feels absolutely dead, no speed at all. This rubber doesn't shows his speed with a flexible blade, it becomes a slow rubber and unpredictable on my FH topspins. I sticked with IF AL, i kept T80 on BH, good control and rather slow, but on FH i switch to faster and more powerfull : Calibra Tour M (which i didnt liked at all on Zhang Jike blade because the combination was ultra low throw and ultra short dwell time, but tour M is awesome with IF AL which is a high throw and flexible offensive blade).
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I found that this rubber is absolutely perfect except the fact that i have just had to replace them after only 3 months of using them. Durability is very poor.
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In my opinion, this rubber is one of the best rubbers for the forehand. Good speed and spin, and perfect balance between both.
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I was not impressed by this rubber at all. There just doesn't seem to be a point to it. It is heavy, not nearly as spinny as T05, noticeably slower then T64, and not as much control as T05FX. If I wanted a do everything rubber then I stick with sriver for half the price. There has to be way better performing rubbers out their that cost less then T80. I could see the point of buying the other tenergies I mention: they are specialized. However for this one I do not.

Update: I have decided to give this rubber a second chance. After playing with it again I noticed how consistent it is at everything (i.e. looping, blocking, smashing, opening, touch, etc.). I still do not think it beats t05 in spin and t64 in speed, nor that this rubber specializes in anything to excuse the price, but it is a solid backhand rubber.
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T80 mirip dg T05 namun lebih bagus kontrolnya, OPEN looping lebih mudah, long trajectory/lintasan panjang bola Ok,

Set up karet ini utk FH dan T64 di BH
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Excellent speed and spin. It's probably the best attacking rubber in market. Price is high. Frequent gluing required to keep up the original speed and spin.
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Great rubber for (FH) topspin play. Great spin. Excellent feel. Not particularly well suited for hard direct hitting, possibly due to the throw angle. Rubber is brittle and crumbles quickly. The 'honey period' of this rubber is less than 2 months. Relatively heavy. There are rubbers with better quality:price ratios out there.
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Very fast and with crazy spin, this excels all tenergy-rubbers. Well that is my opinion anyways...
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it's a good rubber!
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You can generate huge spin with this rubber, and the speed is okay. Just like the other tenergies, it's hard to play a penetrating opening loop with it. But the spin is huge.
I think it is good for players that doesn't want a super fast rubber, but a rubber with very much spin.
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I used this on an innerforce ulc. The first thing i noticed was the increased speed spin and overall power. After a while, however, i noticed that my shots would go long constantly, due to my being a close range attacker. At mid range, i can execute a humongous load of topspin and speed that my opponents just can't block. That said, though, it took a rather large swing. As someone rated 1700~ i would not recommend this to anyone under 2100; instead, if you play within 3 paces of the table, i would suggest tenergy 05 or a cheaper substitute, the reason being that when playing an extremely quickly and aggressively close to the table, T80 would go long; on the other hand, when i played with a cheaper substitute of T05 (YinHe Moon) my shots all landed with extreme accuracy and speed, unlike any i have seen before. Although granted, this was not T05 itself, Moon is said to be similar.

Thus in short, although T80 is newer and supposedly more powerful, i must sadly say that it's not for me because I can't control such a powerful rubber, reason being that
T80 is called a fusion between T05 and T64. What this means is that compared to T64 it is more spinny but a little slower. Compared to T05 it is less spinny and more powerful/long range. For these reasons i believe T80 is only for the mid range, controlled agressive style.
I would not recommend T80 for anyone with:
Even the slightest control issues
A style within 3 paces of the table.
If you fit these criteria, get T05 instead.

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Good ,bit expensive but fantastic. I is very spinny and fast.i use it on primorac with falrestorm2 on bh.its a great combination. Topspins and server are very spinny.A very good rubber to play with.
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POWERFUL RUBBER!!! The Best Choice for ALL-Around Players, It has a unique inside secret effect, you will know when you bought this, TEST them all and you will see the miracle of this rubber!!! ZUPER!
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Marvelous rubber
very good control, with a very good speed and spin
butterfly really solved the equation>>>
used with yasaka hinoki leo 11
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Blade: Timo Boll ALC

Serves: Not quite sure, didn't use it much for serving, prefer to serve with the rubber on the reverse side of my blade. However it has control for placement of short serves. Its plentiful dwell time should contribute to its good spin for service.

