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Defender Questions (also choosing style) (2)

 Defender Questions (also choosing style)
by Christian McClellan 16 years ago
Re: Defender Questions (also choosing style)
by Rie 16 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Defender Questions (also choosing style)) was posted by Rie, on 7/9/2003 4:23:37 PM:
Since you're new and decide to defend, I suggest becoming a blocker, but the dedication to chopping may yield more rewards in the long run.

As a blocker, you can choose a short pip, long pip, or antispin on the backhand. Chopper preferably long pips, but if you're looking for more control antispin may work aswell. Try not to limit yourself by having a low spin rubber on the forehand, without it, you'll loose out on the serves and some attacking possibilities, just buy a cheap 729 and put that on the forehand.

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