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hey Backhand (4)

 hey Backhand
by alfie 16 years ago
 Re: hey Backhand
by alfie 16 years ago
 Re: hey Backhand
by rolly 16 years ago
Re: hey Backhand
by alfie 16 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: hey Backhand) was posted by alfie, on 2/13/2006 10:00:41 AM:
thanks Rolly...... my FH is pretty good with anything I play with but my BH needs work.....I use mark v on BH and I will try the GEWO megaflex control on the's a slightly stiffer sponge than the mk v and slightly stiffer rubber.....also it is 1.8 and the mk v is 2.0......although I am kinda new to the game I have heard from many people use soft and slow blade and soft rubbers....but having used the TBS for a few hours I am thinking the other soft blades are just not for me especially combined with a soft rubber......the thing I like most about the TBS is the consistancy when I pushed with it......I am starting to think the size of the sweet spot on a racket is THE most important aspect of any blade
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