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Der-Materialspezialist Breakout

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Breakout is constructed with broad and short pimples, which create a unique combination of high control and maximum possible disruption. These are great pips for blocking, rallying and pick hitting.

With Breakout, control blocks produce an unpleasant no-spin ball for your opponent. When attacking, the ball trajectory remains low, so that you opponent is prone to drive shots into the net.

Breakout can produce spin for loop shots and hard hits that enable an offensive style whilst simultaneously confusing the opponent.

Finally defensive players that seek an off the table rubber will like the disruptive characteristics of this modern short pimple rubber.

der materialspezialst is a newly founded German based table tennis company, founded by Mr. Guido Heun. The company specializes in offering a complete line of exceptional quality inverted, short pips, and long pip rubbers; racquets and accessories.

All der materialspezialst equipment is ITTF approved and plastic ball ready for the serious table tennis tournament athlete, club player or competitive recreationalist.

Speed: 100
Spin: 52.5
Hardness: 44.5

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Reviews of Der-Materialspezialist Breakout (4)

First, this review of Breakout is using a black, 2.0mm sheet on a 7-ply Cpen blade, with inverted in the BH. I decided to get a sheet of Breakout after reading about its disruptive feature, and since then began wondering how a short pips rubber could be disruptive and fast attacking at the same time. Ok, it is not that disruptive, this is the truth. I tested it blocking topspins and my practice partner had no trouble at all with any kind of block I sent. That said, Breakout is a really good offensive SP. Smashing any ball is an easy job, specially the underspin ones. And although it does not have a tensioned sponge, final speed is higher than tensioned SP like Rakza PO or Impartial XB, due to the semi-hard sponge. However, it does not accept lazy strokes, remember, it has little catapult effect. But when hit with full swing and commitment the reward is big.
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After reading several reviews here and in Youtube, I decided to give Beakout a try. I put it on a Yasaka Classic chinese penhold blade which is considered an allround blade. Let me say that Breakout is a different rubber. I currently use Andro Blowfish which is phenomenal and it is my number #1 weapon, however, after playing with the Breakout, I am scratching my head. It is not fast nor suceptible to spin but it has a lot of control. The balls lands where you want it with ease and my pushes work like a charm. I can do pushes down the line very easy now and I can control the speed of the ball better. It is not a fast rubber and the blade has average speed and I get to decide what to do with the paddle. SInce I have a very heavy forehand, speed is not a factor to me and my control has improved a LOT. I can lift the ball when I want and can send back spins very easily. If you decide to play with this rubber, please be patient. Spend the time to know Breakout and master your skills in order to handle this hidden gem. It is amazing!
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Very destructive, insensitive to spin. You can smash easily undecut balls, open match, give little topspin effect, make backspin shots, and when you push flat the opponent goes to the net because its flat trajectory, low rebound. This rubber has a very high deception and control like Victas VO > 101. Passive blocks are very good and it's hard then for your opponent play a second topspin. Active blocks give very low rebound. Try it, is fantastic!!
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Ok...just bought this sheet a couple of weeks ago from as they are the only US retailer that I know of at this time. I have played with many of the major brands of short pips on my FH and I gotta say this is one of the best overall. The thing that really shines about this rubber is the control and ease I can attack under-spin with. My control has been outstanding and if someone pushes to the middle of the table or on my FH side of the table I can attack it with ease. Even though this rubber doesn't feel like it's very deceptive I notice many of my opponents returning my hits into the net so it's definitely a problem for my opponents. Overall I give this rubber a 9 out of 10. I've only had it a couple of weeks so can't comment on durability yet.
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