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28 Reviews for Butterfly Bryce Speed

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I bougut a sheet of Bryce Speed as soon as it was released, september 2007. To my surprise it plays right now as if I just took it from the pack. Incredible quality and durability, NEVER a rubber has last that long in my blades.
Durability apart, it plays really well, amazing rubber. Undoubtely the fastest rubber I have ever tried. And I'm playing without speed glue, which makes the rubber even more amazing.
I tried first in the forehand side, but I strugled to do proper strokes. Than I changed it to backhand and could experiment all the potential of the rubber. It is just perfect for my backhand. Everything I do with backhand it fits. Blocking is superb! I can really block well with this rubber, a passive block (chop or sidespin) or an active block (pushing the ball with some topspin). It also is very nice to open topspin when my opponent plays passively. It's easy to do this kind of topspin. However the best is still to come and it is... the flat hitting with backhand. It generates so much speed that when I hit a flat backhand usually it's a winner to me. This is one of the tatics I always try to impose: open rally with topspin (forehand or backhand) and wait for my opponent to block in my bachand side. When it happens I always try to hit flat and hard. For this purpose I couldn't find a better rubber than Bryce Speed. Ok, I have to say that my blade also makes the diference. I'm playing with a Juic Kiso-Hinoki Shake ST, very powerful with a very nice feeling. Best combo I have ever tried.
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ok i just recently changed my game including equipment. Violin with Bryce Speed Fh and FX BH.
one of the best blocking rubbers out there for those who play close to the table. This is on par with T05 when used for playing closed to the table depending on your game. T05 higher throw helps with looping close to the table but the Bryce Speed is more than capable for looping close to the table but has slightly less margin of error.
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I had this rubber in a Cypress Alpha. It is great for hitting and blocking, but very hard to open the point with a soft loop (it is made to kill the point, not to start slow when you are not certain that you will hit the table with a winner). Reasonable spin when you serve, but you loose spin when you shorten the serve (softer touch with less speed). Control is excellent in all shots and the rubber is not hard. You have a lot of rebound with this rubber, so even when defending, your returns are fast. The rubber started softer and spinier, but after 2 months I felt it loosing spin and getting harder. Good rubber.
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The fastest rubber out there no doubts, lacks a lot of control when blocking.
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I've been using this for 1 month now..
My TT Gear is
BTY Werner Schlager T5000
Reactor Thunder ( White Sponge )
BTY Bryce Speed.

Here's what I've experienced.

Chops : You can do it when you are in a unimaginable position. I've done it alot of times.

Topspin : Definitely Fast. Good for near or far away from the table.

Dropshots : Due to it's low throw. It's a great weapon for dropshots.

Smash : Just amazing

Loop : A little hard at first. But once you get the hang of it. You'll soon be killing choppers.

Block : EFFORTLESS. Just align your bat with the incoming topspin or loop and it will be like a counter-attack because of it's speed.

Counter-Attacks : Great. Needs good technique.

I have been playing for only a year. I am a chopper now. :)
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Like anybody, i am out there to find the best equipment, everybody knows tenergy05 is a force to be reckoned with. So i compared the two on a michael maze blade, And i can assure you, that it is the best combination, even better than tenergy05/tenergy64.
Tenergy offers the spin on serves, and amazing loops, where bryce speed gives the ability for fast blocks, counters, and killer smashes. After playing with this rubber, i realized two things, you need to be skilled to handle bryce's speed, (has a very low recovery time), and that bryce and tenergy are fairly equally matched. If your game is spin based tenergy05 is your rubber, but if you want speed, look no further, bryce speed is the fastest rubber ever. I have compared many rubbers, and wasted my own money to give you the best advice.

my personal favourite is bryce speed.

