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Yasaka Sweden Extra - Chinese Penhold

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Yasaka Sweden Extra shakehand handle.

Yasaka Sweden Extra Penhold the all new allround penhold blade with a new design and extra control.

This blade with a little more weight then traditional allround blades offers more power.

Speed: 82
Control: 71
Plies: 5
Weight: 86g

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Reviews of Yasaka Sweden Extra - Chinese Penhold (30)

Very nice finished blade for the price
Plays very good, nice speed and control, beautiful touch
I am not a professional...using this blade with yasaka rigan spin 1.8 on both sides i like it very much medium speed nice control,but the spin is on another level !!! Thank you yasaka!!!
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I'm using this blade with Sanwei Target National on FH & Palio Ak47 blue on BH.. On forehand it was perfectly suitable. With the right technique it can afford you a powerful kill shot. On BH it lacks of power, probably due to soft rubber. I recommend this blade for beginners to develop a right technique, just give it a try...
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Using this with Andro Rasanter V42 2.0mm on backhand and Andro Hexer Grip SFX 1.9mm on forehand. Great blade that works well with soft fast-ish rubbers. Comfortable, provides plenty of feel, exceptional control, consistent, fast enough to end a point. Good close to the table and also as move further away. Doesn't cost the earth. Excellent blade.
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Wonderful. Good if you have speedy rubbers! Really good spin on this, and the control is world class.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Great allround blade....good for controlled game, blocking and chopping felt easy...
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I would rate this wood as off-, I used it in version 82gm st, very pretty, quite control, very good feeling, the handle is comfortable, the speed of this wood felt very close to Korbel, but less rigid with better feeling and permanence, It is a very nice wood, the loop and the service is very rotating and aggressive, with hard and fast medium angle rubbers like rakza 7, mxp, mxs, vega pro, rasanter r47, you will have a dangerous weapon.
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feels good to hold and play
Review helpful?    Yes | No

ten years ago I started to play table tennis with a clone of YE- Yinhe W6. later I found used Yasaka Extra 3d and it was the blade that helps me a lot to develop correct technique. next I start buying faster and faster blades but none of them suits me like good old Yasaka Extra. When I saw renewed Yasaka Sweden Extra I bought it immediately and sold all the other stuff. now I love the game again
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Slow compared to all my other blades, but can be compensated for by pairing it with faster rubbers. Tried both AK47 Red and DHS GoldArc 8 50 MAX on it, and the speed is still good. Feel and control is very good; I couldn't use the DHS GoldArc 8 50 MAX on my other blades, but could on this one. My CPEN weighed in 79.6 grams.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Nice blade for looping. Faster than the classic version.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Well built, good control, great dwell time, medium sweet spot, good weight (84g+-). Has enough speed, a good ALL~ALL+ blade. Comparing to the PG-7 it has more control, more dwell time, better sweet spot, about same weight. A little less speed. Its a great 5 ply blade to train your technique.

Used it with DHS GoldArc 8 47.5 MAX on FH and BH. Just amazing. Now I'm using with Andro R37 on FH and Andro R42 on BH to get better dwell time and control to train my techinque. Also amazing.

I really liked this blade, probably will keep this for a long time.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Seriously a amazing blade for the money. I've tried much more expensive blades like the Zhang Jike Super, Timo Boll and the Viscaria and various andro blades and I can say this stands among them (If looping is your style).
The is a very flexy blade with lots of feeling and some vibrations. I paired it with hurricane on the FH and MX-P on the backhand and it does well with both soft and hard rubbers. I'd recommend against this blade if you love to slap or just drive but for everyone else it's amazing. The dwell and contact you get with hard rubbers is just feels right. Highly recommend.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review helpful?    Yes | No

The description is misleading – this blade comes not sealed from the factory! Had to order lacquer separately...
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Flared handle is excellent. Well balanced blade.
I paired it with Yasaka Mark V first for a few months, then with Mark V HPS.
With Mark V the short game on the board was excellent.
With Mark V HPS, there's a power and control upgrade comparatively. Plenty of gears in this combo. Looping, Counterhitting, blocking, serving are all good. Pushing and cutting take a little time, but can be done well too.
I could practice and play all kinds of shots from up to 1.5 m from the table.
This is an ideal combination for those upgrading from beginner to intermediate level of play.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

