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YinHe is sometimes referred to as Milky Way or Galaxy.

Recommended Custom Racket Combinations

Rubber Sheets

  • The first "MaxTense" rubber, Venus II gives players the wide speed range required to overcome a push game as well as a looping game due to it's Arbalest sponge.
  • YinHe Apollo II, a red packaged, backhand-focused rubber has received a forehand companion rubber, Apollo III, which keep its tackiness. Same chemically tuned sponge, but slightly less tacky surface for amazing pushes and a controlled, blocking focus.
  • Mercury II: Yinhe's first MOXA rubber, amazing spin on service.
  • Moon Pro and Sun Pro: Similar to Tenergy 05 and 25 with a tacky topsheet!


  • Yinhe Balsa Blades, the T-10+ and T-11+ Balsa blades provide an ultralight (70g or less) looping blade with explosive power. The large, soft balsa layer in the center of these blades acts as a trampoline for the ball on a hard impact while on slower impacts it acts more like a cushion. The T-11+ has a 7mm core, while the crazy powerful T-10+ has a 10mm core. Compare the $40-45 Yinhe T-10+ and T-11+ blades to the $80 Butterfly BalsaCarbo X5. They come in Chinese Penhold, Flared, and Straight handles.
  • V-3 ZLF: Save 30% off on technology similar to Butterfly's newest blades
  • NE-50 and NE-70: Similar to Stiga Ebenholz NCT blades
  • NR-50 and NR-70: Similar to Stiga Rosewood NCT blades
  • Y-Series blades: High-Quality Carbon Blades