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catapult (4)

by Daniel 17 years ago
 Re: catapult
by Daniel 17 years ago
 Re: catapult
by Yves 17 years ago
Re: catapult
by cole 17 years ago
 Re: catapult
by Dave 17 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: catapult) was posted by cole, on 12/8/2004 3:29:46 PM:
It's not the fastest rubber out there, but it is perhaps the bounciest. I would describe it as having a very fast low gear.

As such it is perhaps the worst rubber for pushes I've ever tried.

It's pretty spinny on loops, but not at all on serves or pushes. I would use bryce before I used catapult. Tackier topsheet and the fimer sponge gives more control in the short game.

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