** I can call this a PERFECT blade **

Review: Ok, after having tried a few rubbers and blades, while considering myself an intermediate/advanced player, I knew there was SOMETHING WRONG with all rackets I've had so far, and after researching and reading many comments, I decided to opt for this blade. Chose Yasaka Mark V Soft (2mm) for my forehand and Yasaka Rakza 7 soft (2mm) for my backhand. People, I am a VERY HAPPY camper! This blade rocks (of course with the help of rubbers), but knowing that 80% of the emphasis should be on choosing the right blade, I couldn't be happier. I am going to say something here that is going to amuse you all and make some of you laugh, but it doesn't matter, I have to say it: This racket is TEACHING me where my technique is wrong!!! It is so perfectly balanced that you can tell right from the start what you are doing wrong! Is my racket the "fastest"? No! Is it the spiniest? No, is it the most controllable racket? No, BUT, it has the whole package in it; Great spin, great control, great all-round blade and racket.
Hope this helps.
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Have Played Stiga classic, hurricane Long 5, Stiga Celero Wood, and tried others, however i must say this is a great Blade. I see nothing wrong with it. Can be used for beginners and better players, just change to thicker, harder and faster rubber. Gives some feedback, flexes when looping, Good touch, still feels solid enough to block well and smash. Recommended!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This is now what I am using right now and the control for me is amazing. Using Tibhar MX-S on my FH and Tenergy 64FX on my BH. 83g is my blade weight. This is a very good all around blade when developing your stroke.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

After coming back from 15-year TT hiatus I started with my old Butterfly Primorac OFF- with Rozena and DHS H3Neo both in max but I was feeling it's not the best control to speed ratio for me and I want to try something new for poly ball and different game after all these years. Like coming back to basics, work on technique, footwork for every stroke and have just maximal feel and control in the blade. After thinking about Stiga's Allround Classic and similar pieces I got great deal (30% off) on this Yasaka and boy I don't regret a second! Knowing how well it feels in short game, on serve and looping from short/mid distance I would even pay twice the list price. The match with Yasaka Rising Dragon on FH (2.0mm sponge) and Yasaka Rakza 7 soft on BH (2.0mm sponge) is almost perfect for me and the only weaker point I found so far is lack of power from very long distance. Skylobs are pretty accurate but if I want to counterattack or I'm too afraid to play it won't kick the ball all the way on the other side. But I'm fine with it for now, blade allows me to put all the power to finishing shots in proper distance and I would say it's even good learning tool for beginners. When I get my Bfly Primo OFF- back in hand it feels kind of dead in short game and I stay with YSE (sure, it can be only bad rubber combination, but I don't have time and money to test twenty set-ups). The only reason why I will probably change again one day is the speed. Last word about another difference I noticed when comparing to several Butterfly/Stiga/Donic blades I've seen: this Yasaka has extremely well sealed finish and overall craftsmanship is excellent. Big surprise for me and I will definitely try another Yasaka blade in the future.

Update for number-lovers:
- Head is h/w 155mm x 150mm
- Weight is 84g (FL handle version)
- Thickness seems to be 5.6mm (but I don't have sub-mm meter so take it with margin)
Review helpful?    Yes | No

