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Advice on rubber - coming off from Sriver (1)

Advice on rubber - coming off from Sriver
by YHB 12 years ago

The following message (subject: Advice on rubber - coming off from Sriver) was posted by YHB, on 1/21/2007 12:55:04 AM:
I've been using Sriver on Penhold Japanese paddle for over 10 years. I play close to the table, and generally don't prolong rallies although if needed, I can. At times, I've been a little frustrated on my lack of ability to generate spin while driving. Also, my backhand is a bit weak - although pretty confident in returning shots, I absolutely blow in driving or smashing on my BH. My service is highly spin oriented mixing different spins, I enjoy them. Service games have been rewarding me many points.

Given this, I'd like to try out a different style. I'm thinking of switching to a shakehand (for improved BH). After reading much reviews on the rubber, I am somewhat tilting towards Hurricane 2 on FH and Sriver on BH. I do NOT want to speed glue and I never have. Hurricane 2 choice is concerning me a bit since people say it is so hard without the glue. Is it useable without a glue?

Am I making the right decision, or does anyone have a better suggestion?

Much appreciate some feedback.
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