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19 Reviews for Butterfly Dignics 80

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D80 + Xiom HC HAL = the best feeling of the ball which cannot be determined defenitions of speed, spin and control but as unique combination of spin, speed and control (used earlier MXS, ELD, FXD, t05, rozena, Victas ventus extra on this blade). I also tried d05 and d64 on xiom alx 36.5 and i guess d80 the best for me. I also tried d09c on viscaria: common feeling is very good but mine is excellent.
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First i use dignics 80, 2.1 wich is aleeady used on my backhend with blade Balsa carbon x5. So the rubber already lost some amount of speed and speen when i start to use rubber. I played about 2 month and it ws good for bananas and blocking. The medium trow was perfect becouse balls drops deep on table, almost on edge of the table.
So i was very satisfied and buy a new one. With that new one i playes for 2 hours and it was hard for me to get used on spin and speed.. the balls get of the tables, and bananas just flys off.. blocking same go off.. maybe i need some time to adjust my moves. For serve its great, you can see how balls have much spin. I will do new Review after few more days of playing.
Cherss and Pardon my English.
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Slightly faster and lower arc comparing to D05 but control is worse. It is like getting 5% in speed but lose 20% in control.
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The best Butterfly rubbers I've ever use. The control and spin are great. And very durable but very expensive..
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Rubber glued after using T05 for several years in forehand. D80 is harder, it catapults the ball less than T05. But when we get into the ball a little, the speed is excellent and the trajectory is very stable. The projection angle is little less than T05 but it is very easy to put a curve. The projection angle is medium-high, but certainly not low. The control is satisfactory, it's a treat to play short balls and make flips in forehand. I love this rubber, it will definitely replace my T05.
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is this a offensive rubber ?
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Feels a little softer than the listed 40 degrees due to the very supple top sheet. I think this is the "do everything" Dignics option. Loops, blocks and drives very well. Lots and lots of power and spin when you hit hard. Not overly fast on soft touches due to the hard sponge.
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Dignics 80 is really fast if compare it to dign05 and 09c. Medium to low throw angle. Kinda need to adjust after 05 and 09c but can be used really dangerous for the opponents. Im using it on 90 grams apolonia on the backhand side in 2.1 thickness. I was not impressed with first shots, it lack some power and energy on the ball vs dign 05 and 09c, its is rubber with softer feeling and bigger catapult. But after an 30-40 min of adjusting i was able to produce really good spiny and fast shots. Gonna practice my serving today, will see how it works for backhand types of it. Actually for serving it has a lot of spin, it really surprised me. Pendulum, tomahawk, backhand - all works fine with a lot of rotation. For now im just interested but not very impressed, will post my final conclusion after playing it for some more hours . Good luck on the table, guys !

