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Butterfly ABS Balls 3-Star A40+ - Pack of 12

$29.99 ($2.50/ball)

The new plastic Butterfly 3-Star Ball is the official ball of the 2018 World Table Tennis Championships in Halmstad, Sweden.

Manufactured under strict quality control, this ball achieves high uniformity, stable rotation, speed and balance.

Made in China

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Reviews of Butterfly ABS Balls 3-Star A40+ - Pack of 12 (9)

I'm really happy with these. Noticeably better than the stuff that normally comes in bulk. They're just a little expensive.
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Hard to tell the difference between these and the Nittaku Tournament Level 40+, other than these have more textured grip and the Nittaku balls are way more smooth.
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Superb product.
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I use Butterfly G40+, Joola Flash and DHS D40+ for our team competition/ matching, and use Huieson 3-Star S40+ and D40+ for robot machines and regular training. I should regrettably say that G40+ is better than the A40+.
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I'm comparing these with Nittaku ,DHS, G40

Nittaku > DHS > Butterly A40+ > Butterly G40+

Very bouncy, light, feels like celluloid (very spinny on brush loops and serves) but in-consistent at times.
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In comparison with the old celluloid balls and the Butterfly G40+, these definitely feel more like celluloid balls. They are not fully white, instead having a yellow tinge to the colour. They play very similarly to celluloid balls, but are a little bit firmer. As I'm used to the harder plastic balls, I found it somewhat difficult to generate speed with the balls without the ball going off the table. Also, there is a 'clicky' sound that is loud and noticeable when you hit the ball.

All in all, decent balls if you prefer something similar to celluloid, but if you are used to harder plastic balls, I recommend going for the G40+.

Note: have not had any consistency issues thus far, they seem of higher quality than average.
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This ball is the closest to 3 star celluloid ball. I have tried many plastic balls and this is the best. Better than nittaku
premium 3 star plastic ball. This a40+ is very easy to spin. It bounces like a normal celluloid ball.
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