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good rubbers? please answer (1)

good rubbers? please answer
by NewKid 9 years ago
 no answers...;(
by NewKid 9 years ago
 Re: good rubbers? please answer
by Glenn 9 years ago

The following message (subject: good rubbers? please answer) was posted by NewKid, on 8/25/2010 12:34:40 AM:
im new to these rubbers would some people tell me if they support a block/loop c-pen style? also your thoughts and statistics?(tackiness,hardness, deceptiveness etc)all rubbers available at and

729 755 long pips 0.6 sponge,729 geospin tacky, 729 OEM 2.10 sponge, 729 cream MRS/transcend, 729 Dr. evil short pips, LTK recoil, 729 40H quickstick, LTK gold dragon, 729 802 anti, LTK gold torrent, LTK red diamond, gambler four kings, gambler peacekeeper, dr neubauer inferno, nittaku best anti, juic leggy defence, stiga destroyer, tibhar mythik, dr neubauer fighter, butterfly feint ox, yasaka phantom 0011, nittaku screw one, hallmark phoenix, juic 889 neo, nittaku pimplemini one.

questions: what rubber is really sticky? what OX long pip do you suggest? is stiga destroyer really that bad? what are some of the banned rubbers, like frictionless long pips, that dont meet regulations?

if you answer this thanks
K' bye
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