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Butterfly Senkoh super 95-s (3)

 Butterfly Senkoh super 95-s
by jimmy 15 years ago
 Re: Butterfly Senkoh super 95-s
by rhino 15 years ago
Re: Butterfly Senkoh super 95-s
by jimmy 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Butterfly Senkoh super 95-s) was posted by jimmy, on 7/27/2005 2:41:48 PM:
hi rhino,

So between chiang peng lung and cypress-r, which one u like the most?
I can get cypress-r for almost the same price as senkoh95.Prolly gonna cost me only a lil' bit more.
But for chiang peng lung,its quite expensive.Its like paying for 2 senkohs.
And as far as 1 ply hinoki is concerned,does the best wood grain really brings alotsa diff.?
I've checked out all the aforementioned blades .Personally, the wood grain is as uniformed and not much diff.

Or the diff. price points are merely butterfly’s marketing strategy?

Right now,my eyes are on the senkoh95.
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