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Andro Hexer Grip SFX

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Spin, feeling, consistency, control.

Hexer, one of Andro's most famous rubber series has received an upgrade. Now designed for the plastic ball, this rubber combines 100% natural rubber with a modern sponge. This SFX version features a softer 40 sponge. This combination allows for increased dwell time, high catapult, and higher consistency on loops both near and away from the table. This rubber is highly suited for the controlled looping player.

Speed: 90
Spin: 92
Control: 74
Density: Soft

Andro has dedicated over three decades to the development of high-performance table tennis equipment. Exemplifying German engineering prowess, Andro rubbers are built for speed, spin and versatility. Through rigorous research and development, Andro consistently delivers products for those individuals who demand the most from their table tennis equipment. No one demonstrates this better than Simon Gauzy from the Andro pro team. His unrelenting style of play lets him push the boundaries of what's physically possible.

Andro has a long list of professional quality rubbers. The Andro Rasanter series is a mainstay in the table tennis world and the Hexer series is still popular with many players. Andro rubbers will keep you going strong in your next match!

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Reviews of Andro Hexer Grip SFX (16)

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I'm an amateur player at an intermediate level. I prefer allround style close to table and at mid-distance.
I play Nittaku Piecea (5-ply hinoki woods) with Nittaku Sieger PK 50 (2,0) on my FH and Andro Hexer Grip SFX (1,9) on my BH.
Andro Hexer Grip SFX is a really nice rubber. Not hard but no too soft, very spinny with moderate catapult effect. The speed and sensivity for incoming rotation are average. The control is good, but you have to play a dozen hours to feel this rubber. Comparing to Rakza 7 Soft - which in my opinion is very similar rubber - Grip SFX is harder to control and has lower throw angle, but offer more difficult strokes to handle for your opponent.
I trully recommend this rubber. I use it on my BH and I am really happy of it.
To sum up, my rating for Andro Hexer Grip SFX (in scale 1 to 10) is:
Speed = 8,5
Spin = 9,3
Control = 9,0
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convenient backhand rubber . amazing control and light weight .
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I'd like to quote another review and say it's a spin monster with amazing control! Good on FH and BH. Some say it might be fragile. Hasn't been the case for me.

I have it in max thickness on FH and BH on a Tibhar Startus Power Wood (fast thick 5-ply wood blade). I have played with Rasanter R37 max, Rakza 7 Soft max, Baracuda 2.0, Hurricane 3 Neo 2.15 black unboosted and some others. I have also tried it on a Yasaka Sweden Classic and Yasaka Sweden Extra. I like it more on the TSPW, the control remains the same.

Spinwise, it won't make your strokes lazy like Baracuda, nor is it technically as demaning as H3N. It's rewarding yet forgiving. It's spinnier, less bouncy and easier to control than Rakza 7 Soft max and Rastanter R37 max. The arc is really nice, not as high as Baracuda, lower than Rakza 7 Soft and Rasanter R37. It's nice to see many loops curve down late and bounce deep on the opponent's side. The ball also dips quite fast and low after bouncing on the opponent's side. The dipping is similar to H3N. I mainly loop with my FH, but my BH loops have also improved with this rubber. It sometimes slips with openups. That might be due to the topsheet/humidity/technique. Openups are easier with Baracuda.

The nice control and 'not so bouncyness' gives you confidence to go for the shot. The ball just lands where you want it to go! Best control i've had!

The speed is plenty enough for me. Since it's not as bouncy as the other 3 tensors, having more gears, it's more controllable, thus for me potentially faster. Doesn't seem to bottom out.

Serving, pushing, blocks, touches, chops - all nice and good.

Soft rubber. Light. Good feel. Nice clicky sound.

My ratings:
Speed: 8.6
Spin: 9.4
Control: 9.6

In conclusion: Awesome SPIN! + Superb CONTROL! It's a vicious weapon. Go for it!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

The greatest advantage of this rubber is precision and repeatability. Fabulous control. The spin is large, but not larger than victas ventus extra, for example. Great quality. Very good grip. Topspin - "piece of cake". Serving is precise and to the point. The rubber has a balanced, not too big catapult effect in contrast to the yasaka 7 soft. Therefore, there are no uncontrolled shots. Otherwise, yasaka is not inferior, but a bit more difficult to play. Short table play and raises are very easy.
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