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Butterfly 3-Star Ball G40+ - Pack of 3

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• The G40+ 3-Star Ball is the new plastic ITTF Approved Ball from Butterfly
• Very round as the ball has the same thickness at all points
• The bounce more closely resembles that of a celluloid ball
• New material New feel New sound New ball
• Play the best, Play Butterfly
• Made in Germany.

Table Tennis Ball Guide - 40+ or 40mm? What is ABS? What you need to know when buying balls.

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Reviews of Butterfly 3-Star Ball G40+ - Pack of 3 (25)

Excellent product
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I do not recommend buying these. I personally don't mind playing with them, but a lot of people don't like them. They are just too different from the newer ABS balls. If you mix G40+ with other balls and play, you can really tell which one is G40+. It is bright, very smooth even when new and it has a tinny sound like it's broken. The ball leaves no residue on the rubber when new.
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We use G40+ in our pingpong leagues training and tournament for quite sometimes now.
Though not the best of the best, but It is one of the best money can buy. Personally I give
a 9.0 overall grade. Happy pingponging guys
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These balls have a very glossy surface compared to any other balls I've tried. The sound is a high pitch glass-like sound that I am not particularly fond of. I prefer balls with a rougher surface like the the Butterfly G40+ or, even better, Nittaku Premium 3 star.
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Very solid ball, would definitely recommend.
Occasionally I would hit the ball against the corner of the table by accident, but this only resulted in scuff marks or paint smudges.
The ball is super reliable and does NOT break easily, compared to celluloid balls.

Excellent by Butterfly.
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Lixo! Butterlixo
quebra fcil
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Not an awful ball. Looks awesome and durability seems good. However I feel it doesn't compare to xushaofa. Ball seems slow and tends to lose speed when playing long shots.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

uniform bounce, easy to spin
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I really love this ball, it is the best ive ever tried! Very hard, round and glossy. It spins very well but the best part about this ball is its speed. Its really fast and the first time I used this ball I actually shot the ball out of the table several times! However after you get used to it you'll find it amazing. Also it bounced higher and longer tham any other plastic ball I have. The only balls that came close was the Butterfly master quality training ball, the butterfly easy ball and the kingnik 3 star seamless ball.

The only downside is that aside from being very durable, sometimes it cracks in very weird moments. I was in a looping rally with my partner and in the middle of the rally it just cracked. And it wasn't even along the seam! Also overtime the logo wears down too.

one last thing is compared to other balls, the sound is very crispy and sounds almost broken. For me I do not mind it but some others hate the sound.

Aside from all the negatives, this is still a great ball! Good job butterfly!
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Worst ball ever, no rotation, you have to play very close to table becouse even medium distance from table ball drops down, very slow of the table, no spin, you can loop hard, but no rotation
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jogou quebrou, jogou quebrou
porcaria em tio Yamada! Traz algo descente
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Best ball I have ever used.
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Very good, Just what I want, good training balls
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The ball is supposed to weigh 2.7g (according to ITTF). G40+ is heavier than ideal. However, it is very round and it leaves no residue on the rubber when new unlike Nittaku Premium 40+.
Weight: 2.76 +/- 0.03g (ITTF requires: 2.67-2.77g).
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Absolutely detest this ball. Seems to spin less and play a lot slower than the Nittaku Premium and XSF 3 star balls. If you exclusively flat hit, I think you will love this ball.
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this plastic ball made in Germany is definitely the best one on the market you can get currently.
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I just received my order of a dozen G40+ balls from megaspin and tested them for roundness. 5 out of 12 were imperfect. I also bought 3 Nittaku Premium balls and all were perfectly round. First of all, these new balls are over priced (including Nittaku balls). For this price, the balls should be perfectly round. Made in Germany vs Japan. There you go.
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Very soft and quick to pick up nicks. These are one of the worst 40+ balls I've tried to date.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Soft and easily nicked. Pretty embarrassing for Butterfly, especially at that price. Buy Nittaku or XuShaoFa instead.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Pretty solid balls, actually. Been playing hard for hours a day (for about a month) and haven't broken one yet. They sound like jingles bells, which amuses me greatly.
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