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catapult (3)

by Daniel 17 years ago
 Re: catapult
by Daniel 17 years ago
Re: catapult
by Yves 17 years ago
 Re: catapult
by cole 17 years ago
 Re: catapult
by Dave 17 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: catapult) was posted by Yves, on 12/8/2004 2:12:15 PM:
It's pretty fast indeed. Too fast for many. You should practice (or play in competition) at least two or three days a week. It's one of the fastest rubbers available (hence offering less control). It might be better to work on technique using a slower rubber (with more control) to produce speed and spin rather than trying Catapult. Of course, a lot depends on your personal level (and the time you spend on practice).
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