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Butterfly Super Arylate-Carbon Blades (SALC)

To create a blade that delivers more power while maintaining the original touch, it was necessary to increase only the reaction property without increasing the vibration property of the blade. In general, it is not easy to solve this problem because the higher the reaction property of a blade is, the higher the vibration property tends to be. In order to develop an artificial fiber material that would lead to the targeted blade performance, Butterfly’s R&D department made the most of their accumulated knowledge and researched the optimum quantity of fibers to be woven and perfected the manufacturing method.

After many years of research and development, the artificial fiber material Super Arylate-Carbon was completed. Weaving in more fibers enables a higher bounce than in conventional Arylate-Carbon. In addition, we carefully adjusted the ratio of Arylate and carbon to maintain flexibility and ease of use.

The Viscaria Super ALC, the first blade utilizing Super Arylate-Carbon, was born by combining this artificial fiber material into the same wood veneer structure as the original Viscaria. Top players who have tested the blade have commented that “the feeling is quite similar to the Viscaria, but we can generate shots with more power.” These players’ impressions indicate that the blade has been successful in meeting initial demands.

Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC
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