After playing with it for a year - its my favourite backhand rubber. It has it all - control, speed, spin and power when you really insert into the shot. So the best rubber is the one, that you played and used to the most
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Very good looping and brushing rubber. Not for hitters and blockers. Found it very ineffective for blocking with pace or redirecting and is a bit sensitive to spin. However, really good for opening, 4-5 meters off table looping and countering and pushing. I found its hard to be defensive and aggressive when on the defense or get back into the rally effectively. Overall a really good rubber who continues with pressure, if you find it hard to keep pushing and spinning, it can be a bit ineffective a detriment. Spinny and fast tho.
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(01/23) Updated: I couldn't help, but really spend some money !!! Facts: black rubber with 1,9 mm and 52-54 (international!) degree sponge, orig. packed 92 g. (extra light, selected), uncut 66 g. and at the end 45 g. on my Off+ blade (with 156 x 150 mm). First I tried this rubber, at my FH, together with my Butterfly fake "Z.JK. SZLC" and had to find out, that this combination gives a very "hard" play feeling! - actually logical! ... a very hard blade together with this very hard rubber = very hard feeling !!! Next I used the Lemuria clone from Butterflys Revoldia CNF, named Lemuria CNF. (- see rating!) These two harmonizes really better together. ... but too not perfect! With this combination, I can place the opponent's serves (in my forehand side) very safely and shortly (behind the net) and my blocks were also safer. - both better than ever before. At last I used my Lemuria ZB (Butterflys Harimoto Tomokazu ALC, Innerlayer clone) and no I feel an almost perfect play feeling. ... clearly the best combination so far !!!!
By the way: I actually always had never the feeling that this rubber absorbs the opponent's spin !!!!! ( - like theT 05) ... Wonderful ! Conclusion: excellent rubber (- as long as the blade is not too hard!) and not only for better players. - ... but unfortunately impossible price! Addendum: now, after one year, I can say with a clear conscience that the durability is extremely good. ( - around twice as long as most rubbers!) ... so I see the price as justified !!!
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It is closer to Tenergy 05 than Dignics 05 in terms of the combined hardness of the rubber and sponge. I found it more controllable than both, especially for blocking and punch shots from the backhand. The low arc and long trajectory create problems for my opponents as balls land near the white line. Other than lacking a bit of spins, it is almost perfect for me. I use it on Viscaria.
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I've decided to write down a post after reading reviews above bcs my impression of D80 doesn't coincide with them. I've been playing it for a year mostly on the Xiom Vega Tour (hinoki/zefilium-carbon) but I tried the rubber on my other blades too: Xiom Vega Euro (koto/zefilium-carbon) and Yinhe Purple Dragon D607 (a clipper clone, walnut top ply). I've been playing D05 on those 2 blades for a year and a half, my normal forehand rubber is Hurricane, so all the Dignics' are being used for backhand. First of, D80 is noticeably faster than D05 bcs its catapult shows itself much earlier. From my point of view that's the biggest difference between the two defining their playing specialties. D05 is better for counter looping particularly close to the table, D80 is better for blocking, smashing, driving and counter driving. The closer to the top end, the lesser the speed/catapult effect difference. Although D05 is a tad more spinny which is better for bananas and slow opening ups and D80 feels a bit softer bcs of pips shape, all those things don't affect their performance as much as catapult timing. Even control feeling may be affected by that, bcs D05 is just slower before some limit despite being a bit harder in feeling. All the Dignics' work the same for me with all my blades
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slightly faster and go deeper into the table compared to D05, better than D05 if you play away from table, but i prefer the D05 which has a higher arc, not as deep into the table which makes my game feel more safe.
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9.6/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Butterfly Dignics 80, 2.1mm, 47g (0.23g/cm^2), 40 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Donic Waldner OFF World Champion 89, 85g, 157mm x 150mm x 6.9mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite): Spruce - Spruce - ZLC - Kiri - ZLC - Spruce - Spruce.
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I put the 2.1 mm on the backhand of my new TB ALC and just love it. Immediately I noticed it was easier to control on my pushes and flicks. I've also used it on my forehand and amazingly it seems to have a higher gear on counter looping. I love 05, but this D80 may be better!
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I use a number of different blades on and off. I know this is not the best, but it is because I am changing playing style. I am doing so because I got to a certain level (around 2000 USTTA ELO) and was unable to improve due to my mutant style. The upshot is that I have used this rubber on three different bats. The first is the balsa carbo X5. The second is the Timo Boll W7, and the third is the diode V.
The Diginics 80 was a dream on all three of these blades. In particular, I found the X5 somewhat suspicious using Tenergy 05 in the past. With Diginics, the X5 seemed to behave itself a lot better.
Diginics 80 is an almost perfect rubber for blocking. It worked well on all three blades, and allowed blocking from a significant distance. It was slightly worse than Tenergy 05 for chop with a somewhat weaker backspin effect, but still offered more control.
For service, the spin was at least as good as with Tenergy and even perhaps a little better which may mean that I just need to improve my form on the chop.
I do not do all out attack, but for counterattack this worked very well indeed offering essentially the same attack performance as Tenergy 05 but a much better overall outcome for me as the control felt significantly better. This was particularly the case on the w7 which with Tenergy made me feel a bit worried to counterattack effectively.
I tried this both as forehand and backhand, and found for my style it was equally good, although just from the counterattack perspective this rubber used as a backhand made for some absolutely killer shots.
Although this rubber is almost perfect for my purposes I would be interested to see an FX variant as I think that might just be the most elusive thing in TT; the perfect rubber.
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My blade is a SoulSpin Basalt OFF-, 80 Red 2.1: This may be the best rubber I have used since the new ball introduction. It replaces Dignics 05 on my BH and is very easy to use. I use a FH grip on my BH and find it easy to keep the ball on the table. Flicks, smash are fine. The D80 rewards players who practice and use good form and want an accurate reliable rubber. This is not a beginner rubber but club players who work on their game will find it valuable.
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Hinotec OFF+ Carbon (hinoki/carbon)- D80 1.9mm black ; Usually, people posting review do not specify the blade and thickness of the rubbers they review, but this is really mandatory for rating rubbers. So my rating for D80 is for 1.9mm black (46g) .

Very light rubber when compared to similar rubber hardness. I used it on backhand. It is a kind of T05 with a little bit more hardness and a lower throw angle.
Softer than D05 1.9mm. Very nice grip.
Speed : D05>D80.
Mid-distance : D05>D80.
Block : D80 >D05.
Spin D05=D80.
Smash : D05>D80>T05 (for this blade and 1.9mm thick).
Personally, I did not like so much D80. I will come back to D05 1.9mm on backhand, as it seems to pair better with this particular blade.
I think that D80 might be better on ALC blade rather than Hinoki/Carbon. Compared to my Hinotec, ALC blades are easier to pair with any spinny rubbers.
Next : I will try D80 1.9mm on Tibhar VS limited 25 which is a ALC blade that already pairs very well with T05 2.1mm and D05 1.9mm as well.
Overall : I was not really impressed by D80 1.9mm performances, but I am curious about 2.1mm version. I believe that D80 (in the version 2.1mm) might be a better T05 2.1mm especially for block and counterspin with a little more hardness than T05 but not that much, and without loosing the "soft" feeling of T05.
TableTennis Daily guys have reviewed D80 on ALC blade, and they were enthusiastic. I think it is because it is a kind of improved T05 2.1mm version with a lower throw angle but still a plenty of space over the net. I heard that Pros are using T05 in a version that is a little harder than commercial T05. So does D80 with lower throw angle.
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Feels softer compared to dignics 05 more dwell time and really easy to use on thr fh side. Very grippy. This is a really good rubber from butterfly
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