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Need help deciding on Galaxy 896/6030L/bomb (8)

Re: Need help deciding on Galaxy 896/6030L/bomb
by bes 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Need help deciding on Galaxy 896/6030L/bomb) was posted by bes, on 3/20/2005 10:03:28 PM:
Your blade choice depends a lot on your style and preferences. I have no experience with the Bomb, but own and play with the other two.

For close to the table play, I much prefer the 6030L. It, along with Cream/MRS will do about anything you need unless you are a looping fool. Looping with this combo isn't bad either, but is best on medium to aggressive strokes. This combo is excellent for serving, blocking, hitting, and pushing. I find it to be amazingly forgiving for the speed. It isn't Schlager Carbon/Bryce fast by any stretch, but is fast enough to get the job done for most...

If you are a control-looper, loop almost everything, and tend to drift away from the table, look into the 896. It isn't bad up close, but (in my hands) is slower at the table, and doesn't push as well as the 6030L. I think this blade is best suited to "less-Chinese" rubber. I like FXEL pretty well, but it is slow - even glued. Geospin (glued) is a nice match too. If you want to play with this blade without gluing, I'd recommend DSU (works for me) or perhaps Donic F1 (F2?). I'm sure there are other rubbers that are adequately fast and spinny without glue - I'd shy away form anything that isn't medium soft or softer.

p.s. Both are very nice blades!
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