The Yasaka Sweden Extra is a terrific All+ 5 Ply wood blade with great feel and control. Close to the table play is terrific and with the right rubbers and generating your own power mid distance play is good too. If you are a new or developing player on a budget I highly recommend this blade. It's my favorite all wood blade is this speed category along with the Nittaku Violin for a fraction of its price. Great blade, great value.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Is the best blade considering the quality/price you get (amazing control/spin/felling but not enough power and medium sweet spot which cause some times a little bit of vibrations. The blade is perfect for close to the table game and not far or mid-distance from the table b/c the lack of power oblige you to hit very hard and loosing control/feeling.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Excellent racket, im using yinhe pluto pips out rubber. and yasaka mark V. I think its a great combo for all around. I lacks ball feeling alittle bit. The handle is very comfortable.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I'm an average player and I paired this blade (straight handle) with Rakza 7, 2.0, on both sides. Its a great combination and I'm a little mad at myself that I didn't buy this paddle sooner. Its very versatile and my favorite part is its ability to loop with massive spin.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very reliable and friendly blade. Superb wood quality. Great control, enough power and great feel at great price. Allround to allround offensive players looking for a high quality blade that does everything right at a low price will be totally satisfied. The thing about Yasaka Extra blades is they can really deliver A LOT of power using the right strokes while staying light and versatile for a very controlled close to mid distance game with surprisingly quick pase changes and power shots that result tricky to the oponents (Ma Lin Extra Off is still a 5 ply all wood blade like this one). You know what kind of Allround, pase-changing, middle distance strategy I talk about If you have watched and payed attention to Ma Lins playing style. He used to pair his Penhold Ma Lin Extra Off with DHS Skyline TG3 on FH (most likely boosted) and for some time he used some Mark V rubber for BH. Both of these rubbers are among the not so fast type and yet using his long penhold strokes he could outspeed Europeans using carbon blades and Tenergies.
This tells you enough about how much you can squeeze out of any blade in the Yasaka EXTRA series, developed alongside the Mark V rubber series, and of course Ma Lins carreer...
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Great balance. Remarkable ball feeling. After 12 years as a "basement bomber", I found a club in my area and bought way too much racket as my first custom (Joola K6 with Rhyzm 425 on fh and Rhyzm Park on bh) was a learning experience. I quickly learned that 12 years developing poor technique and dominating my neighbors did not equate to my being ready to jump onto the club scene with an intermediate/advanced setup. After a few sessions at the club and a little work with a coach, I decided to slow down my setup. I outfitted the Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V M2 max on fh and Mark V 1.8 on bh...I noticed an immediate improvement in my ability to keep the ball on the table, and I feel a much more solid progression in my development of proper technique.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I am an avid recreational player who also regularly compete in local tournaments. I played with this blade for 3-4 months. In my opinion this is and excellent all around choice of blade. The control rocks. The power is OK, though not high. If you play at somewhere around my level, it does not disappoint.
I just ordered my second.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Postives: Great feeling. Ball goes where you want it to go. I come back to this blade when I need to work on my technique.

Negatives: Compared to the Yakasa Gatien Extra 3D and Ma Lin Extra Offensive, this blade has a shorter head and handle. When using the heavier Tibhar Evolution rubbers on this blade (Flared version), it is head heavy and not as balanced as the Extra 3D or Ma Lin Extra Offensive. Handle is also a little smaller due to thinner plys. The b lade balances well with Yakasa Mark V M2 rubbers.

This is one blade that i'll keep in my bag.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Found this blade by accident when I was looking for an all round Stiga classic blade. The Yasaka Extra Sweden is made in Sweden's famous woodhouse in Taranas. I paired this with 2.0 mm Yasaka Mark V's on both sides, and it is the most enjoyable combination improve your strokes and master your techniques. Compared to a Donic Waldner Carbon Senso with same rubbers, it has ever so slightly better control & softer touch due to it being a notch slower (which is great because the Waldner Carbon Senso is one of the best balanced control blades out there) . If the Waldner Carbon Senso is rated at OFF-, the YSE is definitely and ALL+. With the classic Mark V rubbers, unless you are a beginner/intermediate you don't want to get anything slower than this.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

After a 10+ year hiatus, I have been using recreational bats. Shortly after I started using DHS and Butterfly premade bats. They were good but something seemed to be lacking. I went to custom bats with all these new custom blades and rubbers of all sorts from XiEnTing, Stiga, DHS, Yasaka, Butterfly, Donic, Xiom, trying everything I had access too to compare which is the right one for me. Reviews on here and tabletennisdb help alot and give you a sense of direction, but you don't really know for certain unless you try it for yourself. I found this YSE by accident when i was looking for a much slower blade than my Viscaria. The shop owner was so passionate when speaking about this particular blade (built in the famous Swedish wood house in Taranas) that I had to take notice and buy it. Best move I ever made, put 2 yasaka mark v's 2 mm on each side and couldn't be happier. I able to fine tune and calibrate with swinging shots (with Off blade or faster with faster rubbers all you need to do is block or give it a light tap and it will fly, and if you don't get it right it will go into the net or out on the full). That is why this setup is so valuable for me right now in developing proper power/strokes and consistency. It is a slow setup but the fact that you can precisely work on your technique and get better with all variety of loop spins/shots etc., I dare not try anything faster until i have mastered all my shots with this setup. This setup makes it a lot easier for me to brush and do proper top spins with proper technique, than an Off/+ blade with fast rubbers, as it gives such consistent/linear feedback that you know exactly what you did wrong so you can correct it.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Really love this blade. It plays like a $200 BTY blade. Looping is like a dream. Control on the table is so easy. The finish of the blade is also very fine. This blade is not very fast, but fast enough to finish a point. Excellent blade.
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