Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber

by Yasaka
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Blade: Yasaka Sweden Extra

The New Sweden Extra blade offers the optimum combination between power and feeling. The harder inner veneers in very precise cut and the special medium soft surface veneer is considered among top players to give the best feeling. One of the best selling blades in the world. 5 wooden veneers.

Speed: 83
Control: 82
Weight: 84

Rubber: Yasaka Mark V

Yasaka Mark V was one of the first rubber blending natural and synthetic rubbers. It is more than 2 decades that this rubber has been a strong weapon in world class championship play with its dynamic speed and spin.

Speed: 90
Spin: 90
Control: 78

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Additional Information

FAQ: What is the rubber thickness of this combo?
Unless otherwise stated, all Yasaka/Donic/XIOM Pro Combos come with 2.0mm or 2.1mm rubber but can be ordered in all other available sizes if a note is placed in the "other instructions" section of the order form.
FAQ: Is this racket assembled for me?
Yes, you can play with it right out of the box! We assemble this racket using VOC-free glue. We cut the rubber sheets using professional tools and we add free side tape that matches the blade. We will package your racket with padded material to avoid delivery damage.
FAQ: Can I replace this racket's rubber sheets?
Yes, we assemble with VOC-free table tennis glue so you will be able to replace the rubber sheets.
FAQ: Do you apply blade sealing to this racket?
Yes, we seal your racket free of charge to make it easier to replace the rubber sheets in the future without damaging the blade.

Racket Assembly FAQ - Learn about free racket assembly, pre-assembled rackets and more.

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Reviews of Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber (12)

Review by alexgao18 (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber on August 18, 2018
the rubber degrade fast
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Review by skopp (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber on October 1, 2017
awesome, I have used it for a year, 5 hours of play a week, incredible control. I have gone from USATT rating 700 to 1400 in the meantime.
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Review by guest_2z97bezy (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber on May 31, 2017
Was playing with premade Stiga evolution at work for the last 1 year.
Yasaka Mark V Rubber made a huge difference for its balanced and spin capability. Highly recommend it to beginning/mid level all around players.
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Review by daulet11 (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber on February 8, 2017
Just received my paddle. It was well made, very accurate and nice. The reason for 4 star is that I haven't mentioned much difference from my previous basic 20$ paddle in the game. Spin is a little bit better, I haven't mentioned improved speed, control is a little bit better. Overall, expectations didn't meet the reality. I was expecting more speed.
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Review by minime9two (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber on August 14, 2016
Excellent build, great spin and control. A major step up from my last racket. Very satisfied.
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Review by ttbeast for Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber on November 1, 2015
The quality and performance is pretty good but the only problem is that it is incredibly difficult to do topspin with this combination of mark v and Sweden extra but blocking and smashing is really good. So if you are a hard hitter and rarely do topspin then this combination is perfect for you.
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Review by kapmirch for Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber on January 23, 2015
An absolute beast .. I would recommend this setup to anyone who wants to step their game up.. It takes a bit of getting used to .. But once you have proper form .. You can play any shot in the book, and then some .. I have pulled some incredible returns with it.. definitely a forgiving rubber .. Offers loads of control without jeopardizing speed and spin..
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Review by huynguye for Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber on May 6, 2014
I've been playing table tennis on and off for fun with friends and family for years using a pre-made Butterfly 302 paddle (around $23). I was looking to ramp it up to the next level since my workplace purchased two tables for breaks. Everyone recommended I get the Mark V rubbers and so I purchased this set when I saw it on sale here on Megaspin.

What a difference it is from a premade. All my shots were flying off the table and I felt that I couldn't control the ball where I wanted. If you're moving on from a premade, just understand that you're going to have to put in the time to get adjusted to the speed and spin difference. I would say it took me a good week of frustration before everything clicked and now I cannot stress how much of an improvement my game has achieved. I can control the speed, the spin and the placement so much better than the cheap Butterfly paddle. It's given me much more confidence and I will definitely be recommending this combination to my friends and family when they are ready to move beyond a premade paddle.
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Review by 777mop for Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber on July 10, 2012
This racket is an absolute blast to play with! The blade is surprisingly light and balanced; the flared handle fits well in my hand, the racket feels very good during play.

Compared to my Galaxy T4 with Chinese rubbers, the Mark V's have low throw and passive blocking is slow. Brush loops are more difficult to perform so adjustments in strokes are necessary.

That having said, it has a good number of gears, soft strokes are accurate and the racket really bites on hard smashes with no loss in accuracy. It really feels like I can play every shot in the game with this racket. Feedback is fantastic with minimal vibrations, I can really feel each stroke I'm playing.

The only "bad" thing that can be said is that it feels as if this racket has a lower tolerance for poor technique, with shots going into the net or missing the table entirely if timing and contact points are off.
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Review by tamhane for Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber on April 18, 2010
I am a 1834 rated player. Was using Butterfly Sriver EL and G2FX on VSG blade. Tried this Mark V (2.0) on Gatien extra blade. Great control. Speed and spin has not been compromised at my level. Very good for me.
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Review by tamhane for Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber on April 11, 2010
Rating=1834. Was using VSG21-2000 Butterfly blade with Sriver G2Fx on F and Sriver EL on B. Did well with that but was time to change rubbers. So tried this assembled racket. Got used to it immediately within 3 sessions. Has more control than EL with more spin and speed. Good for attacking too. Plus cheaper as compared to ordering everything separately. As said in other reviews, the rubber is quite 'forgiving'.
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Review by andrewx5 for Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber on October 29, 2009
This is an awesome Dream Racket for any Serious (Casual/Professional) Table Tennis player.

As a past professional Tournament player, I can say that this is really an awesome deal.

You can play any shot/recovery you need with it.

The Price, the Value, all Great!
I highly recommend the Product!
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