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16 Reviews for Andro Rasanter R53

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  • R53 is an excellent table tennis rubber with great spin, speed, and control. It's easy to lift backspin with a spiny topspin and has a good catapult effect from the sponge, requiring less energy to produce good speed. It's particularly suited to players with better than average technique.
  • The rubber provides a good feel and feedback, especially when playing heavy brushing strokes. The spin is great and the rubber is not overly sensitive to incoming spin. It's also noted to be faster than many other rubbers on the market.
  • The R53 rubber is highly rated for its performance in short games and passive play. It's also praised for its performance in serving, with good spin and reasonable control. Users have also noted that it's easy to block, topspin, and flat hit with this rubber.


  • The hardness of the sponge can reduce the feel of the rubber slightly, especially when hitting the ball harder. This is because the ball leaves the bat quickly, making any sink into the soft rubber surface less noticeable.
  • The rubber requires good technique to fully utilize its potential. Rushed shots or compromised technique can result in the ball flying long or wide. It's not recommended for beginners or intermediates.
  • The rubber is very reactive to spins and requires adjustment to control effectively. It can be hard to control at first, especially when blocking spinny shots. A slight off shot can lead to trouble.

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Rasanter R53, max sponge, red on forehand. Hexer Powergrip, max sponge, black on backhand. Blade- Tibhar balsa defence 25.
R53 is an excellent rubber, great spin, fast and very good control, both whilst blocking, pushing and counter hitting. Easy to lift backspin with a spiny topspin.
Good spin when serving, reasonable control when returning serve, it has a pretty average incoming spin sensitivity. Short game pushing is good, very controlled during passive play.
I found that the harder you hit the ball the more the sponge hardness is noticed, this also seems to reduce the feel of the rubber slightly, this is because the ball leaves the bat quickly, any sink into the soft rubber surface becomes far less noticeable. Also when receiving fast forehand loops a fast block is easily possible due to the sponge hardness. Against spinny opening loops a light touch is required, but not really any different to other rubbers, technique is what is required.
Like many rubbers with a hard sponge your technique needs to be good, any rushed shots, where technique is compromised can result in the ball flying long, wide etc
The rubber is soft which gives a good feel, R53 has good catapult effect from the sponge, you dont have to expend lots of energy to produce good speed.
When playing heavy brushing strokes, spin is great and the feel is good as the sponge isnt being fully engaged and the soft rubber then gives good feed back.
Overall an excellent rubber, suited to players with better than average technique.
If youre a player that is still improving your shot technique then a rubber with a softer sponge may be a better idea.
If you are at a higher standard, then give this rubber a go, R53 is up there with the best.
For me Im at a point somewhere in between!!! But for now Im going to stick with this rubber on my forehand, for a rubber with a hard sponge its great to use. Better feeling than I was expecting.
Andro has produced a brilliant addition to the rasanter series.
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Using 2.0 Black on forehand on Donic Waldner Offensive 2016.

