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8 Reviews for Butterfly Tenergy 19

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It's an easier to use and more forgiving Tenergy 05. It has a slightly lower top speed, but it's still quite fast and it's easy to produce a good quality shot with.
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Tested the T19 for some weeks now. Conclusion: So far my favorit Tenergy for backhand use. Some kind of a T05/T80 hybrid, I would say. Because of its very grippy topsheet's pimple structure it plays a li'l softer than T05, but isn't as springy as T80/T64 (same sponge hardness) or T05fx (softer sponge). Luv it! Guess I stay with the red 1.7mm T19 on the BH side of my Stiga Allround Cassic penhold blade. Great spin (on T05 niveau). Medium high throw; easy to adjust in realtime. Maybe higher with 1.9/2.1 sponge (?). Works great over the table. Pretty suitable for the RPB banana. Good for RPB topspin and counter attack. Blocks are more comftable and consistant to play than with T05/D05/D09c. Truly a nice Tenergy upgrade for the 40+ poly ball. The 1.7mm version has an acceptable weight; about the same as the T05's/D05's weight; maybe insignificantly heavier than a 1.7mm T80 (havn't checked, cuz I only have a 1.9mm T80). Easier to use than T05 and more forgiving/controlable/linear than T05fx/T80/T64. I my opinion you maybe can say that the T19 is a li'l less extreme Tenergy incarnation, suitable for all those who want the best characteristics of T05 and T80 packed into one rubber, without shouting over the table so quickly. Thank you, Butterfly!
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T19 2.1mm red (48g) on Viscaria. The main difference with T05, is 1) it is heavier, 2) the feeling at impact is different especially in counter spin, 3) excellent in block, 4) it demands to play in front of the ball, always, because it does not forgive misplacements. So to me, this rubber is an adjustment from T05 to have better success rate in counter spin. But even that, the throw angle is quite high, the feeling is soft, but a bit harder than T05, and it is heavier. It is a good rubber as BH, and top spins at mid-distance are as good as T05, landing maybe closer compared to T05. I was not so impressed by T19, except once, when I succeeded a super nice BH counter spin, which is still difficult to reproduce at my level, but I have understood the hidden power of this rubber. So I guess not for me but for pro players ... In resume, it is a T05 a little bit customised, heavier, for better BH counter spin ... for closed to the table and mid-distance.
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Very spinny and powerful rubber. Great on the viscaria. You can transition easily from Tenergy 05, which I did and it was a great decision.
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When compare to TG05. It's lower throw angle, a bit higher spin and speed.
First day many ball hit to the net but it's ok after practice for a couple days.
Then I realize the benefit of TG19 over TG05 is when we smash with flat + a bit spin the ball go lower & faster.
To me it's better than TG05 but need to adjust.
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The T19 is an extremely good Tenergy rubber, much better than the T05. I will list a few things and details regarding why the T19 is better than T05 in my opinion. Please note the tests were performed on a Butterfly Korbel SK7 blade.

Speed; The speed is just about the same as T05. With a tiny bit faster swing or movement with your arm, you will be able to produce high speed shots with the T19. Of course, this depends on what blade you are using, that is why some people claim that T19 is slower/faster than T05.
Spin; The spin is tremendous, slightly but not unsignificantly higher than the T05. While testing, both rubbers' spin went back and forth multiple times when I hit them into the net, but the shot with the T19 kept on having the residual spin for a bit longer than T05. It's topspin and underspin are pure quality and the sidespin is also something your opponents should be care of. The spin on serves is also pretty good, you can put some quality rotation to the ball if hit with proper technique. Serves spinny and short are also option for this rubber.
Control; The control is also great, more controllable than the T05. It is because of the less powerful trajectory effect and the more dwell time. The ball sinks into the rubber more than the T05, thus it does not bounce off rapidly from the top sheet means you have slightly more time to direct the ball where you want to. It also means that the T19 is somewhat less spin-sensitive because of the missing trajectory effect, thus it is not going to shoot out quickly from the rubber, but also will be slightly slower. It also has a slightly higher arc and throw angle which might come in handy to apply pressure if hit well.
If you were or have been using T05 before, you will easily adapt to this rubber, as pretty much everything is the same except for some minor things which can be adapted to with enough training and diligence. Overally I can say, it is better than T05!
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telling you the truth, I prefer to use this T-19 as not too fast instead of T-05. The good thing of this rubber is once chop and drive then will make difficulty to chop again or smash by opponent. It seems this rubber is suit for my game. I use it on forehand and using long pips Gangster dr. neubaueur on the back hand. You should try it...
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Potah je podobn T 05,je o trochu pomalej ale lpe ovladateln, kod soupe?i p?i prudkm seknut bekhendem,kdy soupe?ovi m?ky kon? ?asto v s?ce.Bekhendov zakon?en sme? je perfektn.Na forhendov stran? hraje tak vborn? ale hlavn? je to nejmn? skkav potah od TENERGY. Tento potah m velmi vysokou kontrolu.
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