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What&#39s the different 729,729-2 and 729-3 (1)

What's the different 729,729-2 and 729-3
by kame 15 years ago

The following message (subject: What&#39s the different 729,729-2 and 729-3) was posted by kame, on 5/16/2005 2:37:42 AM:
I'm seriously looking for new rubber and i admire with 729 rubber and the problem come when the ball now a a bit bigger (40mm) so not suitable for me anymore. I was using normal 729 rubber last time when the ball still not 40mm but when it has changed it become SLOW but still great in control and smashing in any distance close or long.And i notice that the sponge it's hard and i like it.

So it's time to change so i have question to ask for my reference
when i'm buying new rubber with intention to get same great control,spin and smashing in any distance.

1.What's the different 729,729-2 and 729-3

2. What is so good with 729 Cream rubber? dont understand why is called cream..

3. If im like to play on close-to-table.. which sponge should i use soft or hard using 729 topsheet?

4. Which is better in ALL 729 series including normal geospin and geospin tacky for all rounder and more on close-to-table player?

Thank you for any response.
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