Pushes/Backspin: Excellent control and spin due to the high dwell time. The more you brush, the more spin would be produced. it also has good control for landing the ball short on the opponent's side. Touch play is good too.

Blocking: Tenergy 80 is excellent for blocking, quite forgiving. Passive and active blocking can both be done easily due to the medium-low throw of this rubber.

Looping: Looping topspins are wonderful, mid distance. Loops are spinny and has adequate speed. Wonderful looping rubber.

Hardness: This rubber might be of medium hardness. It doesn't bottom out at any point of the game.

Durability: This rubber lasts approximately 80-100 hours. Judging by its price, this rubber is not worth using as a regular rubber, since it would be very expensive.

Suitable for the backhand due to its good blocking properties, great spin, and non-tacky surface.
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Tenergy80 is the best rubber for both speed, spin and control! With tenergy80 you can both play close to the table and at half distance. Its the ultimate rubber for maximum controll, spin and speed, all in one!
Compared to the other tenergy rubbers the tenergy80 has a lot of control while maintaining the speed.
If you can't choose between the tenergy rubbers then this is the rubber for you! I believe that the tenergy80 is the best rubber of all time.

Controll: 10/10

Speed: 9, 25/10 (has the same speed as tenergy 25)

Spin: 10/10 (same spin as tenergy 05)

Feeling: medium

Best about tenergy80: absolutely divine control, really good speed and spin. (It's also easy to play defensive away from the table). You can counter close to the table easily, serve and returns har easy to handle. (It fits every style of playing).

This is the ultimate rubber! I play with Butterfly Innerforce ZLC blade and tenergy80 2.1 at both sides
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This is a great rubber, great spin on serves, chops and loops. The throw angel is the one I like the most. The only problem I found is that it is not durable, you need to constantly change the rubber.
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I had it in 1.9 and 2.1 on timo boll ALC blade its good in 1.9 for a decent player but in 2.1 its a killer great dwell time FH topspin is just pure power and spin with tremendus catapult effect when it hits the table on the amateur level that I play most of guys at the other side of the table could not deal with incoming balls just to fast for them. I gues with rubers like this you need to break into them I would say after 20-25 training sessions you will start getting your real opinion about the rubber taking it for one training as I did my just be a fascination & excitment taking place instead of honest judgement on this rubber. Expensive so I moved on you can find 2 decent rubbers if you look well for a price of one tenergy you will still find your game with donic or stiga or tibhar and your budzet wont have to suffer every 2 months.
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Tenergy 80 is best rubber ever. 10/10
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Excellent rubber. As others have said, lies somewhere between 05 and 64 in general behaviour. I find it suits my FH side more than 05 due to a more easy-going throw angle. The massive spin potential remains, but easier to keep the ball arc tighter when needed. Plays well on the BH side too, but I prefer softer sponges, so I'll stick with T64-FX until the inevitable T80-FX appears.

Also - of all the Tenergy range, I find T80 to be less bouncy and reactive to spin in the short game. Much easier for me to use for service receive and touch shots. Not sure why this is TBH, but I'm happy about it.

Still pricy in the EU unless you can find a friendly importer.
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I have bought this rubber after researching a lot. Now I have used it for 3 months and I can tell you This is the best rubber i have used so far. It creates tons of spin even if your action doesn't seems to be. It creates perfect arc for the topspin play. It generates tons of underspin.
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I find T-80 a very easy rubber to play with, it has adequate speed and spin, but nothing special . Like some one said, T-05 has the spin to finish a point, T-64 has the speed to finish a point, T-80 is hard to finish a point. It's a good rubber, but thats all.
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like all say, between 05 and 64, i can feel the boost of speed compared to 05 but less spin, only sightly btw, and a just a little less speed than 64 but more spin. Using it on my btw TBzlf on fh, coming from bluefire m1 i can say that this that behave more like i like, i have a lot more control in short game, but i can see less spin in my serves, also i need to change a little my technique cuz this rubbers is tenergy and not a tensor like all people tends to think, looping backspin is easy but flicks are a little more dificult compared to m1 or 05. I really like that this rubbers is all around suited.