P.s. Bryce speed is a whole lot faster than tenergy64
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great fh loop rubber very fast wich means less controll
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I'm the kind of equipment Junky that does almost scientific analysis. I've compare Bryce speed back to back against Bryce, Bryce hard, Bryce fx, bryce speed fx and about 50 other rubbers from other companies. Bryce speed is the best! I truly believe its closest relative is Bryce hard which is much cheaper but much heavier. These 2 rubbers back to back are dam hard to find differences between in playing a stroke. There is a subtle crisper, quickness about the SPEED. The HARD top sheet feeling a touch gluggier (if that is a word). For me lighter is better. My theory is that there is no other better backhand rubber on the market at present.
Great for blocking, cancelling spin, punching, pushing low, fine touch shots, drives, power loops. The fact that you use are more open blade for this rubber means a less twisted set of muscles, meaning quicker recovery times. Also more area facing an incoming shot to defend. Because its fast not much of a stroke is required at moments of high intense rallying where there is no time to think.
Tenergy is the best forhand rubber I've tried since to me spin on my serves predominantly on the forehand and looping almost everything on that side is important. It has a higher throw too, better for below the table shots.

Boz from Brisvegas
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I played an agressive game, attack on almost any balls. I have been using Bryce for a long time, due to the speed glue ban I decide to try out other rubbers. At first I thought that I can go for cheaper rubber but unfortunately nothing satisfies me. I never found anything suitable for me until finally I try bryce speed.

Bryce Speed is a very high quality rubber ( you can even visually see the surface of the rubber, you can feel the quality ). Not just built quality, you can feel its power speed and spin by just bouncing ball on it. I think this will be the ideal rubber for people who wants to play fast attacking game while a bonus of having a better control than the regular bryce. 3 month have passed, my bryce topsheet is till in very good condition. Even though its sponge density is same as bryce hard, it feels softer. It is also a very light weight rubber at least 10-20gram lighter than Hurricane 3 provincial.
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I used Bryce Speed on both sides with BalsaCarbo blade from Butterfly for about a month now. It is fast, way too fast. I used to have it on Primorac Carbon, but that was way too much speed. With speed glue, nothing would go on the table. It has very good spin, and speed. You have to really take care of this rubber, because it is truly a delicate piece of technology. Don't let dirt ruin it, it is expensive to replace. If you love speed, than this is what you want, but you must be really fast, because the ball will come back :)
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This rubber is fantastic. Bryce Speed sponge is not hard at all (though it's harder than Bryce), and the spin is very good on both serves and loops (unglued). The speed is excellent when I hit even a medium fast loop. The rubber has a crisp feeling at the table when new.

I wouldn't call Bryce Speed that soft, but it definitely has a good hardness for the FH.

Bryce Speed is definitely much spinnier than Bryce. The control, unglued, is better than Bryce too. A speedwise comparison between the two is difficult without having both of them at the same time, but Bryce Speed is quick enough for me. Butterfly has it rated as faster than Bryce - I'm not sure about this, as some people disagree with Butterfly on this rating.

Bryce Speed is quite soft. There's definitely no click with Bryce Speed on my Maze blade, but yes, it's low throw. I much prefer this sponge to that of regular Bryce.

I can compare Bryce Speed with Bryce Powersponge. The latter feels like a speed glued rubber, but this effect dies down quickly - within a week to a month, according to various reports (for me it was about 2-3 weeks, playing about 3 times per week). Bryce Speed has seemingly as good speed and spin unglued (Butterfly rates it as faster and spinnier, but I'm not so sure), but doesn't feel like a glued rubber. I would take Bryce Speed over Powersponge any day, given that it's sure to give you good playing properties for a lot longer.

Because Bryce can last so long, you shouldn't consider it as expensive. You need to look at cost per year rather than cost per sheet. Because I haven't used it for long enough, I can't give a durability or value rating just yet.
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this is a top notch quality rubber from Butterfly. Physical Appearance, Its non tacky almost none a bit shiny top sheet
a yellowish in color of sponge. A medium hard around 36 degrees.
Low throw rubber, test this with Wang Hao Hurricane by Nittaku as Forehand and at Zang Jike backhand.
My verdict is that BS is perfect for a backhand weapon. From manufacturer 14.0 plus in terms of speed. I say its near 13 to 13.5.
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I started playing with bryce speed BH and speed FX forehand moving from tackifire C soft BH and Donic Desto F3 BS FH on Grubba ALL+ Oryginally I ordered ready made bat chosing primorac OFF- blade but there was sth wrong with it there was no tuch feel or consistency with my shoots and to open the game seems to be mission imposible. I took some risk and spend another 50£ for Balsa Carbo OFF. Once i put this together it was compleatly different game the feel was back straight away block was so easy and return difficult for oponent as there was lot of speed. It took some time to adjust to its speed but my trainer corrected my mistakes with BH & FH topspin play soon it become a weapon that won me 6 straight wins in South & west midlesex TT league 2nd division against players that I loose B4. I went to test it playing for 1st team division 1 and I give tem a hard time over there after juz 2 months of practising twice a week
Highly recomended but dont hit panic button if it doesn't work for you at first practice session it needs time but its worth it
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iv got on my backhand with t-05 forehand on butterfly primorac blade off carbon and its a great rubber hard to open up against backspin good to punch with after a while not alot of spin or contol so im going to change it to t-05 fx
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Great rubber for punch's, blocks, and smashes. Loop drives are difficult but deadly when executed correctly. Not so good for topspins and keep a rally going. Need to play against offensive players to get the most out of this rubber because it feed of power.
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A very good rubber for bh suprisly and its a bit like t05fx witch i had last time with t05 and its a great combo,because you will have great spin on your serve then the amazing open up.Great pushes and blocks.
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Very good quality rubber. Nice feeling. Great topspin and speed. Good control.

