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good rubbers? please answer (3)

 good rubbers? please answer
by NewKid 9 years ago
 no answers...;(
by NewKid 9 years ago
Re: good rubbers? please answer
by Glenn 9 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: good rubbers? please answer) was posted by Glenn, on 12/22/2010 12:18:13 AM:
I'm disappointed when good questions go unanswered. I just glued a 729 Geospin Tacky to my paddle, I will try that within a week. If you let me know you are still around, I'll give you some feedback.

My initial observation is that the rubber is about a 7/10 on the speed scale. (bouncing it on my paddle) I don't like real fast rubbers, so it might work for me. And giving it the bounce test on the paddle it has LOTS of spin.

Regards, Glenn
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