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Butterfly Schlager carbon with Bryce..FX (12)

Re: Butterfly Schlager carbon with Bryce..FX
by Steve 15 years ago
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The following message (subject: Re: Butterfly Schlager carbon with Bryce..FX) was posted by Steve, on 3/10/2005 5:41:10 PM:
Hey Guys,

I love reading the posts on this and other sites about which pro is using what. It reminds me of when I was a kid and a great admirer of Bjorn Borg. Before he switched from his Donnay racket (this is long before the oversize racket era), I went to an exhibition match that he was playing in Central Park. After the match, we all all got to hit a couple shots with him, and a couple of us got to hit with his racket. I was one of the lucky ones.

His racket was so heavy (nothing Donnay or any other manufacturer made remotely approached the weight of Borg's racket), it was strung so tightly, and had such an inherently small sweet spot, that it was impossible for me to do anything with it. It was a club, not a racket. And since he basically invented the topspin style of play in tennis, I'll bet he was the only guy on the planet that could do anything with his racket. Certainly, there were no other pros lining up to play with this racket. Instead, as younger players adopted the power topspin style, the rackets had to get bigger and more powerful. If you want to test this theory, all you need is an old Wilson Pro Staff or Jack Kramer. Restring it, take it out and hit with a 12 year old junior with a modern racket and see how you do.

Sorry about my long-winded philosophizing. I'm an equipment junky too. And I wanted Borg's racket when I was a kid. The much, much, lighter production model was a piece of crap - excuse my French.

I'm an old guy that plays more table tennis than tennis now. I don't have any trouble generating a lot of power. I've hit with Bryce a couple of times now, and the balls fly off the end of the table with great speed when I take my normal stroke. That doesn't mean you will do poorly with it. Just don't think you'll play like a pro because your using the racket he endorses.

I apologize again for my ranting. Keep letting me know who's using what.

Personally, I like FX-EL, Cream/MRS and Geospin Tacky on a blade with good control. For unglued rubber, I love Desto F2/F3. But I haven't tried a whole lot of rubber.
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