Not for beginners or intermediates, in my opinion. You must have technique and you must play faster shots to properly engage this sponge and this rubber, and get the proper speed and spin out of it. When you do have top tier ability, this thing definitely will satisfy you. The sound is delightful too. And the spin is out of this world if you can sufficiently engage it. I have not found any downsides to it so far. But, I will amend my review, if I do come across any negatives. Price is better than Tenergy and Dignics, and this rubber is better than both of them in my opinion. It is far superior to the MX-P and Aurus Prime. But, this is based upon if you are a very top tier amateur, or a professional. I would say that the MX-P, Aurus Prime, and Tenergy 05 (and FX and Hard) are probably better for intermediate players, as they are more forgiving and do not require superior technique to activate their abilities. But, given a top level player, the Andro Rasanter R53 is better than all of them in my opinion
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Just Released in India. I dont know how to describe this very unusual Rubber. The first few shots are a breeze. But when it comes to Fast Topspin this rubber is a ultimately the best compared to all Spinny rubbers i have Tried.
It will take time to break in but trust i was baffled at the hardness of it 53??? Feels nothing like 53 when compared to The the R50. Andro has undoubtedly levelled up. This can be a game changer. Looking forward to test more .
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The advert is not a lie. I was stunned. Didnt feel at all that i was playing with a 53 degree sponge. Spin is the same as on R47. Like, top ten (MX-S, G1, R47, P7, T05 and so on. Now to resume my half-distance low spinnyashell, just above net-drives. When do spinny sideservice, (i do it sometimes)take a small step back (because of the speed) and really sidespin the hell out of the rubber, like an aggresive axemurderer in a horror-movie and let the opposite side tell you what just happened...
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I switched from R45 to R53, and I absolutely love this rubber. However, as others have pointed out, you need to be technically proficient to use it effectively. If you play correctly, this rubber is an absolute beast. It's easy to block, topspin, and flat hit with it, and serves are spinny. I chose the ultramax thickness, and it suits me perfectly. This is an excellent rubber. Im using this on Butterfly BalsaCarbo X7 22
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Respectively bh: omega 7 euro, nanoflex ft 47, t05 fx, fastarc g1, fh: goldarc 8, t05, fastarc g1 and r53 etc. I used this rubbers. I decided that the ideal one for me is bh: g1 fh: r53 blade: acoustic carbon inner. R53 is faster than all I mentioned, spin less than g1 and t05, touch short game much easier and safer than t05 like g1, away from the table as happy as t05. But the main reason for my admiration is the shooting. Its insensitivity to spin allows it to shoot almost any ball that rises a little from the table, with a great sound. (sorry for bad english)
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Very Fast Rubber. It's hard to control at first. I had trouble blocking spinny shots but i got used to it and adjusted. Short game is fantastic with this rubber. Service is okay. It's not as hard as r50 but you can feel a little bit of a dwell. Its very reactive to spins. You need to have good technique to enjoy this rubber. A little off shot here and there and youre in trouble. Once you got used to it, you have a weapon with its speed and spin.
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So nice rubber.... Its a big surprise for me... Definitely for me best ruber fh and dna m on bh side what you can find on the market
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This i thought was going to be unplayable, me sometimes going down to 1.7 mm from an R74 or MX-P. But it isnt! Its kind of softness in te oberflsche makes compensation from the hard sponge. All is good. And i mean all!
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A very good rubber. Been trying out the 2,3 on FH and it's such a good feeling. Strong/fast/spinny forehandloops. Compares with T-05 but has more spin and more feeling when looping. If you had a good technique with tenergy series then this rubber will give you even more, plus it's cheaper!! Would say it's for advanced players. (Depending on the bat"). Counterlooping is a breeze. Not a rubber for flathits but if you are a player that loves to loop and control the ball from mid distance then this is definetly for you! I love the feeling. Recommended!
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OK. I tried this in Max on a Yinhe V-14 PRO blade. I'm coming from having used almost only Chinese rubbers like DHS H3N 41deg, Yinhe Moon Pro Hard, 729 Battle II Prov Gold etc on forehand. Now trying this one. It's totally non-tacky. What hit me is that it's easy to make very good spin even on slower strokes, short services etc. Of course it's a bit springier than the Chinese rubbers, but not really by that much that I thought it should be. Short game and pushes are really nice. Further away from the table the feeling of control is total. The top sheet is quite soft and that gives a very controllable feeling whatever you want to do. This is no speed demon, but quite fast though. I have used Stiga DNA H 2.1mm as well, and R53 is a bit like DNA when looping, but I think R53 is a nicer rubber than DNA regarding control and spin. The effect isn't direct like when looping with Chinese rubbers, and the ball digs in to the top sheet more. That gives you a longer dwell time and more control in all game aspects.
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Viscaria + R53 2.0 black ; weight 51g. Not boosted. Viscaria has koto outer plies and TMHO, R53 does not pair so well with this blade. Speed is quite slow, spin is as good as T05, control is good. I feel that Viscaria is pairing better with T05 2.1mm or D05 2.1mm or sponge hardness up to 40/50 (Asia/EU scale). R53 feeling is similar to Cornilleau X51. Both do not feel very hard, and both rubbers are very heavy. T05Hard 1.9mm (hardness 56) is around 49g with similar spin than R53, but faster. Throw angle of T05Hard > R53, and I had better success rate on counter spin using R53.
I think that R53 will better match a softer outer plies blade, like limba or Hinoki. On Viscaria, the combinaison hard outer plies / hard rubber (not boosted) is not working well for 2.0mm. Maybe ultramax thickness will improve, but the weight will be more than 51g ... too heavy !
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Excelent rubber
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Very nice with so thick sponge and soft topsheet. Likes the ones i like G1 C1 P7 , Rakza 7 and so on. It doesnt feel that fast as i had thought. Its on my top 5 wishlist to forehand now! This is of course VERY importing in this case that there is a huge difference since it is available in 1.7 or max. There are miles between them. They should have two different review-sides for this one.
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9.7/10 for OFF style. FH: Andro Rasanter R53, 2mm, 50g (0.246g/cm^2), 53 degrees (ESN), 40 degrees (Shore A). BH: DHS Gold Arc 8, 2.1mm, 50g (0.247g/cm^2), 47.5 degrees (ESN), 37.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: TSP Balsa 8.5, 80g, 157mm x 150mm x 10.5mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (3 Wood + 2 Composite): Ayous - GlassFibre - Balsa - GlassFibre - Ayous.
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Excellent rubber
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