We compared this rubber to Sriver, it wasnt even close. This rubber is much much better.
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I Have this on my tri-carbon f/h and really brings out the speed great attacks and blocks and if your fast enough good spin
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pros its fast w/ good feel = consistent cons the ball is very hittable your opponent, if they are good, will have no problem hitting the ball back. bc speed has speed not spin. i used it on jm zlc, timo alc, maze alc, kong special, yasaka yeo, nittaku novilar, senko 90, and many other blades. i like what hinoki does to this rubber best. the rubber becomes more alive.
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bryce speed is a great rubber for looping players.
it is a hard sponge , pretty stiff feeleing rubber, the speed of it is a very dead speed, almost feels like a short pips rubber with spin
comparing the speed, i would have to say this is the fastest rubber of all butterfly tensors, though very close to tenergy 64. but is definitely faster than tenergy 05 and bryce speed fx. it has very hits very low shots when you contact too, so thats something to be careful of if you do not like that trait (its like opposite of tenergy).
good rubber for fast paced looping play, as well as defnese like blocking and sidespin chop
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The fastest inverted rubber ever! Bryce Speed is a very fast rubber and will take some getting used to in the beginning. After adjusting to its speed and its low dwell time it is simply a great offensive rubber. Blocking/pushing is effortless with this. However when cutting/chopping poor technique is not forgiven.
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fastest rubber ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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bryce is a great rubber for the atacking player, its good for hitting and looping, its pretty fast but still controlable and you can do great blocking with it.its pricey but very long lasting so that compensates it,
If you are a beginner it might be to fast but if you advance this wil be a great rubber to move on to and even to stick with
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It's an excellent product. It is truly at the speed level that the rating said. It is true that you have to be ready for the higher speed of play because the ball returns faster. I actually had to receive coaching to use this product. It is unforgiving to bad technique. It is awesome but, you have to prepare extensively before competing with it. Great product.
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Butterfly Bryce Speed FX is like a soft, tensor rubber (softer than the Bryce Speed FX). It can produce pretty good spin and speed. Its good for smashing and low arcing fast loops.

I like to use it on backhand because it has good control coupled with some pretty good offensive attributes. It is really good for blocking and counterlooping. I find it hard to play with it away from the table though.

It has pretty good quality and durability.
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I bought it one this summer, expected to be as a glued regular bryce, but was the most disappointed experience I ever felt. Bryce Speed was probably the most powerful rubber in other time before the glue ban, but to be frank, it sucks without glue. Mostly soft rubber are prepared to be reglue, so It feels dead, no feeling and low speed comparing it to other built-in rubber. On the other hand it´s really expensive and not durable, so nowadays don´t worth it if you are looking for a FAST rubber without using speed glue.

PS: Consider this review taking into account the new glue ban era.
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Rather hard rubber. You need quick armspeed for this rubber to work for you completely. Yes, it plays well when you hit hard, but this also requires you to recover faster.
The most difficult shot to perform with this rubber is a high-arc opening loop that is loaded with topspin. The dwell time is low on soft shots.
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Amazing rubber!
Very fast also very nice control. If you want to play fast this is a exellent choice!
Way too fast for me using speed glue!
If the price weren´t skyhigh I would keep using this rubber in fh.
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