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Need help deciding on Galaxy 896/6030L/bomb (5)

Re: Need help deciding on Galaxy 896/6030L/bomb
by gcollins 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Need help deciding on Galaxy 896/6030L/bomb) was posted by gcollins, on 3/20/2005 11:20:31 AM:
These blades are all outstanding choices -- especially for the money.

The 6030L is stiff, hard, fast at the table.

The Bomb is flexible, softer, and faster away from the table.

The 896 is the softest and most flexible of the three. It's faster than the Bomb away from the table but about the same up close.

Neither the Bomb nor the 896 is going to be as good for flat-out hitting as the 6030L. On the other hand, the 6030L isn't going to spin as well as the other two. I would even say the 6030L just has a more classically Chinese feel than the other two (which are more Euro-Japanese looping-game oriented).

My current favorite is the 896. You might think about putting red GeoSpin on your FH and black Cream MRS on BH. Both of these rubbers play well without speedglue, but you'll see a more dramatic difference (glued vs unglued) with the GeoSpin than the Cream. The Cream will probably require three or four primings to soften up to the point that it is at peak performance.

Personally, I put the Cream on the FH and the Geo on the BH -- but that's because I attack much more with my BH than I do with my forehand.

If you're going to be playing a less aggressive game. You might consider the Bomb with Cream MRS on FH and Globe 999SuperJap on the BH. You can play defense as well as offense with this setup, and you can use both of these rubbers without a drop of speedglue and still produce substantial speed and spin.
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