Lastly i recomend this rubber in fh or bh depending on ur needs. i can change it with 64 in mid distance loop and behaves the same or use it in loop near and is like 05. Best of both worlds. i think i found my combination now, i just need to work on my movement now :)
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A good rubber, but for FH Tenergy 05 is better and for BH Tenergy 64 is better. It's a mix between T05 and T64 but it doesn't exceed these two rubbers' best points. It's still an interesting rubber.
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Great Rubber, The best rubber i ever used. Very easy to play with!!! Great control and very heavy spin , the speed is good , short game is awesome. Overall 10/10.
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This rubber would be best suited for a serious player who either currently has or are looking to develope proper forehand and backhand technique. It's a high end rubber designed for world class play. The quality and performance justify the high price tag. Back then it was glued Sriver today it's Tenergy. This is the best rubber out there cut and dry.
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Its a pretty nice rubber that suits my backhand. It is very nice on shortgames where i can recieve service on my bh pretty easy, since its not so bouncy on shortgames. Bh flicks are easy, and chops are surprisingly easy. So as many says it is good as all around rubber. What i dont agree with people is that they say it is softer than tenergy 05. When loop or do any kinds of hits it feels harder than tenergy 05 but kt feels softer when u pinch it. So i guess it feels harder than it is. Service is nice with lots of spin. But block is alittle diffrent from what im used to (using xiom sigma euro). I used a robot that shoots topspin and when i blocked the ball with my bh the ball just went straight up to the roof. So i had to adjust alittle but not much, but after a few hits i got used to blocking with it. All in all its a great bh rubber imo.
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the best rubber ever, no doubt and garrentee that you'll never regret this for your life
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This is the best overall rubber. But it is not simple that. It is more a power, spin and control rubber made into high gears. After this rubber, you need no more rubbers. This is in fact the end of rubbers. Period.
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I play with this rubber for 2 months.. I feel this rubber make my serve more spinny and faster, good control and block, and the most thing that i like is with this rubber, it really easy to use topspin and drive. i really like this rubber at my forehand.
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Perfect speed.
Huge spin and control.
Incredible at blocking.
Killing loops.
Very powerful when hit hard (a little less control in this department but OK).
Very very controllable and spinny in short game and opening loops.
You can feel how it grabs the ball in every stroke.
The perfect hardness and dwell time. A little bit too hard when new but it becomes softer after a few days of use.
Don't know about durability nor consistency.
Very expensive but love it.
Best FH rubber i've tried and probably Bh too but i'm going to keep Bluefire M3 in the BH by the moment wich was my previous FH rubber (M3 is awesome for FH but i think it's even better for BH if you like high throw angled rubbers in the BH).
Blade: Andro Temper Tech OFF
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Quality rubber. Took a bit of getting use to (felt a bit springy at first), but glad I stuck with it. The spin on the opening loop is monstrous, you can pick up easy points of that alone. It also blocks and flat hits surprisingly well. That said, all round T80 is not quite as good as Rakza 7 in my view, which just a tad faster with the same level of control & spin. Still a great rubber, I am happy I bought it. T80 has not disappointed.
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This rubber is great on my blade( Galaxy J-1). It have good control, DEFINITELY! I think there would not be a rubber which have both high spin and speed but have such good control. It has quite a medium-high throw angle but after various time, you will know how to keep the ball low. Looping is easy, but blocking seem to be a little difficult but will slowly know how to use it properly. I have block nicely with low returns which cause my opponent to make mistakes. Service is definitely a dream for players who use this rubber. it provides the ball with spin that you have never possible think of with other rubbers. Butterfly prove itself of it standard with this excellent rubber, but just a little expensive. i bought this for $95 in SG.
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Sorry guys but I hated this rubber on my Nittaku Violin and to me it would appear that it's a lot of hype due to the Butterfly name. I tried a sheet of 2.1 in black. I've been looking for a backhand rubber that has the same level of spin as Geospin Tacky but doesn't bottom out quite as much away from the table. I use Xiom Vega Elite max on the forehand in red. I found the Tenergy far too bouncy with too high a throw angle for me on either b/h or f/h. Also the spin available wasn't any better than the Xiom rubber which is half the price, just as fast and more control and a lot less than the Geospin. I found looping ok but had to change the angle of my attack considerably and never felt comfortable with it. serving and blocking was on a par with the Xiom. It might be that it just didn't suit my blade and my style so I will try it on a couple of others I have including my old Butterfly Surbek Hinoki from 1976! I'm not saying its a bad rubb!
er, all I'm saying is that for the price I think two sheets of vega elite are better value and for less than the price of the Tenergy a sheet of Geospin and a sheet of Vega! I also found the rubber to be heavy and a little brittle when cutting it but that's not an issue when it's glued down. And getting rubber off the paddle theses days is easy unlike trying to remove the 1976 Sriver off the Surbek! If you love Tenergy anyway give it a go but if you've never tried it Xiom is a better buy IMHO

