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Butterfly Schlager carbon with Bryce..FX (13)

Re: Butterfly Schlager carbon with Bryce..FX
by Kevin 15 years ago
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by CCBrarieBoafT 12 years ago
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by AOpyptombillile 12 years ago
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The following message (subject: Re: Butterfly Schlager carbon with Bryce..FX) was posted by Kevin, on 3/10/2005 8:08:18 PM:
first of all I say that if you are intent on getting bryce, don't get bryce FX. get bryce and bryce does require speed glue to get the full potential. Without speed glue it is just super bouncy without much spin unless you have arm speed like the pros. with speed glue bryce gives you many gears that I think after playing for a while you will start to appreciate and like but if you are used to sriver, mark V or you don't speedglue i say stay away from bryce.
go with mendo or magna
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