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Advice on rubber - coming off from Sriver (5)

Re: Advice on rubber - coming off from Sriver
by YHB 13 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Advice on rubber - coming off from Sriver) was posted by YHB, on 1/31/2007 11:22:22 PM:
After reading more from various forums I am now very curious about reverse penhold backhand. Some of the top players use this quite effectively (Ma Lin & Wang Hao) so obviously it works. It does mean I still need to switch the paddle since my current J-pen will not allow me to put a rubber on the back-side.

Perhaps I could try a C-pen style paddle and start practice reverse penhold backhand...

Does anyone know how hard it is to learn this stroke? It really feels backwards to me (as it should be for a normal penholders... lol )

The other issue is my lack of ability to loop back shots that have backspins. I can do it, but not consistently, at least with Sriver. It could be that I have a flaw in my technique or this isn't the easiest rubber to take such shots... I've just joined a local club so I will experiment with various shots... Looking forward to it. :)
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