Update: ok, I've just tried a sheet of 1.7mm black T80 on my Violin. What a revelation! All the hype is true! This is amazing stuff! Great spin, speed, control! Just amazing! Just goes to show, getting the right rubber / thickness for the blade and your style. It gave me the confidence to attack everything with monster forehands! I just can't wait to use it again!
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An excellent rubber in many areas but certainly not worth the price!
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its kinda between T64 and T05. it combines the good things about 05 (short game, opening loops, slow spinny loops)
and 64(looping away from the table, blocking, driving).

it kinda removes the weaknesses of both too 05(not very fast far away from the table, very sensitive to opponents spin)
64(bouncy and hard to control short game)
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I absolutely could not be happier with this rubber. For frame of reference I have used donic coppa gold as well as donic bluefire M1 and M2 recently enough to remember well. My first impression (2.1 on both sides of a timo boll ZLF) was that my backhand was amazing. Blocking and looping off the backhand side is efortless compared to most rubbers- I had the tendency to miss in the net with bluefire so the higher throw angle is perfect. Additionally, my loops have significantly more spin on them. It hits a higher, spinnier trajectory than donic and puts more spin on the ball. Short game is great, and serve is very spinny although not a great deal more so than what Bluefire could produce. Overall it is perfect for a very versitile game, and can do everything I ask it to. 10/10
I found the life of this rubber to be 3 or 4 months of solid playing. Even then its perfectly useable, just noticeably worse. Over time I became frustrated with difficulty in keeping serves low and have switched to xiom for fh, but I still love this rubber as a backhand.
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It is not impacted in the slightest by incoming spin which makes it phenomenal for short game and close to the table drives.
The lack of spin sensitivity also makes chops close to the table extremely easy (short push chops) and distance chops don't sail too much if you use the proper technique

Update 2: After a few weeks, playing an hour or two almost everyday, the rubber still plays just as fast./ after breaking in the rubber, it just got spinnier... at first it required a specific stroke to generate heavy spin; now it's effortless

Not my favorite rubber, but probably the best one on the market.
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Update 30/1 - Got this 2 weeks ago- imported from Japan. Have used it 3-4 times now. Using 2.1 on FH of Stratus Powerwood, cut weight 47 grams. so far really liking it, able to counter loop much more consistently and get shots landed that other rubbers would not do. The feel and spin is better than all other rubbers which I used upto now. Short game very good as well as serving. Huge spin on loops. I don't have the disadvantage of comparing with other Tenergies although have used team-mates bat with T05, whilst good it never impressed me enough to try it. I don't know yet how long it will last but the performance is on another level to all other rubbers I used including Omega IV Pro, Vega, Rakza etc. Update Sept 2013. I went back to Omega IV pro as found the T80 a little too bouncy and not as good for smashing - still a good rubber but I'm too used to Xiom.
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